Wicked Wednesday #264 — Nightmare

Eliza woke up sweaty and panting beside Terrence, she had had the worst nightmare. Her body heaved, and she tried to settle herself because she did not want to wake him up, even though her movement made him instinctively reach for her. His arms like fire because she was so overheated from whatever she had […]

Wicked Wednesday #260 — 2517

Landing in New York felt like landing in another world, or in another year. Like 2517, or something really faraway.  Eliza walked with her luggage, with Terrence at her side. Her dark shades hid her teary eyes. She tried to hide all of her emotions because if Terrence saw her crying, he would want to know […]

Wicked Wednesdsay #258 — Long Lost Friends

Eliza was more deceptive about Terrence than she was about anything else. Even with Oscar, she had been more forthcoming in a way. But going to Paris with him, and going to see Severine and her new husband was something she had not expected doing.  Or lying about to Rafe. It was odd how close she […]

Wicked Wednesday #254 — Nature

Eliza tossed and turned in bed, her legs were cool as they slipped from under the blanket. Rafe did not even stir as she moved about in the bed. He was used to her being a wild sleeper.It was not in her nature to sleep still, and it was not in her nature to be […]

Wicked Wednesday #253 — Haunted House

Eliza was glad that Rafe suggested that they go out to her favorite bar. She put on one of her favorite cocktail dresses, and looked forward to seeing Josephine and Fiona. Josephine was her favorite bartender, and Fiona was going to join them after her shift.”I still think it would be so fitting for you […]

Wicked Wednesday #252 — Recollection

When Eliza went home, she wanted to decompress and forget about the day. Her recollection was  too fresh, as she closed her eyes and put her hand to her head. “Liza?” She looked at Rafe, and could tell that he was very concerned for her. Opening her eyes wide, she smiled at him. “Just a […]

Wicked Wednesday #247 — Fifty

Eliza looked at Oscar sitting next to her at the bar. There was no way for her to avoid the feelings that she had for him.Even now. She had not seen him for awhile, his on and off again relationship with Polly was as complicated as hers with Rafe. Maybe that bonded them, or not, […]

Wicked Wednesday #246 — Valentine

Eliza looked at the heart in her desk, it looked like it was bleeding. It was not the pretty heart drawn on typical valentines. It was an anatomically correct heart, and there were droplets of blood surrounding it on thick card stock.Her desk was otherwise pristine except for it. She caressed it with the tips […]

Wicked Wednesday #245 — Second Thoughts

It felt like deja-vu all over again. Walking into their apartment, Rafe waiting for her barefoot by the doorjamb. Eliza looked at him, while she twisted her engagement ring on her finger. He watched her with a look of bemusement, as she took off her shoes and joined him in the hallway. There was no […]

Wicked Wednesday #244 — Highlights

“So just give me the highlights, what you said Eliza…” Eliza looked at Terrence, and felt her face flush. She had fought for him with Rafe–and won! But she did not want to tell Terrence that dynamic just yet. “We talked, and Rafe realized that he could not make ultimatums…” Eliza felt as if she […]