Wicked Wednesday #298 — Time Travel

It felt like time travel for Oscar, when he left Sally and returned to his office. He had spent most of the afternoon with her and now he had a lot of work to do to catch up.

Polly walked by his door, and he was happy that they had had an amicable breakup. She walked in after a gentle knock.

“Late night got you too? We have food—do you want anything?” she questioned as soft as her knock on the door.

He smiled, and shook his head. He saw her study his eyes, and knew that she could read him.

“What is going on?” She questioned, sitting on the edge of his desk. “Looks like a woman, Eliza?”

Eliza was on his mind, but not the way that Polly thought. He was not sure what he was going to do about her. They had just started being intimate again, when he told her about Sally. Promised her Sally was a ghost. Then, like in an episode of The Twilight Zone, Sally appeared and he was with her all afternoon. It was like no time had passed between them, like they went right back into that place where they could not keep their hands off of each other.

It used to be so intense between them. He could not see any part of her body, without wanting to touch it and she said the same. She said if he had on a shirt and she could see any part of his chest, it made her practically wet because she thought about touching it and thought of how hard it was pressed to her body.

She made him feel like a man, Sally was the first woman to make him really feel like a man. Their relationship was the first serious and enduring sexual one he had ever had. And seeing her again, their lovemaking felt like picking up where they had left off.

Like maybe even they should not have left off.

“No Polly, this is not about Eliza,” he said quietly, and saw relief on Polly’s face. Polly knew what Eliza meant to him, but she never knew about Sally.

And he did not want to talk about Sally just then, Sally was still his little secret right now. He wanted it to just be his a little while longer.

On his phone, he saw that he had a text:

Eliza Morton

Thinking about you, missed you this afternoon…

He loved that she was not accusatory, he did not want to tell her about Sally…yet…

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Masturbation Monday #180 — Sous La Tour Eiffel

When Sabrina woke up the second time, she saw a blurry Eiffel Tower. The curtain was thrown back, and she partially saw the tower. It was eclipsed by Carole and her man making love. Sabrina smiled, because she knew it was Carole’s fetish to be watched.

Carole was on all fours, as she was pounded and Sabrina could not help but admire all of the strength that was evident on her man’s body. She had felt his strength when they had had sex the night before. He pounded her as well, and he knew what he was doing so it felt so good.

Sabrina turned on her side, and was a little drowsy, until she heard a slap and realized that they were done.

“I am going to shower,” Carole said. “And then we can all have breakfast, I will make breakfast for us.” Their soft kisses like rain was the background, and then there was a slap that resounded again.

The bed dipped after awhile, and Sabrina felt a hand caress her body. There was a soft tremor as he touched her, and she turned around to look at him.

“Oh, you are awake,” he smiled, and continued to caress her. “You were so beautiful, I could not resist touching you.”

Sabrina turned onto her back, her entire body exposed to him. He admired her, but stopped caressing her.

“I am Gui, I am not sure if you remembered my name from last night?”

“Gui, I remember…”

He looked at her for a long time.

“Carole told me you would be beautiful, and she did not lie. I cannot keep my hands off of you.”

Sabrina shrugged, feeling her breasts shift on her chest and seeing his eyes watch them.

“So don’t…keep them off of me…”

She spread her legs open, and he took that as an invite. He spread them more, and kissed between them. Sabrina ran her hands through his hair as he did, looking at the Eiffel Tower behind him, now more in focus. He was good at what he did and he made her feel good, as she moaned and pulled his hair and felt herself rush toward orgasm. But when she came, she was not thinking about Gui—she was thinking about another guy

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Wicked Wednesday #297 — Rainbow

Sally had a rainbow on her t-shirt the first time they had sex. Oscar remembered it as her being so aggressive and her being the one that really took control of the situation, but she remembered it differently. His approach was not slick or smooth—but it was genuine and she knew that he liked her so she felt comfortable enough with him to make an approach. To be closer to him, even after they had done everything but so many times before.

Even now, she got dressed and thought how random fate was. She came to New York for something entirely different that she would have to deal with in the coming days, but now here she was with Oscar.

He was putting on his tie, and she sashayed over to him playfully and helped him tighten it. He kissed her jaw, and she smiled as she kissed the tips of his fingers in her hands.

“How long are you going to be in New York?” he asked suddenly, as if real life just hit him, juxtaposed to what had been real but surreal sex.

Sally looked at him, and shrugged honestly. She would tell him why she was there if he asked, but only if he asked. Their history was vast and wide, but she did not owe him anything and he told her that he was involved with another woman at that.

But she would tell him anything he asked, if he asked.

But instead, he got sentimental, pushing stray strands of hair back from her face and looking at her as if her expression was some kind of admission in and of itself.

“I cannot believe just running into you like this. Just running into you, and now being here with you in your hotel room.” He leaned in to kiss her, and she closed her eyes and savored their kiss like she would never kiss him or anyone ever again because she never knew what fate had in store. Everything was not always coming up rainbows like on her shirt the first time they had sex, and she kissed him like she was now. Because she knew they were on the precipice of something, and she was scared to lose it…

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Masturbation Monday #179 — New York

Sabrina curled into a ball, overwrought with emotion and sensation. She and Carole had had a long night. Carole was within a breath’s reach of her on the bed, but Sabrina could not have any more sensation. She was sore from all the penetration, and licking between her legs.

The man they had been with was long gone, even though Sabrina remembered him and Carole kissing for a long time at the door before she drifted off. Their hands all over each other in the door jamb and passion she recognized…

Now she was awake. Her overwrought emotions were all the more unsettling, as she remembered what she had been dreaming about.

Now that she was in Paris, she dreamt about Harry. About the color of his skin, about the warmth of his body, about him close to her, closer than was now in bed with Carole.

She saw his eyes in her dream, boring into her still, and she crawled into even more of a ball, thinking to herself that in New York with him all she could think about was being in Paris doing what she had just done…now she could only see his eyes and imagined what he was doing in New York. And she knew if she saw his eyes like she did, that he was thinking of her. She was clairvoyant she knew that.

The night before, Carole’s man walked in, and watched them for a bit before he joined them. It was clear that he and Carole had a special rapport—but he enjoyed Sabrina as well and she liked that. But when she fell asleep later, she had the dream. She was in New York, in her apartment which fluidly turned into parts of Harry’s apartment as she navigated the space in the dream—they had been basically living together. Harry appeared in the dream, and it was his eyes that penetrated her. His eyes were on her, and she could not keep her eyes off of him. It felt like a spell, but more than that and equally as magical. He pulled her close to him, and she wrapped her arms about him. Between her legs felt like the soft fire that she felt, when she was aroused and she rubbed herself against him.

But they did not make love, and she woke up jarred by that. Her body ruminated with the sex with Carole and her man, but she ached for Harry, and closed her eyes with her hands between her legs thinking how happy she would be to be back in New York.

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Wicked Wednesday #296 — Chemistry

The chemistry between the two of them could not be squashed. Oscar had to be honest to himself, that when he talked about Sally to Eliza he felt it then. It had been such a thing between them. Sally had been his everything, and he could not keep his hands off of her. The only reason that they had ended was because they were separated.

So when he saw her again, it was hard to keep his hands off of her.

So he didn’t.

Sally was beside him in bed, quiet and pensive. She was different than she had been when they were first together. Her lovemaking was even more intense, and he was afraid he was going to come too soon because she knew his body and how to make him explode.He rested his hands on her hips to let her know to stop, and she did. Her enjoyment of him remained evident on her face, and at the leisurely way she rode him. Her hands explored her body and his, touching explosive bits on both of them.

Oscar was overwhelmed, and he had to think about things like a cold shower so he would not come. Sally’s tells were like before, when she came she wanted him to come to. She knew exactly where to touch him, where to caress him so he would lose control.

When he first made love to her, it was not like this. He enjoyed her body, but his skill was not where it would eventually become with other lovers. For him to have been as confident as he was to have approached Eliza like he did, it would take some time.

“Are you still overthinking?” Sally turned, and put her hand in his chest.

Sally knew his mind too, so it was hard to lie to her.

“Of course I am.”

Sally kissed his chest.

“I’ll tell you a secret, there has been no other man like you in my life. No one else that it has been like this.”

“In California?”

Sally shook her head.

“No, California was not like this. There were men of course, but not like you.”

“My secret? There’s a woman that I have had a relationship on and off with for years. Still. She is in an open relationship, it’s complicated. But we talked about you recently, it was random but everything came back, and I remembered how much I loved you. It was hard, but I loved you in a different way than I love her because I had never been in love before.”

“I had not been in love before either.”

She curled up against him, and he held her close. The scent of her skin and hair continued to drive him crazy. The same perfume, that if he smelled it even not on her he remembered her. He had tried to squash Sally, but here she was like a phoenix risen from the ash…

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Masturbation Monday #178 — Paris At Last!!!

Paris had been calling Sabrina in her dreams, so she went there. With her friend Carole. She never told Carole about all the changes that she made with her persona. Carole just accepted her as her friend…period…

Since Carole was in Paris, she could not resist going since it had plagued her dreams.

And so her dreams came to life like a statue, and her dreams without Harry was something that she was not ready for.

She and Carole had fooled around a lot, if it was for some guy or whatever. They did it a lot. After Carole picked her up from the airport, they went to the sexy hotel where Carole was staying and attacked the decadent mini bar…it was not a surprise that she and Carole ended up kissing. Neither one of them was really drunk, just buzzed and there was magenta velvet everywhere.

“You taste like velvet,” Carole whispered, as she delicately licked the shell of Sabrina’s ear.

Sabrina remembered Carole licking her somewhere else, and before she could move, Carole had removed both of their plush magenta robes. She kissed Sabrina’s neck, and between her breasts, dipped her tongue in her navel and then kissed between her legs.

It felt so good, Sabrina squirmed and Carole’s tongue followed her wherever she went. Brushing her hair out of her face, Sabrina lifted Carole’s chin up to her.

“I want to taste you,” Sabrina said.

“But I am not done feasting on your pretty pussy yet!”

So that meant one thing.

Sabrina felt herself get even more slippery when she saw the two of them in the mirror doing sixty-nine. She liked to see herself have sex and watching Carole munch on her the way that she did, and watching herself with her eyes lowered in lust licking Carole…the visual was making her come as much as the sensation. As well as the scent of the room, redolent with the scent of their wetness.

“You know,” Carole grinned. “You are fucking me like you are on camera…”

Sabrina smiled, looking like a Cheshire cat.

“Am I? I never know with you!”

“Well no, but there is a man looking at us on the other side of the mirror. A friend of mine, and he told me he could not imagine me with a woman and I told him there is a woman, one woman who gets me hot as fuck. That’s you.”

Sabrina laughed.

“You are mean, let him in! Being on the other side of the mirror?”

“Are you sure?” Carole was wide-eyed.

Sabrina playfully licked Carole like cream.

“Oh yes, let him in…”

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Wicked Wednesday #295 — Suitcase

Oscar was headed to work, when he saw a woman struggling with a suitcase. He was normally kind about helping women, but this woman in particular had caught his attention for reasons he could not identify. She was curvaceous and well-dressed, and as he approached her there was a bit of deja vu. Something about her scent…

“Can I help you?” he inquired.

When the woman tuned around with a smile, he froze.


He nodded, since he was rendered mute.


She looked at him and when she let go of the bag, he could not let go of the sight of her. She was in a tailored suit that showed off all of her curves—each curve he knew. He remembered what she felt like the way that you never forget how to play an instrument. He knew exactly where he could touch her to change the expression on her face.

And he knew she could do the same to him.

She held her arms open, and Oscar was afraid to touch her. He was afraid if he did what would jar his memory. He had talked about her hypothetically with Eliza, but he never imagined that he would see her again.

He pulled her into his arms, and pressed his face to her hair.

“How have you been?” she asked, as they pulled away.

“Good,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “I was just talking about you to someone. Saying what a mess I was before I met you.”

“You were never a mess Oscar, just young. I was young too then, I’m not like that anymore.”

“Are you coming or going?” He gestured toward her suitcase.

“Coming,” she smiled.

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Masturbation Monday #177 — Another Dream

Sabrina woke up clutching between her legs, and knew it was not a dream orgasm, it was an actual orgasm. Harry’s scent wafted into her nose from beside her, and made between her legs throb even more.

Another Parisian dream, this one different from the others in that a) it resulted in an actual orgasm that woke her up and b) Harry was in it.

She was in her typical suit, wearing a fedora. The man that was flirting with her liked the androgyny of her look, but he kept his eyes on her female bits—her breasts for example when she pulled at her suspenders. Or his eyes on her legs, when she crossed them. His hand on her thigh was inevitable, and he was shameless with his fingers drifting to the very top of them. She put her hand on his face, and caressed his cheek which she now realized felt like Harry’s. And she got wet.

She and the man walked to the bathroom, where they barely closed the door before they were at each other. He licked the side of her face after he kissed her, and burst a button on her shirt as he tried gracelessly to unbutton it. Sabrina did not care, and it was then that she noticed the door ajar.


She recognized him in the dream as Harry, and it made her wetter—for the other man. She was reckless, and let him slip into her without anything. Her eyes were on Harry as if to say, I want this to be you. She stared at him, right into an orgasm.

The one that woke her up, and looking at him now she did not want to wake him up. Because all she wanted to do was jump his bones and there would be plenty of time for that later.

She was not in Paris after, she was here in New York with him.

For now.

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Wicked Wednesday #294 — Twenty-One

Eliza could not feign that she did feel jealousy when Oscar told her about an old love—even if he was twenty-one at the time. But she still had a need to listen to him with rapt attention when he told her.

“When I approached you at the bar the first time,” he started. “I had my act together. I knew what I wanted, and how to get it. But with Sally, it was different. I was a bit shy with her…well more than a bit. She said if I was not so hot, she would not have bothered.”

“Was she older?” Eliza questioned, cuddling more with him because she needed to feel him close and remember he was with her now.

Oscar nodded, and the warmth of his scent came up from his throat and she wanted to touch the warmth and masculinity of it.

“Not a lot, but older like 25. She was gorgeous, and I did not know the first thing to do with her. But she was a happy teacher. I learned a lot from her.”

“I bet you did,” Eliza said, under her breath with a smirk.

“You are jealous of a now phantom ex?”

“You never talked to her after?”

Oscar shrugged.

“She was a bit of a crutch for me for awhile. I would break up with her, or she with me but we still did couple things”

“Like sleep together?”

He nodded, and then took Eliza’s hand and kissed it.

“I did not even know you then, it feels like a lifetime ago.”

Eliza nodded. What she and Oscar experienced was a once in a lifetime as well, she curled into him and he held her tight.

“You’re still hot,” she whispered.

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Masturbation Monday #176 — Gargoyle

Sabrina lingered in bed, her hand on her mound which still throbbed from the pleasure of the dream that she had had. Ever since her first wild dream of Paris, she kept having dreams of the apartment—that only existed in her dreams—which she was always leaving for sex.

…and walking into an encounter. The night before—or maybe that morning?—she dreamt that She wandered out in the middle of the night in a cocktail dress. She searched for a cigarette she could not possibly have had in reality, but in a dream she had!

But no lighter.

So she walked up to a couple standing near a huge gargoyle. They looked at her, and asked what would they get in return for a light?

On her bare knees, she spread the woman’s open on a nearby bench and licked for her light. The woman pushed her head more and more into her, as the man entered her from behind. Sabrina cried out, it was hard for her to keep her mouth on the woman as the man pounded her. The woman was insistent, and kept grinding her face to her crotch. Sabrina almost passed out from the pleasure she was giving and getting.

Now she was naked in bed, it was the middle of the night and where was Harry? She let her hand linger on her mound a bit, and she was just about to pleasure herself…

Harry appeared, and looked at where her hand was. She knew she was not going to be pleasuring herself alone after all…

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