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Wicked Wednesday #277 — Eavesdropping

Every time Eliza was with Terrence post-Lily, she always made sure that it was private. That no one could eavesdrop on their conversation.

She felt confident in this when she brought him to her favorite bar, with her favorite bartender Josephine. Josephine had secrets of Eliza’s, that Eliza was sure that Josephine would bring to her grave.

Bringing Terrence there was a leap of faith, and to show him she was not ashamed of him. She was not sure where his insecurity was coming from, but she wanted to put an end to it.

Her bare arms shivered with the slight chill of the air in the bar, and from the heat of Terrence’s body so close to hers. She softly sipped Laphroaig from her glass, its smokiness combined with ice familiar and satisfying to


He looked at her reverently. The way he looked at her always made her pause. Made her aware of the moment, made her present, stained her with love. She moved closer to him, and the simple touch of his shirt against her arm scalded her with desire. She watched him sip the amber fluid–straight, no ice–thinking she would savor the taste when she kissed him.

“Josephine is Rafe’s sister’s partner. But I knew her first, she and I go way back.”

“So the bartender knows Rafe?”

Eliza realized she had not said any of the things that she knew as fact to him before. She had not thought of how they would affect Terrence.


“And you brought me here? So she can judge me? So she can see how different I am from Rafe?”

Eliza’s eyes widened, but before she could could open her mouth, Josephine answered for her.

“No, she brought you here because she is in love with you, and she wanted to show you off to me. Eliza only brings people who matter to her here.”

Josephine pulled her tie, and walked down the counter. Eliza’s eyes floated to Terrence to see if he was watching her, but he met her eyes when she looked at him.

She was quiet.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me, Eliza. I have never been like this before. I am not an insecure man, I don’t know what this is.”

She leaned in, and took his hand.

“I am here, I am always here for you. I don’t care what is going on, I am here and we will deal with it together.”

His eyes looked grateful for an instant, before he squeezed her hand and kissed it.

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Masturbation Monday No. 159 — Object

Sabrina had been half asleep when she did it, but she had done it and now she had to deal with the repercussions.

Her neighbor started to appear often in her window. Between them it was unspoken. This was someone who she had titillated, and he wanted more of the same. To be honest, it was not completely just him who wanted that.

She liked being an object. Sexual, but not touched. In the beginning, long ago when that was her job, that had been the thing she loved so much. Sometimes, she did have sex with clients, but sometimes she was the main attraction and she was never touched.

When saw him in the window, she gave him a quicksilver flash of boob that if he had not been looking for it he might not have noticed.

He did not respond the same way all of the time either. He too might have been drowsy, and now dealing with the repercussions. He did not touch himself, but the way he looked at her was more intense than if he had touched himself or her. He ran his hands through his hair roughly, and walked away from the window.

This happened on and off, and she thought nothing of it. A flash of breast, her mostly shaven mound or a blown kiss was nothing to her to offer him.

Until they saw each other on the stairs, face to face.

The sound of their combined breath audible, and Sabrina felt her heart race–with excitement or danger? She did not know this man, who she had been teasing all this time at all.

His eyes bore through hers with that intense look of his that made a fire start between her breasts–excitement or fear? He looked away from her, and walked down the stairs. She felt the heat flare up on her back like fire, not sure what he would do.

She felt the air cool between them, as his descent thundered down the stairs.

Sabrina walked up the stairs slowly, like a porcelain vase.

She was a delicate object…

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Wicked Wednesday #276 — Foreigner

They looked at each other like foreigners.

Eliza was not sure what to say to Terrence, and he looked at her like he was not sure what to say to her.

“You are why I am so together as I am…” Terrence said.

She looked at him, her heart full, and she closed her eyes.


And he became familiar to her again, when she felt him warm so close to her from underneath his skin.

When she felt his heart.

“But you have to understand that it is hard for me–now–when I know that I cannot compete with Rafe, and people see us together in a photo, and wonder who is she with when she is engaged to Mr. Perfect?”

“I don’t care–”

Eliza was getting animated, and about to wave her arms. when Terrence held them, and used them to pull her close to him to let his lips hover over her parted ones. She was hungry for his kiss, and pursed her lips over his as he licked their contours.

“I know you don’t care…” he stated, his tongue in the crook of her lips before he kissed her. She pulled him close to her, and pressed herself against him with the fever he created in her. He responded to her with equal fever, and she was practically scorched by the time they were naked and one on his bed.

This was what she knew, this was who they were to each other and there was nothing foreign about that for her. Nothing foreign as her body cooled with spent fever after…

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Masturbation Monday No. 158 — The Middle of the Night

Sabrina was restless in the middle of the night. Alone, she was confronted with all of her life choices–and changes. Her body of course ached for something more, it was the middle of the night when she was alone in bed.

That was when she was the neediest.

But then she realized she was not alone. Fully awake, she realized Ben was with her, curled onto his side and not holding her anymore as he had when they had fallen asleep.

She got up from her bed, and moved into the kitchen where she saw the reflection of her naked body superimposed onto her neighbor.

That neighbor.

She was going to look away at first, but he looked at her, and let his hand slide right into his pants. It was fair after all, since she and Ben had practiced no inhibition with him earlier. The look in his eyes was something between desperation and helplessness. Sabrina watched him, with a twisted smile. She did not budge, but stood there letting her body be fully seen, letting her breasts bob like apples and looking straight at him. That was all she had to do.

Be an object.

He looked at her for awhile, his face contorted with his emotions. She knew if she touched any part of her body, it would be like igniting a flame.

She touched her lips, and watched him explode. Come spurted onto the window, and he banged it as he came. Sabrina continued to smile, and watched him with lowered shoulders as he grabbed paper towel to wipe the window.

She turned then, turned off the light, forgetting about the snack she had wanted for herself. Everyone had deep desires in the middle of the night, and they had just eased those for each other.

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Wicked Wednesday #275 — Eye Contact

Eliza looked down at her metallic heels, the light that shone off them was like moonlight. She needed that brightness, to contrast the darkness inside her.

It was melodramatic, but her eye contact with Terrence had been so flat and she had dressed all up for him.

“Are you okay?” she questioned haltingly, her hand on her chest where her clevage was soft even to her own touch.

His eyes were flat, and his mouth had no trace of a smile which was something she was not accustomed to since they had been together.

“I’m fine,” he shrugged, walking past her and she looked at his the texture of his skin and took in his heat. She did not believe him, but this was a mood she had never encountered with him before.

She studied his face, and he broke out into a smile despite himself.

“Tell me,” she dared, looking into his eyes.

He looked into her eyes.

“Just a lot, looking for a job, seeing the article…”

Eliza felt herself frown remembering her conversation with Rafe about it.


“I do not care about being seen with you, but who am I? Compared to Rafe? In terms of my life right now? At least if I was somebody for people to say she is with him…”

“Terrence, I love you, I–”

“I know you love me, but look at the men who are in your life. Rafe, Oscar and me…”

“Do you love me?”

“Do you have to ask? What do you think all of this is? This is me loving you, and falling apart.”

“You are saying I am why your life is falling apart.

Their eye contact was icy, and neither of them looked away…

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Masturbation Monday No. 155 — Kneel

Sabrina lie on the floor with her legs still spread, her labia tremored from the aftershock of her orgasm. Her anus was damp with her come, and she looked up at Ben who hastily tucked himself away, after he heard the footsteps of her neighbor so close…

She saw her neighbor looking at them. His lips so tight on the stairwell, that Sabrina almost wanted to laugh. It was neither here nor there to her that they had been caught. She throbbed with raw delight between her legs, as she sat up and caressed the back of Ben’s thighs.

He was obviously was shaken, and still partially erect which made her salivate as she looked at his bulge.

“Someone might have seen us!” he whispered roughly.


She laughed, and got on her knees before him kissing his thighs through his pants and placed a gentle kiss on the sweet length of him behind his zipper.

“So…” he started. “You get off on being watched!”

The blush he caused her, ran down her whole body like lava, the heat of it made her arch as she looked up into his eyes from her kneeling position.

She sat back on her heels, when with the door still open, Ben knelt before her, pulled up her clothes and licked her like a fever. The heat of her desire rose like a fever, as her hips moved up to meet the source of her pleasure over and over again as Ben held her waist so he could position her better.

The sound of someone coming down the stairs this time did not deter either of them…

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Sinful Sunday #334–Ball

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Wicked Wednesday #274 — Celebrity

There was a bit of celebrity that Eliza dealt with being involved with Rafe. He was a high roller, and very well off otherwise so being in a relationship with him meant that people noticed her. Sometimes alone, but this time she was with Terrence and the gossip columnist who depicted her inquired as to who she was with that was not Rafe in the newspaper.

Rafe sat at the table, tight-jawed and sipping his coffee like he had an issue with it. But he did not say a word to her. He barely even looked at her at all. Eliza attended to her scrambled eggs like an eager lady in waiting.

When she pressed her fork on the last bit of egg, Rafe spoke:

“You know, I never was ever pictured with another woman and I know that that is not exactly a claim to fame since I was seeing Sev behind your back, but you were even seeing Oscar and you were never as reckless as you are with this Terrence.”

“Reckless? I’m reckless?”


“I opened up our relationship so we could explore other options, and you are the one who is always jealous when you are the genesis to why it is like that in the first place, the why we are open. You made a big fuss about Terrence, and the thing is…”


“I’m in love with him, and I am trying to figure this all out. I am trying to figure this all out and be with you and be with him. I am trying to make my love work.”

“I know what we have,” he said, taking her hand and squeezing it. “But everyone out there does not understand and I do not want anyone to confuse what is going on with us.”

“I know, I am sorry, but I am in love with him and I was not expecting that at all.”

They looked at each other for a long while, focusing on their clasped hands. No one would see this, them together and understanding that being open has its risks.

Their tiny bit of local celebrity exposed them.

Eliza closed her eyes, as she remembered how happy she had been at that moment with Terrence frozen in the newspaper black and white grid. Moments before he held her so close, she thought she would burst from love.

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Masturbation Monday No. 154 — Flee

“Where are you going?”

Sabrina looked at Ben, and gulped. Her fancy suitcase, with the Eiffel Tower on it and its shiny crystalline pink base, she placed delicately beside her as she looked up at him.

After Graham had found her–again–she wanted to flee. . She wanted to go away again. He had fucked her so good, she could not stop thinking about it. She had placed her hand between her legs, and rubbed herself almost raw trying to make herself come like he had made her come. So painfully aroused, she almost wanted to beg him to come back and stop the ache that she felt.

But then she decided to flee–to leave and be away from this. From the potential of him again, maybe the third time

would be the charm?

Ben searched her eyes, and she wanted to lie to him. Because the truth was not something she could tell

anyone, only Graham knew.

“Nowhere, I was just thinking I needed a more formal suitcase and was going to toss this one.”

“No, no, no,” Ben said, walking inside and she could feel he was hard when he pressed her against the wall. Her body was not used enough, that she did not want he promised. “I love your personal style.”

He took her glasses off, and lifted up her vintage dress. Her tortoiseshell glasses were an ode to Theodora. She had loved those glasses on her so much.

Sabrina groaned as he left the door opened, and fingered her for anyone passing to see. The inside of her thighs were sticky because of how wet she was. She wanted it with the door open, and devil may care who could see them.

Ben was game, as he unzipped his pants. Sabrina got on all fours beside her Eiffel Tower suitcase, and her eyes were wild as the sequins blurred before her while he took her from behind. She cried out as if pained, from both the pleasure and the pain of what was happening inside her emotionally.

She stopped whimpering as she heard someone coming up the stairs, but bucked her ass up more against him because it was a race against time and she wanted to come more than she wanted to close the door…

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Wicked Wednesday #273 — Flying

All Eliza heard in her head was “You Sent Me Flying” by Amy Winehouse, for no particular reason. Lying beside Terrence, she sighed heavily and he moved with her breath.

She froze.

Did he know that she had watched him all of that time? After they made love, and after they cuddled?

Her lips pressed together, she heard her breath deepen as his did even though she stayed awake. She looked at the gentle rise and fall of his body. She watched his eyelids flutter like fierce butterflies. At some point, he was just still and she watched him.

The way she felt about him was different than she had ever felt about anyone else. Her emotional skill set was being used in a very different way than she had ever used it before. With him–interacting with him–she relied heavily on her intuition, and just her raw emotion.

She wanted to be with him, because she was in love with him.

For better, or for worse.

“See something you like?”

Eliza rubbed her nose against his, and then licked him before she kissed him.

Terrence pulled her on top of him, and she poured herself all over him. It felt so good with him, so natural, nothing could talk her out of him.

He pushed her onto him deeper, and she groaned while she beat her hands against his chest and rode him like their lives depended on it.

And they did…

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