Sinful Sunday, Week 268 — Another Perspective

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Yesterday, Exposing 40 was my guest blogger–read her steamy post here. Today, this is her photograph of me–she wanted another perspective…

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Guest Blogger Exposing 40 Exposes All for the Camera!!!

It makes me sad that my elegant friend Exposing 40 lives so far away. I got to spend a few days with her while I was abroad, and even though we talk all the time virtually there is nothing like the real thing. She is amazing! She gave me this stunning guest post, that I now I get to share it with you…

Coming for the Camera

Lovers have photographed me. I have leant back on their cocks, as they pushed up my skirt to let the camera get a better view of my cunt. I have leaned forward as they grabbed my tits in their hands and clicked the shutter. I have looked into the lens, and met its eye as I sucked their cocks. But until you I had never fucked myself for the camera of a man who wasn’t my lover. 

I am an exhibitionist. For as long as I can remember the fantasies that make me come are the ones where I am being watched. And not ones where I am being watched by a secret voyeur, but ones where I am performing – on stage, in a shop window, to neighbors I know are watching…

I knew I would come for you. Even when I was still finding my confidence in the evening, relaxing with my first glass of wine, I knew I would masturbate for you. For your camera. I was surprised when I lay on my bed and slipped my fingers under the fabric of my knickers to find my cunt already wet. Very wet. I hadn’t even been conscious of getting turned on.

As I write this I can feel my cunt pulsing at the memory…

Is your cock twitching now?  

Can you feel it starting to strain against your jeans as you remember me circling my clit with my fingers beneath the lace of my knickers, my breath quickening? Did your cock press against your jeans that night as you pulled my knickers down to my ankles so your camera could get a better view of my cunt. So you could get a better view of my cunt. 

I felt you close at one point. My eyes were closed, but I felt your camera so close it was almost touched me. My hips bucked, my cunt reached up to your camera, as if it were reaching up to greet a cock. As turned on by a camera as I am by a cock.

You fucked me with my glass dildo. Hard. It hurt, but felt good, I wanted it to stop, I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted you to keep fucking me with the dildo. I wanted you to keep photographing me. I fucked myself with the dildo for your camera. I came quickly.  

Later on the sofa you moved around me, you dropped back to the doorway, you photographed from above, you stopped and watched. At one point I opened my eyes and you were lying on the floor, leant back on your elbows, a quiet smile playing on your lips. You looked content. That turned me on more. I wanted to see that look again. 

You moved behind me. You went quiet. I heard the gentle unmistakable sounds of you masturbating. I looked up and caught your eye. I kept masturbating but my mind is racing – I wanted to stop and watch you, I wanted to watch and come as I watched, I wanted you in my mouth. Then the taste of you was on my lips. I came again.


Please be sure to leave comments about how sexy and eloquent this post is–I am trying to get the lady to write a TON more!!! 

photo via Exposing 40


Wicked Wednesday #208 — Audience

Fiona almost fell off of the couch. She had stumbled into the apartment that morning, and plopped onto it. With her dress on from the night before and the taste of Josephine still in her mouth, Fiona had fallen fast asleep.They had practically fucked for an audience right outside of Josephine’s apartment door, earlier that morning. One of Josephine’s neighbors opened their door–and did not close it back–which turned Fiona on all the more. Apparently Josephine too, who kneaded her backside deeper. 

Fiona licked her lips at the memory. Her throat was parched, and she could taste both of Josephine’s lips on hers. She had not had sex with anyone except for Alice for so long which was weird for her, but being with Josephine was better than anything she had imagined. It was not difficult for her to see why Alice had been drawn to her. The neighbor who watched them through their door, probably wanted to know what it was like with her too.

Josephine opened her apartment door leisurely, her breasts having successfully burst her blouse open after their heavy groping on the way there. Her lace bra was gorgeous, and highlighted her large breasts.

Fiona was their solo audience, as she watched their encounter in Josephine’s full-length mirror beside her bed. It was beautiful, because Josephine was beautiful and Fiona saw her own naked lust face her straight on.

“You like to watch, you like to be watched…” Josephine whispered, licking the inside of her ear delicately.

Fiona had not like to be observed, she liked to observe. She liked to be the one who decided how things would be. But with Josephine, she was not the one in charge. 

And she liked it.

It was such a release for her not to have to be the one who called all of the shots. To have her hair pulled, and her clit handled rougher than she had ever had it handled. To have her bottom and between her legs spanked liberally. When she cried out, Josephine covered her mouth with her lips.

“You love it, I can feel how wet you are…what do you think you are doing?”

Fiona moaned, when Josephine kissed her neck and she threw her head back as she left a love mark on her that was going to leave no question to Alice as to what she had done. 

And she really did not care–at the moment–she was tired and sore from how Josephine had used her body. Her fingers drifted between her legs where Josephine had been, following the path to a tee. Fiona opened her mouth, and sighed. She had fallen asleep with her fingers between her thighs, they were redolent of the scent of sex like she had never had before. Her cheek was warm–her entire body was warm with a blooming fever…

What had she done?

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Masturbation Monday No. 90

Nichy stared out of the window, the view from the Metro North in New York was nothing like the view she had on the train going from London to Bristol. But in England, she did not have Tyler’s hand on her thigh. There was a young couple that looked hungover. The girl’s stern face was fixed on her phone, with her fingers moved as fast as a machine. The guy had his hand fixed on her knee so hard, it looked like he would crush it.

Tyler’s hand was high on her thigh, his fingers splayed on the inside. The girl looked up at her, and Nichy stared at her head on. The argument that had occurred between the couple across from them, had made her stare out of the window to tune them out. Tyler had been asleep, and it seemed to her he was still asleep. Because he would not have dared to knead the inside of her thigh like that right across from another couple.

Or would he?

Nichy could not help but part her legs when his kneading became more intense. She could feel–almost hear she would swear, but knew that it was impossible–the wetness between her legs. The girl fixed her stern face on Nichy, and pulled her knee away from her own man’s hand.

“Oh come on honey…” he said to the girl, and clamped his hand that had been on her knee to her cheek. He kissed her, and Nichy saw the thread of spit when he did. 

“Stop it!” The girl said sternly, and threw her phone into her bag.

Nichy moaned involuntarily, as Tyler pressed the inside of her thigh even more. The guy sitting across from her wiped his mouth, as he pulled away from the stern girl and looked at Nichy. Nichy saw his eyes linger on her thighs. She looked at Tyler whose lips were parted, and she did not want him to move his hand away.

“Come on!” Grabbing her boyfriend’s hand, the stern girl grabbed her purse and glared at Nichy.

Nichy eased into the seat, wanting more of the peripheral sensation she was getting from Tyler.

“Are they gone yet?” he asked.

“You!” Nichy smiled.

Tyler slipped his hand under her dress, and Nichy did nothing to stop him. She let him touch her, and she was not imagining that she heard her wetness as the view outside went dark when they entered Grand Central…
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view from train via f dot leonora

Sinful Sunday, Week 267 — Pointed

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Guest Blogger Lana Fox Invites Us Inside the Castle of Depravity!!!

Lana Fox is no stranger to my blog, and I am delighted to have her back to talk about her latest, Castle of Depravity! Ever the sensualist, get ready for Lana to set your senses to boiling with this one, another nod to Anaïs Nin!

On Kinking Shame – Castle of Depravity

Shame. I was raised in it, soaked in it, and I “left my body” because of it. I believed my erotic feelings, which saturated me as a teen, were the reason I’d go to Hell.

I thought the universe loathed me.

But you know what? When I found erotica, I started to say, “If I’m going to Hell, then I might as well choose it. And I might as well have fun before I burn.”

It took several years of reading erotica before I put pen to paper myself, but once I had, I began to realize that the shame I was recovering from was the same stuff I longed to kink. In fact, I was obsessed with the Baron in Anaïs Nin’s ‘The Hungarian Adventurer’ in Delta of Venus, and enjoyed The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice, both of which indulge in what I call “kinking shame.”

My most recent release is a 1920s series entitled Belted Venus, which honors Anaïs Nin in its title (you’ll notice it’s similar to Delta of Venus) also plays with this kink. In fact, the delectable chastity belt in Delta of Venus helped to inspire Book One, Castle of Depravity (also available at NOOK).

In Castle of Depravity, Lucerne comes of age and goes to stay with her stepbrother Simeon whom she hasn’t seen for years, even though he has forbidden her visit because of the sordid life he leads. As Lucerne soon finds out, Simeon lives in what he calls “a castle of depravity”—an old castle by the sea where rich, sexually adventurous Englishmen pour their wealth into a life of carnal pleasures. Simeon, rather like myself as a teen, has accepted that he is surely going to Hell, but when he and his sister find themselves desperately attracted to each other, he has to decide whether he can bear Lucerne going to Hell too—and all because of the power of his desires.

So strong is their attraction, in fact, that watching his sister being seduced by his friends is both torture and delectation for Simeon. After all, she is still a virgin—and one who longs to lose that “chastity.” Even so, Simeon soon finds a delicious way to kink his own shame and prevent his sister from taking all that she truly wants:

My brother slid the chastity belt up my legs, glossing my bare skin. We were in my bedroom at the time, moonlight dancing through the arched castle window, and he was crouching behind me, his hot breath falling against the small of my back. Standing next to the mirrored wardrobe, I was naked in front of him. I felt like every feather-light touch might tip me into an agony of bliss — one I desperately needed.

I was trembling and wetter than ever before.

The belt was formed of layer upon layer of gold chains that clinked and jingled against my flesh, rather like the jangling contraptions that bellydancers wore — or so I’d heard. These chains also formed a gusset at the center, which would pull between my thighs like underwear, clutching at my sex and hanging heavily on my hips, as if desperate to drag me to the ground. I whimpered with excitement. This was all too sensual, too torturing and forbidden.

He rose as he slid the belt higher and higher. At one point, he clasped my lower thigh as if he might fall if he didn’t, and the groan he released made me run my hand over my naked breasts.

I was quivering, amazed at the sensations in my body, which were pouring through me, crashing into my sex, hardening my nipples like never before. Every graze and shimmy of the metal against my skin made me gasp with pleasure, especially since I knew the perpetrator was my own stepbrother.

When he pulled the belt over my thighs, where its coldness broke my breath, I grew dizzy and had to steady myself against the wardrobe door because my brother was touching me where a brother never should! As I caught myself, he let out the deepest of moans and clutched my thigh suddenly, as if he, too, had stumbled from sheer erotic need.

The chastity belt that stimulates and also denies struck me as a wonderful BDSM punishment. If every step you take brings you both pleasure and captivity, prolonging your erotic torture and thus building your thirst, how deeply you can kink the notion of shame. You are, after all, prevented from true release, yet also erotically tortured for your “sordid” desires.

The belt also pushes me to be erotically inventive as an author. And yes, there’s tons of ridiculously kinky sex that can be had while it stays on….

What fun!

I have to say, I think the kinks in Castle of Depravity have been more erotically enticing for me to write than almost any other. That castle by the sea brings a whole host of exciting scenarios, and a reason to lavish every scene with deeply explicit material.

I hope you’ll take a look and let me know what you think, if you do….

Thank you to the lovely, talented F. Leonora for having me!

Buy Castle of Depravity at Amazon

Buy Caslte of Depravity at NOOK


Wicked Wednesday #207 — Aspire

Alice liked being in the galleries before everyone else was in for the day at work. It had always been her aspiration to work in the art world. Being a junior cataloguer was a dream come true. Her eyes were glossy at the Tamara de Lempicka before her eyes, equally because of its beauty…and because it reminded her alternately of Fiona.

Polly had been looking at her all afternoon with that look like are you okay? No, she was not okay! She did not know where her girlfriend was, after their fight. Fiona had never not come home before. But they had never had such a bad argument. Alice felt her eyes well with tears, and her aspirations of being a sophisticate blurred, as Polly grabbed her.

It was early enough that they could have coffee without the rest of the department walking in on them in Polly’s office.

“She probably just wants to scare you, it seems like those are the type of tactics she and here brother would use. Or at least her brother’s girlfriend…fiancee…” Polly said, with her lips twisted.

Alice swallowed her too hot black coffee, and looked apologetically at Polly. Fiona’s brother was engaged to the woman, who Polly’s boyfriend had been sleeping with on and off for years. Even though Polly had initiated their separation, it was clear she was still angry about it. Additionally even though she seemed to be involved with her own on and off again lover, Colin.

“I am sorry,” Alice said. “I did not mean to…”

“Nothing is what you aspire it to be,” Polly said cutting her off, getting up and opening her office window. Her cigarettes were on the window sill, and Alice watched Polly’s svelte body lean out of the window as if she was taking flight. Before she knew it, Alice grabbed the pack of cigarettes and leaned out of the window as well. She wanted to take flight, she wanted to escape. Even now that her career was blooming, Alice wanted to escape…

Had she slept with Josephine to escape what she knew was coming with Fiona? The evolution of their relationship? Had she been so afraid of what was real in her life, that she needed to float on a dream? Maybe if Fiona was not returning to her, she would go back to Josephine.

But she did love Fiona, she wanted her to come back…Alice’s hair blew around in the window, and she and Polly looked like art angels on the top floor. Their hair floating like Botticellis.

If Fiona came back, she would never let her go again…

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E[Lust] No. 82 — From A Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Glasses!!!

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Welcome to Elust #82

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Masturbation Monday No. 89/Kink of the Week May 1-15: Masturbation

Nichy was not sure what she liked more. Feeling so hot on her side of the bed that she had to touch herself, because her heat was such that she had to touch it with her bare hands. It was also nice if she had one of her toys to provide the vibration that her fingers could not…and it was also nice when Tyler lie on his side and pulled her to him—his lips on her neck, his arms crushing her breasts and his fingers stirring her heat. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his hand move between her thighs that were dappled with moonlight. His touch lulled her…

When she woke up, her body was still encircled by his arm and she snuggled into him more.

“You awake?” he whispered against the nape of her neck.

Nichy’s body buzzed with the pleasure of his warm breath, and the heat of his body against hers.

“I did not know you were into guys, you and Gavin put on quite a show…”

Tyler laughed, and pulled her closer to him.

“Well you and Renee have put on a show or two for me as well,” he laughed, and she felt the vibration of it move through her body. “Gavin is a damn good kisser too, I can see why you were so nuts over him…”

Nichy moved out of his embrace. When she sat up, Tyler sat up with her.


She looked at him, her hand between her legs. Did she want to talk to him about how weird it was that they talked about the four of them like it was a game of chess? Or did she want to drown in the moment, him warm beside her and between her legs on fire?

Nichy touched herself in a moment of decisiveness. She touched the soft fire between her legs, her clit twitched on both sides as she moved her finger in a circle around it. Tyler was slack-jawed, as she knew he would be. He was riveted to the movement of her hand and she remembered that this was how she liked it best to masturbate—with him watching like he was seeing something he was not supposed to be seeing, when she was doing it for him.

All for him.

He put his hand on her thigh and the weight of it almost took her over the edge, made her move her fingers faster.

“Are you going to make yourself come? Or do you need help?” he asked breathlessly.

Nichy smiled, and fished for him under the sheets. He was hard, and this was the piece that she needed at this moment in the game of chess they were played…

Not moving her finger away from her clit, she stroked his shaft and looked into his eyes.

“I am going to make both of us come…” she panted, as her finger and hand moved dissonantly until they collapsed into a pile of each other…

I am dedicated to using all the verbs from the verb list created by Richard Serra—you can find the list here. Last time I used “twist,” today I am using “dapple.”

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(Almost) Live From Eroticon!!!

This year’s Eroticon is a bit bittersweet, because this is the last year that the amazing Ruby Kiddell will be hosting it. I am not sure what is going to happen to the conference, but it has been such a life-changing event for me. I have met so many people, and had so much fun. This year will be no different, I am sure! Molly is hosting a meet and greet for all of us that are going, and so this is my introduction:

NAME (and Twitter name if you have one)

F. Leonora Solomon—@fdotleonora

If you had the opportunity to rename yourself (or your blog) what would you pick?

I would drop the F, and just be Leonora. The F confuses people I think!

What are you most looking forward to at Eroticon Live and/or is there anything you are nervous about?

I am excited about seeing all of my friends that I have made, and a few people for the first time. The whole reason for me going is to feel more connected to the community…

Have you planned which sessions you will be attending or are you more of a spur of the moment kind of person?

I am a spur of the moment girl for sure—but I will definitely be attending (and running!!!) a session on anthologies. If you have any questions about that —whether you are going or not—leave me a comment about it!

What essential items to your life will be bringing with you to Eroticon Live? (you can have a maximum of 5)

Phone, tablet, converter to charge them, perfume and my imagination…

A new cocktail has been made on your honour, what would be the key ingredient and what would it be called?

There are a lot of cherries in it, and my liquor right now is gin…but I cannot name it!!!

And finally… Complete the sentence; I have yet to…..

travel to Africa, Asia, Australia or South America…

Meet a ton more attendees here!