Wicked Wednesday #281 — Car Keys

Eliza placed her hand on Rafe’s thigh. He had grabbed her and the car keys, and they were on the road. She looked absently out of the window, excited for a trip with him. The idea of being just the two of them excited her, especially with no destination.

Just each other.

Her phone vibrated, and immediately she felt herself go loose between her legs. The vibration went along her zipper, and made her drunk with something. She did not need to look at the phone, she knew who it was…

The struggle to look at her phone was a huge one. Of course she had texted before in the car with Rafe, but not with Terrence. She picked up her phone, her other hand still on Rafe’s thigh.

Morning precious rose.

He started calling her a rose, after she got the tattoo with him in mind.

Morning babe.

Miss you…

Miss you too…

What are you wearing, what are you doing?


She squeezed Rafe’s thigh, when she realized that she had told Terrence she was driving.

You are not supposed to text and drive!

But it is you, you know I have no control when it comes to you…

It was not a lie, she thought as she stared at the sentence on her phone.

I like that about you, and the same. Why don’t you drive over here?

I’m in Long Island…

She stared out of the window just then, so she would know where to tell him she was.

I want to see you.

Me too.

I want you.

Eliza looked at Rafe, and squeezed his thigh as a reflex.

I always want you.

She squeezed her legs together, and placed the phone down on her lap.

She did always want him, her thoughts of him raced faster than the highway outside her window…

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Masturbation Monday No. 163 — Kitten

Harry was a departure for Sabrina. She normally had crushes on men, that bloomed like flowers. With Harry, it was different. Between them was primal. They had sex like they were undomesticated animals.

She went to his apartment, greedy for an encounter. He looked at her, and pulled down his pants as she closed the door behind her. The way he handled himself made her wet, as she thought about how he felt inside her and how it felt when she handled him like that.

Sabrina took of her dress, and she was not wearing underwear. Her nipples were obscenely hard, and she caressed one as she watched him. She did not place her hands between her legs, because she knew that she would come if she did.

Harry was not afraid to come at all. He handled himself so roughly that it was inevitable that he would, and when he did Sabrina dabbed at the juncture between her legs where she was dripping.

Sabrina got on her knees, and crawled over to him. Running her lips over his belly, she licked the drops of come there. She loved the taste of his come, and as she licked it like a kitten at a bowl of milk while he pulled her hair. Between her legs was so sticky now, and her sticky secret became an open secret as Harry let go of her hair to grab her ass and then finger fuck her.

Without words, he circled her clit and exploited the wet clicking sound between her legs to let her know that he knew she was dripping wet. Sabrina finished licking his belly, and spread her legs so he could finger fuck her blind. She came so hard, that she lost her breath and sat back on her legs looking up at him like a good pet.

He patted her head, and she smelled herself on his fingers which made her want more. She touched herself, still aching with the pleasure his fingers had created there and looked at him expectantly…

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Wicked Wednesday #280 — Hologram

The tatooed flowers Eliza’s ribs looked like a hologram, like you could reach out, touch them and would feel them…smell them.

Terrence could not keep his hands, or his nose away from her. In bed, he liked the feeling of her ribs and spared no expense at touching her there…showing her…

He pressed his nose to her ribs, and kissed her rib by rib, and it made her feel very biblical. Even though it was Eve who was made from Adam’s rib…

Terrence kissed her ribcage, and then pulled her on top of him. They looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, and Terrence started to look like a hologram of her tattoo through her rose-colored visage…his face more lovely than any rose…

Rafe liked the tattoo, it was a reminder to him of when he first met her and she was more bohemian. These days, she did not fret as much about how it was when they first got together and she did not feel elegant enough to be his fiancee…

“You know I think that you are beautiful no matter what you do…” Rafe had said to her, as he kissed her ribcage.

When Eliza was alone, and she ran the tops of her fingers over her ribcage, it felt like love. The roses looked like photorealism on her flesh. Looking at herself naked in the full length mirror, she saw herself—her age and the flowers tattooed on her like love. There was love in her eyes and on her body, and she was grateful…

…for all of the love.

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Masturbation Monday No. 162 — Wet

Sabrina closed the door behind her, to her apartment. She felt a little wobbly, as she pressed her back to it. Her breath surprised her, with its raggedness. Her body still ruminated with his body, that had just been joined with hers.

She did not want to be sentimental about it, she did not want to feel anything.

And she would not.

Standing up straight, she walked into the bathroom and looked at her face. She looked shaken, before she threw water on herself. The water startingly aroused her. Her body was electric, from just having been with Harry.

Her neighbor’s name was Harry. She had not wanted to know anything about him personally, but when she was kneeling doggy style on his couch as he plowed her—she saw a piece of mail on his coffee table, as her breasts swung back and forth against her in conjunction with his balls against her backside.

At the moment that she read his name—Harry, on the envelope—he slapped her backside so hard she came from the sensation of him fucking her and the pain of the slap. She had cried out, and he had smacked her ass again.

Sabrina put her hand on her bottom now, still sore from just that couple of slaps from him. She had wanted more, she had wanted him to pick up his belt and use it on her because it made her out of control.

But she did not ask him to do that.

They were quiet as they fucked. Hard, and with raw desire like honey being the main objective.

That was all Sabrina wanted now, she did not want to want anything more than that.

Her body throbbed from their fucking like a symptom, but she ignored it and got herself ready for bed. Between her legs remained soaking wet, even after she dried herself…

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Wicked Wednesday #279 — Sugar

“Oh sugar, this is the worst part, I promise!” Her tattoo artist caressed her reassuringly.

Eliza had grimaced a little bit, but she really was not in pain. She had a high pain tolerance she had discovered when she got her first tattoo, this time it was only the part right over the bone that made her grimace.

The steady buzzing lulled her, and making eye contact with Terrence helped. The flower she was putting there was one he picked. It was him making so much comments about her current tattoo, that made her want another one.

“You okay?” he mouthed.

She smiled, and blinked her eyes to say yes.

“Sugar, you good?” the tattoo artist asked again.

“Yes,”Eliza said lucidly.

“You are the calmest customer I have had today, so I just want to be sure. I could not finish one today because they were not ready and squirmed all over the place!”

Eliza liked that her artist was in tune with her, but it was looking into Terrence’s eyes that soothed her the most. She was between calm and aroused, as the machine buzzed away. All she really thought of was making love with him when the new tattoo was healed,

and he could caress it and know that she put it there because of him.

She never imagined that he would be such a big part of her life, that she would want him around when she was feeling vulnerable. But now she could not imagine anything else, but to be close to him when she felt vulnerable or anxious.

Honestly, she wanted to be close to him a lot. The warmth of his skin soothed her, and his eyes calmed her. He took her hand, and she squeezed his. His hand in hers was the sensation she focused on, more than the sensation of the tattoo.

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Masturbation Monday No. 161

Sabrina could have kicked herself, and she did in the semi-scramble to get off of the bar stool. But then she stayed put—what was the point? Her neighbor had definitely seen her…

To take the edge off of going to her apartment, and the chance she could see him, she had gone to the wine bar down the street to calm herself down. Never once did she think he would be in there as well—but she did not know anything about him.

She did not even know his name.

He walked over to her, did not ask if the seat was taken and sat next to her. Frozen with nerves, she stared at him and he stared back.

The bartender set her red wine in front of her, and she did not even glance at it. Up close, she saw he was very sexy—not that she had not known. But she rarely got to see him this close. His eyes were dark and menacing, but there was a drop of vulnerability in then that she hoped he would be generous with.

He put his hand on hers, and she shivered. He looked at her quietly, patiently. Sabrina knew the subtext, as well as if their encounter was being scripted for film. He got up, and she followed him. He pulled her coat over her shoulders, as she continued to shiver.

Her shivering had nothing to do with being cold…

She followed him back to his apartment, the sound of her heels thundering as she walked beside him. He moved her in front of him as he opened the door, and pressed his body to the back of her.

Sabrina sighed, and he steadied her.

“You okay?” His first words to her, his deep voice almost drove her crazy.

“I’m good, she sighed.

“Here.” he said. “With the door open.”

He did not have to tell her twice. Lifting one leg around him like a ballerina, he held her close. Their bodies moved, and made a dirty shadow against the wall and onto the stairwell. A shadow unlike those made by kids in the dark.

Their shadow reflected their dark passion, and Sabrina bit her lip as he treated her like anything but porcelain

But she knew she would not break.

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Wicked Wednesday #278 — Tattoo

Eliza remembered getting the tattoo for sure, she had been with Johnny when she got it. She was nervous, and he was there to hold her hand.

Which he did, tightly.

It was a less traumatic experience than she had imagined it to be. Johnny had been proud of her. It was her first tattoo, but he had had a lot.

When she got together with Rafe, he had been startled the first time his hands were under her shirt that she had one. He had caressed the flower on her ribcage with awe, and then with lust. They were only kissing at that point, but his lust was like a brand. She remembered his touch more than she remembered what getting the tattoo felt like.

Now Terrence was holding her, caressing her ribcage and she felt like the flower was blooming under his touch. It amazed her how her tattoo felt different with the different men in her life.

She loved the flower. and she had gotten another one right before she met Oscar. He had always been indifferent about it, but when he touched her there it was always magical to her.

Terrence’s hand there now, lulled her and she wondered if she wanted to add another flower there on her ribs and if she wanted him to come and hold her hand this time…

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Masturbation Monday No. 160 — Desert

“Are you okay?”

Sabrina looked at Betty. She was sure Betty was concerned, but she was also the nosiest person, and secretly probably craved some salacious element to whatever was wrong with Sabrina.

Spotting a glimpse of even Ben looking at her, Sabrina tried to lighten her face with a soft smile.

“I am fine.”

With that, she slipped out of her chair and went to the ladies’ room. The ladies’ room there was a much more soothing space than at her previous job. Sabrina sat on the toilet for a long while before she got up. Her lady parts buzzed, but she did nothing to further it. Wiping herself gently, she opened the latch to the stall and looked at herself in the mirror.

Away from everyone, she looked ravaged.

A quick glimpse of her neighbor came to her mind, and she almost burst into tears.

Thinking she heard someone walking into the bathroom, she ran back into her stall. The adrenaline rush, rushed right between her legs.

She was not porcelain, she would not break. She was not a valuable vase.

Her neighbor had come to her door last night, and she was not expecting him obviously, but she was. Her little escapades with him from a distance usually made her rub herself until she came for what seconds? He did not touch her, but she was aroused like a fever when they did what they did.

But then him at her door.

When he opened his mouth to speak, she put her fingers on his lips and shook her head. She did not want it to be about that. He kissed her fingers, and with her door open like she had with Ben—like it made it safer or something—he pulled her to him and kissed her mouth. He kissed her like their kiss was sex, not thrusting his tongue into her mouth, but kissing her with purpose. Slanted, slow and warm. He pulled her to him, and she tried to rub herself against him but he stilled her body.

It was not about that for him.

Leaning against her door like she was lying in the belly of the desert, he looked at her for a long time before he walked away.

They said nothing, but everything.

She was not okay, to answer Betty’s question.

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Sinful Sunday, Week #337 — Totem

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Wicked Wednesday #277 — Eavesdropping

Every time Eliza was with Terrence post-Lily, she always made sure that it was private. That no one could eavesdrop on their conversation.

She felt confident in this when she brought him to her favorite bar, with her favorite bartender Josephine. Josephine had secrets of Eliza’s, that Eliza was sure that Josephine would bring to her grave.

Bringing Terrence there was a leap of faith, and to show him she was not ashamed of him. She was not sure where his insecurity was coming from, but she wanted to put an end to it.

Her bare arms shivered with the slight chill of the air in the bar, and from the heat of Terrence’s body so close to hers. She softly sipped Laphroaig from her glass, its smokiness combined with ice familiar and satisfying to


He looked at her reverently. The way he looked at her always made her pause. Made her aware of the moment, made her present, stained her with love. She moved closer to him, and the simple touch of his shirt against her arm scalded her with desire. She watched him sip the amber fluid–straight, no ice–thinking she would savor the taste when she kissed him.

“Josephine is Rafe’s sister’s partner. But I knew her first, she and I go way back.”

“So the bartender knows Rafe?”

Eliza realized she had not said any of the things that she knew as fact to him before. She had not thought of how they would affect Terrence.


“And you brought me here? So she can judge me? So she can see how different I am from Rafe?”

Eliza’s eyes widened, but before she could could open her mouth, Josephine answered for her.

“No, she brought you here because she is in love with you, and she wanted to show you off to me. Eliza only brings people who matter to her here.”

Josephine pulled her tie, and walked down the counter. Eliza’s eyes floated to Terrence to see if he was watching her, but he met her eyes when she looked at him.

She was quiet.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me, Eliza. I have never been like this before. I am not an insecure man, I don’t know what this is.”

She leaned in, and took his hand.

“I am here, I am always here for you. I don’t care what is going on, I am here and we will deal with it together.”

His eyes looked grateful for an instant, before he squeezed her hand and kissed it.

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