Wicked Wednesday #264 — Nightmare

Eliza woke up sweaty and panting beside Terrence, she had had the worst nightmare. Her body heaved, and she tried to settle herself because she did not want to wake him up, even though her movement made him instinctively reach for her. His arms like fire because she was so overheated from whatever she had experienced behind closed eyelids, and she shifted away from him.Moving out of her nightmare like if it was molasses, Eliza did not even remember what she dreamt but the feeling of dread was so strong. She had not bothered to ask Terrence about what Lila had said, because she had missed him so much that she did not want anything right then other than to be with him.

But she was going to ask him because she needed to know, she needed to know how if he…she needed to know how devoted he was going to be with her, how devoted he had been. He made it seem like he was all into her, and never indicated that he could have possibly have been involved with Lila.

Though he had come to the office on Lila’s recommendation, and fought with her when he got there and gone to Paris with her, and, and, and…

Eliza fell asleep again after awhile, but the next night, in bed with Rafe, she woke up damp and panting again. Rafe pulled her close, and his arms felt like fire like Terrence’s had the night before. 

But she rather be scorched by his embrace, than fall asleep again and have another nightmare…
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Masturbation Monday No. 146 — Treasure Chest

“I kept the London Bridge up obviously!” Nichy smiled at Tyler, who watched her lips. “Drew is a friend of Carol’s and mine. Why?”“Just saw his name flash on your phone, wondered he it was important?” he said, kissing her mouth and then her throat.

Nichy kissed his earlobe, flicking her tongue along its delicate shell back and forth.

Tyler clutched her close. She knew that kissing his ear would drive him crazy, and he clutched her so hard…so hard, she was sure she would bruise. He grabbed her ass so hard, she was sure she would bruise there as well as if he had slapped her there.

When she was on top of him, awhile later, he did indeed slap that same cheek over and over. Over and over, as she rode him. Nichy rode him so hard, and heard her come as she moved up and down over him like it was splashing. Tyler spanked her bottom, and clutched her so close. So close, she pressed her hands on his chest and saw the imprints that she left on him.

She came so suddenly, it was like she stole it. It was so sudden, that it raced through her and she felt goosebumps before it was gone. Panting, she grabbed his waist, and looked into his eyes. Tyler was sure to remember now the last time she had fucked him.

His eyes were soft when he looked at her, he looked so vulnerable, as vulnerable as she felt and she slipped him out of her. Lying beside him, she pressed her face into his chest. His chest was like a treasure chest of memories of them, and her body heaved from the pleasure they had shared.
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Sinful Sunday, Week 323 — Drowning Girl

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Wicked Wednesday #263 — Backseat

Eliza curled up to Terrence in the backseat of the cab. They were merry, and she was definitely very tipsy after their dinner. Her proximity to him made it hard for her to think about what Lila had said because she had missed him, and wanted to be close to him.Terrence wrapped his arm about her, and it was like just him touching her was am impetus for them to both need more. They placed their hands on each other’s thighs, and kissed. The heat of his hand, was like an out of control fire that she wanted to rage all over her and she placed his hand up higher on her thigh under her dress.

Once his hand was there, it moved of its own accord. Eliza was almost ashamed that she moved his hand even more higher up—placed it right between her legs. She wanted him inside her, but even she was not that brazen in the backseat of the cab. But if she moved just the way that she was, she was pretty sure that he would be able to feel what she wanted.

And he did.

His finger slipped over the the damp split of her crotch, and she moved against his finger like a cat in heat. Terrence tilted her chin, so that they could look into each other’s eyes…while his finger slipped inside her and she gasped. She gasped so loud, she was afraid the driver would turn around.

He did not.

She gasped again, still looking into Terrence’s eyes. His finger hit every nerve ending inside of her so that she wanted to scream. He knew her body so well, she closed her eyes as she exploded against him and blinked out Terrence and New York City flashing in the window behind him…
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Guest Blogger Jade A. Waters Gives Us The Reward!!!

I am so honored to be here today! First, it’s such a treat to get to visit the lovely F. Leonora, especially with her incredible cheers and notes of encouragement to, like, everyone in the writing community. She is a superstar and I have never been more grateful to know such a sweet person! But today, it gets even better—because Leonora has honored me beyond belief in celebration of the release of the last book in the Lessons in Control series, The Reward

See, our dear F. has long been enthusiastic over my poetry habit. Because of this, I’ve always been eager to not only talk about flow and verse with her, but to share poetry connected to book one, The Assignment, like I did back at the launch of the series. But today, fantastic Leonora has paid the biggest, most hugest of honors to me.

She wrote a poem for the Lessons In Control series!



you’re like a mist

the thin film of you invisible

tactile to the flesh

an ache from your aura

this desire i fell over every crevice

nothing untouched

that burns me up inside

there is always a fever

deep in my


you reach in so deep where you


i cannot quench myself

i need you all of you to slip

into me like i am the

bottle that contains you as a


you are magic

hidden as a mist but

everywhere upon



That’s right, guys. Right here, you get to see Leonora’s verse. Yes! What I particularly love about this poem—besides the fact that she wrote it inspired by my series and sent a picture of it to me in its early form written in her beautiful cursive—is that it really captures the feeling between Maya and Dean throughout the series. Theirs is a passionate, deep, intense love that is fueled by their sultry sexual dynamic, and I can’t get over how beautifully Leonora sprung off that to write her poem. When Maya and Dean meet in book one, The Assignment, Maya is compelled to find out more about Dean…and by the time we get to The Reward, out now, they are both deep in their sexy relationship with no signs of giving up their D/s exploration. I had such a blast writing this series, and now having Leonora write a poem inspired by it? Hot damn. That’s better than any fan fiction I can think of!

So, let’s give a round of applause to Leonora for writing this sexy poem and for sharing it here today. I have no doubt you’d find it as delicious as I did! Thanks for the tribute, Leonora!!

Speaking of sultry, Jade is a frequent guest–read her previous guest posts here. Can’t get enough of Jade? Go visit her blog!

The Reward is out now!!! Reward yourself, and get your copy here! You can also get the first two Lessons in Control books on sale now!!!



Masturbation Monday No. 145 — Purr

“Remember me?”Tyler looked at Nichy with a half smile. 

Yes, she did remember him in a suit like he wore now, rushing here and there with a suitcase these days.

“Of course I do,” she smiled at him, but quickly realized that she did not know what mood he was in.

He had been away when she was in London, he had been away a lot lately and she had lost her sense of him in a way.

Was that the reason that Drew had seemed so appealing to her?

No, Drew was special. So did that mean Tyler was not?

“When was the last time you fucked me?” he asked, taking off his jacket and standing before her. He pulled a strand of her hair, and looked into her eyes. “When was the last time we were in the same city?”

He pulled her close, and it was like riding a bicycle or tying a shoelace. That was how easy it was to place her hands on Tyler’s body, press herself to him and purr her kiss like a cat.

He semi-clawed at her and the way he made her feel with his body pressed to hers, she would not have minded if he dug his nails into her in the moment. He lowered his face to hers, cradling hers with such tenderness it made her feel like her core was melting.

“Missed you…” he breathed rapidly, before he pressed his lips to hers.

“I missed you,” Nichy said, spreading her legs as he sat her on top of her desk. He ran his hand over her thigh, slowly like he had all of the time in the world. She was embarrassed her thighs quivered while he did it. He ran his finger along the tremor of her quiver, and it was like he had dipped his finger between her legs.

“How much did you miss me? What have you been doing in London? Did you keep the bridge from falling down?” Tyler urged.

Nichy wrapped her arms about him, and he pulled her close to him.

“Who is Drew?” he breathed.

Nichy swallowed, and Tyler watched her throat.
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Sinful Sunday, Week 322 — Overhead

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Wicked Wednesday #262 — Blinded

Eliza had to go to dinner with Terrence, even with what Lila told her. He called her as soon as he got settled at home, and her insides were soft as soon as she heard his voice. When he asked her to meet for dinner at a restaurant near him, she could not resist. Her mouth watered with her memories of the food there, and with the memories of his lips and fingertips.
Her hands folded primly in her lap, she took a company car to his apartment and sat perfectly still thinking abut seeing him.
When the car pulled up, she texted him and as soon as she got out of the car, she could hear the buzzer to let her into his building.
“Hey,” he said, putting one arm about her and pulling her close to him.
Eliza closed her eyes and took in his scent, just soap and water because he had just showered and not put on his cologne which was a scent that she would follow to the end of the world and back. She pressed her cheek to the crispness of his white shirt, and her hand slipped into the front pocket of his jeans, as he covered her ass with his hand and pressed her to him.
“Hey,” she said, looking up at him.
“Give me a second and I will be ready.”
Eliza followed him into the building, into his apartment, and when he spritzed his sexy cologne on himself, it was if she was blinded by him, by his aura…
…and love.
Nothing else mattered for the moment.

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Masturbation Monday No. 144 — London

She had the miles, she had the time and so she went back to London. Nichy was overwhelmed by the series of terrorist attacks in the UK, and it made her realize that she could not imagine not having Drew in her life.

When he opened his apartment door, she wrapped her arms about him so tight that he fell back and laughed softly at the force at which she came at him. He held her tight, and kissed her temple.

She looked up at him, and his soft smile straightened with warmth. 

“I’m okay,” he promised, looking at her with soft eyes that mirrored her concern. 

“I know, I know, I –” 

Her voice broke off, and he held her close. She was so close to him, she felt his heartbeat, the soft stream of his breath and an involuntary muscle twitch. Nichy curved her body to his, to his heart, his breath, his belly and placed her hand on it. Looked up at him.

Drew looked down at her, her lips quivered because of what she wanted to say. She was not sure that they were ready for those words. He caressed her lips, and she tasted the salt from her tears on his finger.

“Darling Nichy,” he started, not trying to refer to the Prince song she knew. “Darling…”

“I’m sorry,” she croaked, unintentionally. “I just needed to see you after everything…”

He pulled her close, and kissed the bridge of her nose, the curve of her lip, her throat and the hallow of her neck. Nichy tilted her head to the side, and he smothered her neck with kisses. Kisses on her neck drove her crazy and as her hands caressed Drew’s body, the tenderness between them evolved to full-out passion. His hands felt like fire under her blouse, as he unhooked her bra. The buckle of his belt was heavy and thick when she undid it.

They lie on the floor where they had rutted like animals, Nichy’s body smoldering as she surveyed sweat and love marks on Drew’s body. She could feel the use of her own body, and a sweet soreness that beckoned her to press her pelvis to Drew.

“You are insatiable…” he panted, yet grabbed her hips and pulled her to him.

Nichy needed to feel him, it was her need and her protest to all of the hate in the world…

Her love.
This post is for London, and the picture is one of the first I took the first time I was there, hanging out of a bus and soooooo very happy to see Big Ben!

It is a beautiful city…

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Wicked Wednesday #261 — Waves

Lila stood in Eliza’s door, and it gave her a strange sense of deja vu. She looked up at Lila, and saw Lila’s unmoving mouth yelling her to fire Terrence.She shook her head, and looked up at Lila.

“Yes,” she said to her, and Lila walked into her office.

“I know that you hate me now Eliza, but I really am trying to help you. I was the other woman once, and I was involved with a man that I thought I would give everything up for. I was so naive…I just wanted to help you. You are a bigwig here, you do not need to be distracted…”

Eliza put her pen down.

“Lila, thank you,” she responded quietly. “I think that I got this.”

Eliza resented that Lila was calling her the other woman. If anything, Terrence was the other man!

Lila did not move.

“I am trying to help you Eliza. Terrence is not worth it.”

“You speak like you were with him!” Eliza blurted out, as she closed her laptop.

Lila walked deeper into Eliza’s office.

“Now, now you get it Eliza. I can tell you that you are the other woman because, I am the last woman who was with Terrence. I am being this graceful because I am a lady.” Lila pushed her way forward, as if she were in a crowd. “You are the other woman Eliza.”

Eliza was quiet, as her world moved about her like large waves in a small pool. Terrence was each wave, bobbing about her…

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