Wicked Wednesday #217 — Sunburn

Eliza slathered sunscreen on herself to prevent sunburn, even though she was under a tent at the beach. Margaux was always polite when she was around her, but Eliza knew that she was staring at her. At her face, at her body, at the ring on her finger…

Her engagement ring was beautiful, it was often ogled and she was proud that people did so. Both she and Rafe idly caressed the ring when they sat side by side. It was never off of her hand since he proposed to her, except when she was doing extensive washing…or the time that they broke up. It was the first thing that he returned to her when they reconciled. It warmed the base of her finger when she it back on.

And she barely took it off since.

Margaux looked at the ring, and at Eliza’s thigh where her ring was on display. Eliza caressed her leg, and smiled at Margaux.

“Glad that you could come out today to the beach with us.”

“My pleasure,” Margaux cooed.

Rafe walked over to them, with a smile on his face, and glasses of champagne. He handed a glass to Eliza, and then to Margaux. Margaux smiled softly, and Eliza looked down at her own phone where she had just received a text from Oscar. If he had been in town, she would have invited him. That was why Margaux was here, to get closer to her because Rafe was seeing her and did not want either of them to feel awkward.

“Thank you,” Eliza said, before she took a sip of champagne.

“Thank you,” Margaux parroted her.

In a surprising move, Margaux rested her head on Eliza’s feet and Eliza could not help but caress her head. Could not help but to run her hands through her Margaux’s hair…

Rafe looked down at them with a smile, and Eliza smiled up at him.

While she one-handedly texted Oscar.

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Masturbation Monday No. 99

Nichy’s leg was over the edge of her MacBook, as she e-mailed her boss from bed that she was going to be late. Naked on the bed, she felt aroused beyond belief.

She hoped that she would make it to work…

After she wrote the e-mail, her fingers drifted from the keyboard, to between her legs and she started to tap her labia the same way she had typed her e-mail. If she had been a man, she was sure that she would have woken up with an erection. She woke up so aroused, and she could still feel what had happened between her and Graham.

She did not look for him beside her, that was not something that he liked to do. Except when they were living together, otherwise it was like he did not wake with her out of spite.

But she could still feel him, she slipped her finger inside of her and touched the parts where she could still feel him and her body went stiff. Immediately, she had to use two hands so she could fuck herself. Touching the path of his entry inside her was surreal, it was like her fingers were his shaft moving inside her all over again. Nichy pinched and stroked her clit to tease herself, but her fingers inside her were just as aggressive as Graham would have been.

Nichy kicked her MacBook to the side, as she semi-reclined on the bed. Her body curled in response to what she was doing to herself. She heard heavy moans and whispers of words she barely used, as she made herself come. Her fingers were almost too wet for her to get the right grip, but finally she did and she kicked her MacBook, as she pressed her fingers between her legs where she vibrated.

A sudden sound, made her shove her fingers deeper inside her before she looked up.


Graham stood by the door, and she wondered if he had seen her try to do to herself, what he had done to her?

What he could do to her…

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Sinful Sunday, Week 276: Pluck


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Friday Flash No. 6 — Leaving an Italian Restaurant

All Claudia remembered when they were leaving the Italian restaurant, was her bare shoulder bumping against the photograph by the exit. Victor released her hand, after he had kissed the curve of her neck and she pulled away from him drunk on his lips and amaretto margaritas.

Right into the photograph.

When she sucked on her lip, she could taste amaretto. Before she released her lip, Victor’s lips were on hers. Claudia threw her head back when their lips parted, gasping wildly. He had pulled her into the nearby alleyway, pulled her leg up on his and with his support of her leg, she ground against him.

They both looked around the alleyway surreptitiously. In the restaurant, by the window, they had conspiratorially whispered dramatizations of exploring their lust there. Claudia had suggested her bare feet on the cobblestone. Victor suggested with her leg up over his, so he could spread her wider…

…now her leg was up over his, and her shoe fell off. The sound of it made her clit twitch. Only with Victor could she be out in a semi-private alleyway—only hidden by a huge trash bin—and feel overrun with lust.

There was a scurry beneath them, but Claudia could not look down when Victor was inside her. He had slipped into her, and let go of her leg so she wobbled. Her bare foot was on the ground to balance her, when he directed their lovemaking. There was a sting on her shoulder, which she realized was a cut from the picture she had bumped against. Victor lifted her onto the garbage bin, and re-entered her with renewed vigor.

“I couldn’t wait to be with you like this,” he whispered, as he thrust in and out of her.

“I know,” she cried, before they kissed again. “I would not have made it home without this…without having you inside me…”

A broad light fell on them, they both covered their eyes.

“Scusi,” said the startled worker who threw out the restaurant’s trash, and quickly shut the door.

Claudia and Victor quickly found their release, and left the alleyway. She rubbed her shoulder, as they came back to the front of the restaurant and she saw the picture by the exit illuminated in yellow light.

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Wicked Wednesday #216 — If There’s No Way…

If there’s no way we can be together, thenMargaux thought to herself.

If there was no way that she could be with Rafe, why did she keep finding herself with him? It was so random to find him in Times Square, but she did. She always found him.

They had gone back to his office, they barely even agreed upon it. It was either go there, or they were going to have sex in the back of his car. Not that Rafe would have minded having sex in the back of the car, it was more for her why they went to his office. For her modesty…the driver would wait for them downstairs.

And he would know…

For the first time ever, Margaux saw her reflection in the window of his dim office, and really saw how much she looked like Myrna Loy. At least her silhouette. Rafe pulled her by the hair to draw her to him, and she whimpered. She wanted him so much, had wanted him so much. She stayed away from him because she was so afraid of this…Afraid of abandoning her good sense so that she could be with him.


Afraid of being bare-assed on his desk top with his floor to ceiling glass windows, even in the dark. Because someone in one of the tall residential buildings across the way, would be able to make out that it was her bare ass. That her legs stretched apart were not wings, but her opening to desire.

Rafe pulled her dress up over her head, and naked she moved with him. She wrapped her legs about him, and he moved more into her. It was not completely dark in his office because of the light outside and around the it. Margaux had not even asked him if anyone was still there working. At this point, she did not care, as she felt herself stick to a piece of paper under her. It was drenched with her wetness.

When his lips were not on hers, she parted them like a fish—for breath, as a silent mantra or something she did not know how to define. Rafe placed his lips over hers like a matching fish, and she had giggled.

She was not giggling now—she was in love, and it was not a laughing matter…

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Masturbation Monday No. 98

Nichy woke up, choked softly on the scent of rose geranium on her fingers, and her own scent on her lips. She could taste herself as if she had kissed her labia herself, instead of Graham. Graham who she had apparently fallen asleep on, and he ran his hands through her hair absently. But with Graham, nothing was ever an accident.She jerked up, and he grabbed her hair like a rein.

“What?” he barked.

She shook her head, and covered her mouth as she coughed.


“Sit on my lap…” he cooed. 

Nichy stared at him, her mouth agape. The next thing she knew, he tenderly pulled her up onto his lap. She curled into his lap, and buried her face in his neck. Graham caressed her bottom, and kissed her. Nichy looked up at him, and rubbed her bottom against his thighs. He was already getting hard, and her rubbing made steel of him.

“Nichy, I need to be inside you…Nichy…”

She needed him inside her, it felt so good and familiar on his lap. Grinding her backside into his thighs, Graham slapped one of her cheeks to still her. He pushed her pants down without any finesse, while he sucked on her neck. In contrast, he lifted her hips, and thrust into her at an angle that he knew would drive her crazy.

Except he did not move, she felt her lip tremble but knew better than to move. Nichy knew better than to make a sound. Graham caressed her bare backside, and she was so aroused she could have come from that.

But she knew better.

It seemed like forever in the dark, him inside her but not moving. Nichy was perfectly still, waiting for Graham.

To move.

When he did, it felt like he was trying to destroy her, he was so rough with her. 

She wanted him to be.

Nichy straddled him, the tips of her toes on the floor as she rode him. She drove herself into him until it hurt. It had to hurt for her, or else he had not touched her. When she arched her back, she saw her face like an upside animal in heat. She felt the sweat at her temples and between her breasts, she ground into him all the more.

She needed to feel him destroy her.

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Sinful Sunday, Week 275:  Underwater

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Wicked Wednesday #215 — Night World

Rafe liked New York at night, he stepped into the sultry city night and into a cool car to take him…wherever he wanted to go…It was in the middle of Times Square, it looking like a carnival at almost midnight, that he saw Margaux.


Margaux not waiting for him, on her own and probably not even thinking about him.

He watched her for several blocks, unsure how to approach her. They had not stopped seeing each other, but it was strained between them and he knew that was for a lot of reasons.

But now she was the queen of the night world, and he was bedazzled. He stuck his head out of the car window. When she saw him, her lips parted, and she looked at him wistfully.

Rafe told his driver to stop, and he got out of the car. He wrapped one arm about Margaux’s waist and pulled her into the car. 

“This only happens in romantic movies.” she grinned, staring at him no less dazzled.

“Well you look like a movie star.” he said, as she caressed her e-cigarette. “A French one.”

Margaux grinned even though he could tell she did not want to, and Times Square swirled around them.

“Now tell me, where are we going?” Rafe said, watching lights bounce off of her.
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Masturbation Monday No. 97

Nichy flicked her clit with her finger, while Graham lie beside her on the couch. She could still feel his tongue on her clit, and everything around it. He liked to give her head as much as she had liked giving him head. Her finger moved in the same way that his tongue had, somewhere between consciously and unconsciously. His scent and her fingers moving over her clit, was almost like the real thing. Tears moved down her cheeks, as she thought about the things that he said to her between his fierce licks.”Oh you taste so sweet, you must taste sweet with all of the people who cannot stop licking your cunt…”

Nichy gripped the edge of the couch when he said that.

“Do you watch me when I am fucking other people? How do you know what people think about my–”

He looked up at her, and his expression was soft but she knew he was about to deliver the coup d’etat.

“I have seen you Nichy, you know I watch you and you know that no matter where you seek it? No one does it better than me…no one knows your body or your basest thoughts like I do–”

Nichy came when he said that, she held his shoulders and pulled him into her. There was a reflection of them in the window, and that made her pulse even more between her legs. It felt so good to her in a twisted way to know that he watched her, but it was even sexier for her to see him eat her out and know that he could not see himself.

She had all of the power.

After their interlude, Graham clutched her thighs, and curled up on her couch. He fell asleep, and she was startled that he felt that at ease to fall asleep with her. He had found her after she had run away from him, and she did not know what he wanted. He did not want her, he could not want her after all of this time and all that had happened. But he still wanted to touch her, to taste her…he had not fucked her for a long time and she pulsed thinking about him fucking her.

Her temples were damp with sweat, and her clit was slick with desire. It was a foreign and familiar sensation with him…

Nichy gasped, when he grabbed her thigh. He touched her so hard, that she knew there would be a bruise there. She sighed, and pressed the leaves of her rose geranium plant between her fingers needing its fragrance to calm her…

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Sinful Sunday, Week 274: Serpent

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