Wicked Wednesday #298 — Time Travel

It felt like time travel for Oscar, when he left Sally and returned to his office. He had spent most of the afternoon with her and now he had a lot of work to do to catch up. Polly walked by his door, and he was happy that they had had an amicable breakup. She […]

Wicked Wednesday #296 — Chemistry

The chemistry between the two of them could not be squashed. Oscar had to be honest to himself, that when he talked about Sally to Eliza he felt it then. It had been such a thing between them. Sally had been his everything, and he could not keep his hands off of her. The only […]

Wicked Wednesday #295 — Suitcase

Oscar was headed to work, when he saw a woman struggling with a suitcase. He was normally kind about helping women, but this woman in particular had caught his attention for reasons he could not identify. She was curvaceous and well-dressed, and as he approached her there was a bit of deja vu. Something about […]

Wicked Wednesday #294 — Twenty-One

Eliza could not feign that she did feel jealousy when Oscar told her about an old love—even if he was twenty-one at the time. But she still had a need to listen to him with rapt attention when he told her. “When I approached you at the bar the first time,” he started. “I had […]

Wicked Wednesday Flashback

I am a little under the weather–but I always do Wicked Wednesday! Here is a favorite one I did. Eliza looked perfect, absolutely perfect. She sat at her vanity table in just her lace underthings. Rafe loved to slip a secret look at her when she was getting ready for dinners like the one her […]

Wicked Wednesday #292 — Gadgets

Eliza was very attached to her gadgets. After her rendezvous with Oscar, she was able to use them to keep track of Rafe and Terrence. Terrence texted her, and she wiped her hair out of her eyes. Have not seen you in forever, I miss you. She loved how much sentiment she got from him […]

Wicked Wednesday #291 — Promote a Blog

Eliza had to see Oscar a few nights later, but this time at another bar. Some place that they did not know anyone, and that no one knew them. She really wanted it to be just them, and for them to be alone with what had happened between them. She had not stopped thinking about […]

Wicked Wednesday #290 — Marathon

After marathon lovemaking in the hotel with Oscar, Eliza had to catch herself. She threw her head back on the backseat, and looked at the busy streets of Manhattan fly past her. She could still feel Oscar inside her, and it was a precious feeling to her. And taboo at the same time. She crossed […]

Wicked Wednesday #289 — Neighbors

Eliza hoped their neighbors—well the other people on their hotel room floor did not hear everything that had happened in their room. Oscar held her hand, as they walked down the hall and she felt like a teenager. It was such a sweet gesture for him to hold her hand, but everything that had happened […]

Wicked Wednesday #288 — Whispers

There had been whispers, but it was face to face with Oscar that it was confirmed. “So Polly and I have broken up again.” he stated. Eliza looked at him with soft eyes across from the table, while she sipped a glass of Barolo. “How do you feel about it?” she queried. He ran his […]