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Friday Flash No. 14 — The Red Room

She knew that desire was colored red, but she never actually saw it, until the moment that she did. They were standing in the vestibule of the fancy restaurant and bar, and she looked at him. The reflection in his eyes are red, his skin was red, her hand on his cheek and then his chest was red.A blur of red filled her eyes as she kissed him. She sucked on his lower lip, where there was a sweet smokiness from the scotch he had had when they were inside. Her eyes closed as she sucked on his lip, and he pulled her close. 

Behind her closed eyes was red.

“I can’t wait,” she said, her lips released his and there was a soft pop only they could hear.

“Babe…” he started, his hands firmly on her ass. “Here?”


“Right here?”

“Somewhere near?”

“Maybe the bathroom?”

She looked up at him, and his face was red as he looked at the cars rushing by outside through the open door in the vestibule.

They walked back inside, and on the way to the bathroom, there was a red not quite room, but a red space tucked away. There was a settee, and a mirror and the sound of the crowd was dull.

He pushed her softly into the space. In the mirror, she could see their red faces. She closed her eyes when he pulled her to him, so close she could feel red.

She could feel he was red.

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Friday Flash No. 11 — Happy New Year!!!

Janie woke up to the freeze frame of Times Square, as she retrieved her remote control from her hip. She had not really wanted to see the new year come in because it reminded her of him, and they could not share it. It was still last year where he was now in the world.

For a few more minutes.

She pulled up the strap of her slip, and her fingers got caught in the torn lace. The Times Square freeze frame disappeared in a flash from the screen as she turned it off, and sighed. Running her hand through her hair, she picked up her phone. Janie could pretend she was not looking for a message from him, but that would not be true.

And he might be asleep, like she had fallen asleep.

There were messages from friends she was close with, and some she has not talked to since last year when they messaged her Happy New Year.

Janie felt the strap of her slip fall off of her shoulders, and she let it. She took the other one down herself, and let her breasts free. Leaning up against the wall, she pulled her slip up over her hips and drove her finger straight up into her.

Tight and wet was the sensation that she felt, and relief at her shoulders. But her finger was not like his. His were thick and work-worn, because he used his hands a lot for work. Rolling her head against the wall, she was soothed by the thudding as she kept at it. With both hands now—one in her and one caressing her clit—Janie saw a flash of light like lightning when she came, so hard that she lost her breath and felt vertiginous for a moment.

It was then, more awaited than the ball in Times Square that she saw his name flash across her screen.

Her phone put on a display for celebration, behind his message.

Happy New Year, thinking of you.

Typing with her fingers covered with her own come, she answered:

Thinking about you too…

And she had been thinking about him very hard…

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Friday Flash No. 9 — Love is Love

This was what she wanted.Even with the extra garlic she had asked for in her ramen, and the fried garlic–but he had had it too…so when she kissed him, they cancelled each other out. She buried her face in his neck, to take in his warm scent. His scent stayed with her all the time, it was the fragrance of her memories of him and she thought about him all of the time. 

Now she wanted the visual.

As she unbuttoned his shirt, the tiny sound of popping made her fingers tremble. A mole on his upper arm made soft between her legs, she had wanted to see him for so long. 


Before her.

She swirled her tongue around his nipple, and felt his body stiffen at the sensation. Without stopping, she looked up at him and his eyes were warm and wet as he returned her gaze. Would he look the same way when she went down on him?

But she was not ready for that yet. Now, she just wanted to see every part of his body. Her sexual wanderlust was strong, and she wanted to venture every part of him. The texture of his skin, any other moles that he had, where she could touch him and set him on fire…

…it was most intimate to her after they had had sex this first time. When their bodies were tangled unceremoniously. The sweat on her body was semi-dry, and she was lulled by the sound of his breath returned to normal. His eyes were closed, and she studied his eyelashes, the spectrum of color and the gentle flutter before he opened his eyes and looked at her.

The love in his eyes warmed her more than any touch, and she blinked from his intensity. He did not have to say anything, nor did she. 

Love is love spoken or shown.

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Friday Flash No. 6 — Leaving an Italian Restaurant

All Claudia remembered when they were leaving the Italian restaurant, was her bare shoulder bumping against the photograph by the exit. Victor released her hand, after he had kissed the curve of her neck and she pulled away from him drunk on his lips and amaretto margaritas.

Right into the photograph.

When she sucked on her lip, she could taste amaretto. Before she released her lip, Victor’s lips were on hers. Claudia threw her head back when their lips parted, gasping wildly. He had pulled her into the nearby alleyway, pulled her leg up on his and with his support of her leg, she ground against him.

They both looked around the alleyway surreptitiously. In the restaurant, by the window, they had conspiratorially whispered dramatizations of exploring their lust there. Claudia had suggested her bare feet on the cobblestone. Victor suggested with her leg up over his, so he could spread her wider…

…now her leg was up over his, and her shoe fell off. The sound of it made her clit twitch. Only with Victor could she be out in a semi-private alleyway—only hidden by a huge trash bin—and feel overrun with lust.

There was a scurry beneath them, but Claudia could not look down when Victor was inside her. He had slipped into her, and let go of her leg so she wobbled. Her bare foot was on the ground to balance her, when he directed their lovemaking. There was a sting on her shoulder, which she realized was a cut from the picture she had bumped against. Victor lifted her onto the garbage bin, and re-entered her with renewed vigor.

“I couldn’t wait to be with you like this,” he whispered, as he thrust in and out of her.

“I know,” she cried, before they kissed again. “I would not have made it home without this…without having you inside me…”

A broad light fell on them, they both covered their eyes.

“Scusi,” said the startled worker who threw out the restaurant’s trash, and quickly shut the door.

Claudia and Victor quickly found their release, and left the alleyway. She rubbed her shoulder, as they came back to the front of the restaurant and she saw the picture by the exit illuminated in yellow light.

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Friday Flash No. 5 — Service

Loretta looked at her red-lacquered finger on the button. That button had become like Pavlov’s bell for her, when she pressed it. Months ago when she pressed that button, she had just expected to come in and clean a gentleman’s apartment. The apartment was huge, and the windows were opened letting her look almost back to her apartment downtown. She pulled up her sleeves, and prepared to go to work when the gentleman who hired her to clean his apartment appeared in the hallway. He mirrored her in white dress shirt and blue jeans. Soon after meeting him, she looked out toward downtown in just his dress shirt completely open and her body ruminating with the pleasure he had created within it.

That was how he liked her to clean. In his dress shirts–open, nothing underneath. Sometimes he liked her to wear his cufflinks. His cufflinks were as assorted as the charms on her Pandora bracelet. Naked except for his shirt, every motion to clean made her body a symphony of anticipation. Sometimes he was there, sometimes he was not there. When he was there, he never took his shirt off of her. Whatever he did with her, he did with his shirt on her.

After she pressed the button to be let in on her shifts, she knew if he did not come to the door in a certain amount of time she was free to use his key. Today was such a day, she put the key in the door and closed her eyes. Putting the key in his lock, was like the reverse of him entering her. Licking her parched lips, she unbuttoned her own dress shirt and folded it neatly on the table next to the door. Loretta stepped out of her jeans, and had another Pavlovian response to his dress shirts. She went through his dresser drawer to find a pair of cufflinks to put on as part of her service for the day…

Whether he was there or not he slipped through her like a ghost, she stood still for a moment and then remembered her purpose to service…

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My Sexy Saturday — A Sexy Letter

This is not exactly a letter, but it is being typed on a vintage typewriter! This is a flash of the flash I wrote for Tabitha Rayne’s Self-Love Hop–where you can win a Ruby Glow that she designed!!!–and my own Friday Flash meme. There is a lot more sexy reading at both of those places as well! Here is my teaser:

But every line she typed made her think of him, made her want to infuse him in between the lines. She imagined her fingers running through his hair, her lips on his warm skin taking in his temperature. Parting her lips, she sucked on his neck and gripped his scalp which she did instinctively and he liked.

The last time she thought this while writing, she touched her own neck and dipped her finger in the hollow there. She let her fingers travel down over the soft skin of her breast and the divide between them. Then lower to the divide between her legs, which shortened her writing time because she could not type with one hand.

But this time she was smarter, she took out her new toy.

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Don’t forget you can win a Ruby glow here!


Friday Flash No. 3 — Cocktails

Josephine adjusted her bowtie, when she saw her reflection in the mirror above the bar. Jackson teased her, that it was her preening mirror.

“Who’s the girl?” he questioned her with a smile.

“Just want to look good Jackson,” she smiled her smile that made him melt.

Before he knew that she liked girls, Jackson had been very excited that she was going to tend bar with him. He was a gentleman, not a hard flirt at all and she had been enchanted with his infatuation. They became fast friends, and he often marveled at how quickly she picked up women. She didn’t even have a technique—women just flocked to her.

Jake had not stopped smiling at her, Josephine saw out of the corner of her eye. But she was more interested in the retro glamour stunner who sat at the bar with the lame guy, who brought woman after woman there with one goal in mind. He was not nearly so successful as Josephine in the art of the pick-up, and Josephine wanted to get closer to the girl he was with. It gave her no small pleasure that the retro beauty looked at her up and down appreciatively. Josephine and Jackson wore the same uniform, but Josephine filled it out with her voluptuous tits and ass. Hell the guy with the girl had tried to come onto her once, but she had served him an icy scotch in a cocktail tumbler.

Josephine saw that the girl looked at her body. It did not mean anything, Josephine was the kind of woman that made other women look at her with longing whether they were into women or not.

She gave the girl a soft smile, as she walked over to them.

“Would you like another honey?” Josephine questioned sweet and softly, running her hands over her pants that she had creased perfectly.

The guy answered for her no, but the girl said yes,

“With extra cherries.”

The guy called her Kitty, before Kitty got up and went to the bathroom. She was clearly upset, and Josephine made eye contact with Jackson to go check on her. Rubbing her hands over her creased pants, Josephine looked in the mirror and cupped her breasts.

She would make Kitty all better…

My contribution to Friday Flash, is a flash prelude to this story. If you want to read more about Josephine, you can find her here. I am dedicated to using all the verbs from the verb list created by Richard Serra—you can find the list here. Yesterday I used “roll,” today I am using “crease.”

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Friday Flash No. 2 — XXX

When she was a teenager, she walked past an XXX movie theater going to school every day. She was naive about sex, so she stared at those glossy pornographic images with preternatural adolescent interest. Especially the one of the lady with the fruit salad between her legs, holding a fork above the fresh fruit.

But it was now, late at night with him in one of the passages that led from one forty-somethingeth street to another, that she felt the most salacious she ever had in Times Square. He kissed her neck, and slapped her thigh as he pulled it about him.

She did not know how to resist him. He made her feel like she would do anything with him, anywhere.

And she was.

His fingers moved in a tight maze over her thigh to her wet lips. She wanted him, he did not have to question it one bit. Her panties were soft and damp, and her hips undulated intuitively as he stroked just the very edge of her lips.

She pulled his hair, the long strands that fell about his shoulders. Her tongue reached out for the sweat on his skin, derived from the set that he had performed at a nearby bar. She was in the audience, she loved watching him. The him that bloomed onstage with the music that he loved. He played the drums like he was possessed, and the rhythm went though her body like a jungle melody. She knew he was going home with her, she knew she was going to be with him like this.

When she pulled his hair, his breath deepened and she knew that he was aroused. She did not care if anyone walked by and saw. They were shadowed, but she did not care. Times Square was cleansed for those who did not look deep enough, for the XXX exposed but hidden there.

He pulled her hair, and she moaned. His scent and his heat, seared her like a brand. She could not press her legs together, he held her open and she licked her lips.

Her lips pursed…


There! I have contributed my own XXX story for Friday Flash–won’t you join me???

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State of the Blog

I never do an end of the year round-up, and I never talk about what I plan to do for the year. I make resolutions every day…But this blog is something that I share with you and a lot of things are different, in just the first almost two weeks of 2016. With the help of Michael Knight aka @DomSigns, I am now self-hosting as! I love everything that has come with the changes, but there are some learning curves. For example, if you are subscribed to–please subscribe to this site on the sidebar. You might still get updates from me, but you should re-subscribe on my sidebar. I miss being close to you!

While you are re-subscribing to this blog–or subscribing for the first time–I have two new blogs as well that I am hosting. First, I am doing Click Click 365 with Exposing 40, Kilted Wookie and The Other Livvy. The blog is like a four-person photography show, with photos from each of us for 366 days–this year is a leap year! Go take a look, I don’t write there at all–just take pictures.

Second, I inherited a flash fiction meme that I have renamed Friday Flash. The meme is a monthly, and you can learn all of its details over on its blog. I have to say, I never imagined that I would host a meme! But following the tradition of amazing blogger friends like Marie Rebelle and Molly, I was inspired to not let it die and I hope that it inspires others like it inspired me…

The gorgeous badges for the new blogs were done by Oleander Plume of Pretty Poison Graphics — click on them!

Lastly, I am the sex blogger of the month over at, you can read my profile here. Gosh, when I started this blog I never would have imagined all of this! I am thankful beyond words for everyone who reads my posts, and even more thankful for all of the wonderful people in the community who inspire me. You cannot imagine a person more happy to do what they do, because there is no one happier than me doing this I promise you!

*steps away from the podium*

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