Sinful Sunday, Week 302: Patterns

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She’s Picture Perfect #FreshlyPolished Entry

This is my entry for Sex Blog of Sorts’ #freshlypolished contest–you can read the other entries on her blog. You can read my third place story “Polished,” for her prior competition here.

Marion hated her feet, and even more so, the color she was modeling for this photo shoot.She’s Picture Perfect.

The pale lilac was not quite dry on her toes, and that was what Devin wanted. 

The wet look.

Marion sulked at her feet. She was a foot model–she had perfect and insured feet. They were her meal ticket. Her feet filled glossy magazines all over the world. Her feet were featured on an independent press foot fetish magazine. She was assured that enthusiasts came all over images of her feet. 

But those feet were the bane of her existence. Marion felt like no one looked at any other part of her. She could not remember hearing that she had a nice smile, perky boobs or a great ass. Just her feet. She might as well be invisible above her feet, like that Magritte painting, The Red Model. 

“Marion, you cannot sulk like that! It will affect the picture!” Devin said looking at her. The flecks in his cornflower blue eyes, reflected the wet lilac on her toes.

“No one sees my face, it does not matter!” she said, and stuck her tongue out at him.

Devin was her favorite photographer. He teased her all the time, but he made her laugh during the shoots. He made her feel like she was more than just a set of feet. 

“Do you want me to make you?” he asked in a sinister tone.
“Make me what?”


“Oh stop it, and just take my picture!”

Marion pointed her toes like a ballerina, and looked at him. Devin caressed the center of her sole–he knew that she was ticklish there.

“Stop!” she cried.



She tried to get up, but he put his hands on her thighs.

“You cannot move and smudge the polish! You have to be picture perfect!” he taunted. 

His hands remained on her thighs, and Marion smiled despite herself. She looked up at him, and looked down immediately again at his hands. 

“I’ll stay still,” she said.

The way he had looked at her when she looked up at him, made her flush all over. Her feet even grew heated. Secretly, Marion had always had a crush on Devin. But the way that he teased her, she figured that he did not see her like that at all.

But that look, she had never seen that on him before, and the way that he made her feel just then…

“You promise?” he asked, in a husky whisper.


The breathy sound of her own voice startled her.

Devin walked away, and got behind the camera.

Marion stared down at her feet.

“Marion, look up at me…”

When she looked up, her eyes did not reach Devin’s eyes, because she saw a bulge in his pants. When she looked up at his eyes, he held the camera toward her face and looked at her in silent recognition.

“I’m sorry M, I couldn’t help it. I never lost control like this with you before…”
Marion looked again at the impressive bulge.

“What do you mean? You mean you have a foot fetish then, and my feet get you off? Don’t worry, I got fan mail from a guy who sent me a picture of my feet caked with his come…”

“No, you turn me on. All of you, I touched your thighs and you were sticking your tongue out at me and…”
“Wait,” she said, touching her throat. “You mean you think I am sexy?”

Devin stared at her.

“Are you serious? You are a bombshell, every time I take pictures of you…until today. This is the first time I lost control.”

Marion lie back on the chaise lounge she was on, and lowered her eyelids. 

“So are you just going to talk about it?”

Devin stood up, still holding his camera. No one had ever really taken a picture of her face, so she was startled when he did. But then she realized that it was just as easy to pose with all of her body for the camera. She preened for him like a total ham. She was only in a shift dress and when her dress came up over her thigh, she felt Devin’s hand where she revealed the flesh.

She had not even heard him put down his camera, had not even felt him come closer to her. Had not felt the heat of his body coming closer to her, that now made her feel like she was on fire.

Marion sat up, and with one hand on her thigh and the other on the small of her back, Devin kissed her. His soft touch ricocheted throughout her body, with the force of lava that threatened to erupt.

But she liked the heat inside.

Devin stroked the length of her legs, and she almost felt fetishized. Like he was pouring all of his attention to just that part of her body. But it felt nice, and she closed her eyes until he stopped. He got up and she watched him, his ass making her want to fetishize it framed by her lilac polished toes.

He walked over to her, and handed her his phone. 


Marion took the phone, their fingers touching and that micro touch almost sent her off the deep end. She looked at the phone, and gasped while she scrolled like he told her to.

There were pictures from every photo shoot she had ever done with Devin. Outtakes that showed more of her than her feet. Plenty of thigh, sometimes breasts, once her backside, a glimpse of her belly. 

“That one was the hardest to get because I was afraid that you would notice.”

In the picture he indicated, her obscured face was his treasure apparently. You could barely see her features, just a suggestion of them and her smile.

“I took these because I could not resist, I wanted to capture more of you.” he continued.

Marion looked up at him.

“Like homemade porn?” she said, not sure how she felt about that. She knew that men had jacked off looking at her feet, but Devin had captured much more than that.

“No! This is art, you are beautiful…but I cannot say I have not thought about you…”

“I think you have said enough…”

She pulled off her dress, and as Devin scrambled toward her, she pushed her hands out.

“First, take a picture. A good one and get my face, and then…”

Devin knelt to take the picture, moving back to get all of her. 

Marion grinned, 

“No feet.”

Wicked Wednesday #242 — Follow Your Heart

Eliza curled against Terrence, on his couch. She knew she was supposed to have called it off with him, but she could not help but follow her heart. Terrence held her close, and she felt like she was melting about him.

They were both silent because they knew how close they had come to this being over.

Them being over.

But Eliza was pretty sure that she had not had any intention of not ever being with him again, even when she told him that she was not going to be able to be with him again. That Terrencehad told her that she could not be with him again, and she followed through to tell Terrence this…but she knew…

But she wanted him, she wanted him when she walked through his door. She wanted him, when she lied and suggested that they would not be together again. Her body had melted even before Terrence touched her. And when they made love, it was the best love they had ever made.

“I am sorry…” she whispered.

Terrence cradled her breasts against his forearm, and kissed her neck.

“For what?”
Eliza closed her eyes, and pressed her body to his.

“For lying to you…I never meant a word of it. I wanted you when I got here.”

Terrence covered her in an instant, and Eliza was absolved of her sins. Her heart raced in her chest, and she followed it without abandon…

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Masturbation Monday No. 124 — Pearls of Wisdom

Nichy’s lips were swollen, and not from having been with Michelle just moments before. Her lips were swollen, and her cheeks raw from having kissed Graham. Inside she was raw from what he said to her.

He had never been so vulnerable with her before. Since he had found her again, first he was intimidating. He slowly re-introduced her to the sensual passion that she had never been able to forget that they shared. But it had never felt like he loved her, it had never felt like he wanted to be with her.

She lie on her side in the back of the car that she had taken, as he had whispered in her ear before she left that he did not want a real stalker to grab her. Her hand was between her thighs. She had not let him this time, even though she knew that he would have fucked her in the alley, and she would have loved it. Just where he had pressed himself against her was burning between her legs, and made her sigh, wondering if she should have let him.

With the driver’s eyes on the road, she placed her hand on the triangle just below her belly. Just the tip of her belly was charged with arousal. Nichy let her hand rest there, when she pressed softly she felt vulnerable and really wished she had let Graham… If at any time she should have had sex with him, this should have been the time when he was being open with her. When he was being emotional which he rarely was. He held her close, after they kissed, and he understood that she was not going to let him. He placed his hand on the small of her back, and kissed her temple as they waited for her car to come.

“I will always find you…” he said.

Nichy closed her eyes, and let her fingers caress the very tip of her lips through her dress. She could feel her hair there, and closed her eyes as her fingers grazed the edge of her clit.

She ached for Graham, and she was overwhelmed that he made her feel like this every time. But she knew that she had made the right decision not letting him in the alley.

Michelle was such a distant thought now, and when Nichy opened her eyes she saw her apartment building. She knew Tyler was there. Knew she wanted to lie beside him, and knew that he made her happier than anyone ever had because he had never withheld his feelings about anything.

But she could not say that even still, and probably forever, Graham would have that pull. She gasped when she realized she could feel the dampness between her legs where it had not been damp before.

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Sinful Sunday, Week 301: Smoke and Mirrors

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Wicked Wednesday #241 — Anticipation

Anticipation filled Eliza, as she pressed her body closer against Terrence’s. His fingers still dug into her flesh, but there was trepidation there as well. She could not say a thing because she knew that she had put it there—the fear—so she let herself be soft under his touch. That was her true penance, not what he had indicated before.

Terrence let his hands rest on her hips, and placed his lips on her neck. Eliza remained soft and pliant underneath him. The sweetness about what might happen between them was so saccharine, that it made her teeth hurt almost.

When he kissed her lips, it was the sweetest kiss she had ever had. It was almost the sweetest anything she had ever had because she had had a lot of kisses that had been amazing, but with Terrence there was a difference in expectation. Eliza did not anticipate anything with him, but what happened with them in the moment. In the moment like now, he kissed her and she felt the tip of her vulva dampen like a fiery volcano. When he kissed her she forgot where she was, and did not care where she was in fact.

Except with him.

Their bodies pressed together with such fierce desire that she was sure there was smoke if you looked close enough, between their pelvic bones rubbing like sticks for fire. She looked up at him, and he looked at her for the briefest moment before he kissed her almost unconscious along her neck. Eliza bit the tip of her tongue from the sweetness of his breath, and the sensation of his warm skin.

The anticipation so great, it burst within her. All she thought of right then was the moment, and Terrence.

Terrence like God.

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Masturbation Monday No. 123

All Nichy could hear was the click of her heels down the alley, and the Nina Simone song in her head, “I Put A Spell On You…”

The sound of her heels was heavy, before she looked down at her phone to see where her car was.

When she felt a tightness on her wrist, at first she thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome. But then she realized her hand was being held away from her.

She looked up, and she was not even surprised.


“You are insatiable darling Nichy, just insatiable…”

Nichy did not know how much more of this she could take. It seemed that she could not escape from him, there was no point of her life that he was not part of. He shared every intimacy.

“My favorite neighborhood stalker,” she said darkly.

Graham squeezed her hand tighter, and she looked up at him again. She immediately knew that she should not have taunted him. He had the ability to follow her like the antagonist in A Long, Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott—all over the world and back again.

When she looked in his eyes, she felt like he had put a spell on her. She swallowed, her lips dry before Graham spit on them. He licked his saliva from her lips and kissed her, kissed her like he had been the one who was parched. He kissed her—they kissed—until he pulled away panting and looked in her eyes.

“You make me chase you, I will chase you for the rest of my life if that is the only way…”

Nichy looked at him, and swallowed.

“Only way what?”

Graham stared at her angrily, as if she knew and was making him stated the obvious which he hated to do. He pushed her back, and a stray cat or large rat ran past them. She only knew she heard the scuffle as it did. Face to face, Graham stared at her for a long time before he said anything.

“If it is the only way I can be with you…”
Nichy relaxed against the brick, and felt the cool metal of the trash can she bumped into as they kissed again. She simpered before she fell into a deep kiss with him, made all the hotter because she knew that he knew that she had been with Michelle.

And that she was heading to Tyler.

But his kiss was something she could never resist, and she was pretty sure it was fatal. Fatal, as he pulled her leg up over his, and ground against her making his desire an open secret.

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Sinful Sunday, Week 300!!!–Le Boudoir

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Wicked Wednesday #240 — New Start 

“It is a a new start for us, for Rafe and me…” Eliza said, looking at Terrence.Terrence frowned as he studied her, but he said nothing.

“I never told Rafe about you, but he figured out there was someone and told me it cannot go on. I broke up with him for not telling me about being with someone!”

“So you want to end this? You want to end me?” Terrence exclaimed.

Eliza was breathless all of a sudden. She did not want to end it, to end Terrence. But she felt she had to because she had not told Rafe about him first.

Because she had kept Terrence a secret, it was like he was her dirty little secret.

“You want to push me aside like a dirty little secret…”

“Stop reading my mind!” Eliza screamed, and started to shake. “Stop reading my mind!”

Terrence placed his hands on her shoulders to calm her. She did not feel calm, and was happy he was there to relax her. “In Paris, you sensed my inner turmoil, and you said all of the things that I needed to hear and that..

“That was why you made love with me? It was all my fault? I seduced you?”

Eliza tensed under his touch, and looked in his eyes.

“I wanted to be seduced.”

“And this, this between us has been nothing more than sex? Sex you want to sweep to the side, so that you can have your happy engagement back and a pure heart for your fiancé?”


His fingers dug into her shoulders, not with anger but desperation. They both knew there was nothing true about what he said. She put her hands over his.

“This is like your penance.”


He looked into her eyes, and she was immediately contrite for everything.

She did not want to lose him.
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Masturbation Monday No. 122

Nichy followed Michelle to her apartment. She made it sound to Renee and Theodora, as if she was doing so because she was only trying to be nice to Michelle. Renee looked at her for a long time, and Nichy was sure that Renee suspected something but said nothing.“Say hi to Gavin for me,” Nichy said, and wondered if that seemed cold after.

“I will,” Renee said, and kissed her cheek.

Michelle opened her door, and Nichy gasped.

The futuristic design of the apartment looked like something from the future.

“This is something!” Nichy exclaimed.

Michelle turned around and smiled. 

“I had it designed by an ex, he was an architect, There was something not quite so accessible about him, but he was able to do this for me.”

Michelle walked around in her apartment which looked a fishbowl. Everything was rounded, much like Michelle. Michelle turned to look at her.

“Are you going to stand there all night? Are you playing hard to get again?” Michelle asked.

Nichy walked over to Michelle, and Michelle laughed.

“You are so pretty, I would play any game you like Nichy. As long as I get you in the end…”

Nichy stared at Michelle’s lips, with freshly applied lipstick. She did not even realize when they kissed. Michelle’s lips were soft and hungry, which was a potent aphrodisiac. Michelle pulled her close, and Nichy felt molded to her curves.

“I do not think that I need to offer you anything to drink, so what can I offer you Nichy? Sometimes, I wish life could be like a story that I write.”

“What do you write?”

“Hmmm,” Michelle hummed, and Nichy felt the vibration of it through her body because they were so close. “Speculative fiction, and when I write sex scenes they are out of this world!”

Nichy caressed Michelle, she did not think about it. Her hands savored the softness of her curves, and all the things that she had wanted to touch all night. Had Tyler felt the same way? She was unable to determine if she really wanted Michelle, or if she wanted to experience what Tyler had. Wanted to know what he had felt, and what Michelle was like that was so different than her. Nichy knew that he loved her and she loved him, and she had forgiven him but her curiosity was still there.

And he could not get mad at her because he had done it. But she had been with Graham, so who was she to point fingers?

What fingers were there to point, when she and Michelle began to rub up against each other. Michelle was rounded against the wall, and Nichy rubbed noses with her. When she placed her hand on Michelle’s hips, Michelle bucked them and placed her hands over hers.

It was like deja vu that she could not share with Michelle, instead of being called Michelle, she whimpered Michelle’s name over and over as they made love. She saw their naked bodies overhead above Michelle’s bed, which reflected their slithering sixty-nine position. Her eyes were dazed between Michelle’s thighs, and she wondered if this was something she had done with Tyler.

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