Friday Flash No. 15 — Tarot Reading/KOTW May 16-31 — Crawling

Her skin snagged along the floor, as she crawled toward him. She looked down to see if she had cut herself, and heard him undo his belt which made her clit so thick it was almost hard to crawl.

Almost, she would get to him, she needed him.

She had cut herself, the moisture of small blood beneath her did not end her progression forward.

Toward him.

Biting her lip, she licked them because they were parched. She had not had time to ready herself for love, but crawled toward him nonetheless. Parking herself in front of him, she looked up into his eyes for a nanosecond, her eye caught the shininess of his undone belt buckle.

But she eyed his throat, eyed the smooth skin there and her tongue leaped out like a lizard. She studied his throat like artwork, admired it and gave into her vulnerability with him.

Her vulnerability was what made him different, she allowed herself to be vulnerable with him. With their love, with their life.

Resting her head on his knee, she kissed the inside of his thigh. She loved his places like that, the parts of him that ached when his hot spots were loved.

“Look up at me,” he said, and she still studied his throat, desperate to love that bit of him. On her knees, she kissed the inside of this thighs and dryly cried for love as he pulled her closer.

The tarot cards on the table, had indicated there would be love…the gauzy fairies on her deck murmured love…

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Masturbation Monday No. 142 — Clouds

Carole looked at Nichy, and Nichy smiled.

She knew what Carole saw.

“Girl, you look fucked!” Carole declared.

Nichy put down her purse on top of her suitcase, and put her hand on her hip.

“Well, because that was what I have been doing…” Nichy stared at her friend.

Are we going to do another show for Drew on the airplane?”

Nichy adjusted her sunglasses and smiled.

She and Carole had made out on a plane to impress Drew, but now she wanted him and her to be much more of a secret.

Looking around at the planes about her, she stared at a cloud and thought about how into Drew she was. How she never wanted to be out of his arms. Her skin ached for his warmth when they were not close together. Inside of her felt like ice, because he was not inside of her.

The clouds moved further and further apart symbolically, like Drew and her.

“Nichy? Are you okay?”

Nichy looked at Carole with a glazed over expression. She almost could not see her friend, as her eyes dampened with tears.

“Yeah, I am good.”

“You’re in love with Drew, aren’t you?”

Nichy knew that she was in love with him, even though she tried to be casual about him. She had been with Gavin, Renee, Tyler, Graham and Michelle almost to the point that it felt incestuous. But with Drew, it was so unexpected. To be in London, and meet him at a bar. Go home with him, and have him blow her mind.

She was cold inside, and ached for him hot and hard either in her mouth or between her legs. They had been in bed moments ago practically. That was why she looked fucked. She was still sore from him riding her so hard, her skin raw from his kisses all over her body, her dress sticking to her from the combination of their fluids.

She had had to put her dress on right after they had had sex, because she could not miss her flight.

“You could, you could and I would pay for you to go back another day…” Drew said kissing her neck, and he knew that was like kissing her labia.

“I have to catch my flight…” she protested softly.

He watched her pull her dress over her head.

“I am keeping these,” he said picking up her thong, and sucking on the string.

He drove her and they were silent mostly. The one time they did talk, they pulled over and she sat on his lap.

Craving his heat.

Now she was cold inside, and in love as the clouds rolled by…

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Why Don’t We Talk More About Masturbation With Kayla Lords?!

Thanks to my soul sister, Leonora (who I refer to as f-dot in my head), for giving me space to ramble about something that’s been on my mind for a while.

Why don’t we talk about masturbation more often? Most of us do it – and frequently. We’ve got toys for it. There’s an entire month to celebrate it (May is Masturbation Month, if you hadn’t heard). I know erotic authors who can write the most hard core, dirtiest, kinkiest, questionable consent story but get a little weirded out when writing about masturbation. Some people don’t even want to say the word! (Okay, I kind of can’t blame anyone for that – it’s kind of a weird word and doesn’t exactly make you think of moaning or screaming orgasms and sexual pleasure.)

Should we introduce ourselves to new people by saying, “Hi, I’m Kayla, and I masturbated before work today”? Probably not. Especially if you’re shaking hands. Awwwwk-waaaard.

But in the online world where many of us have fake accounts and pseudonyms, and we talk about how we want to fuck and be fucked – we don’t talk about masturbation. I say no more!

We need to celebrate masturbation! Flaunt it! Revel in our ability to find pleasure with our hand and maybe a toy.

It’s not cheating when you’re in a relationship. It’s also not gross, yuck, or a “betrayal” as I once heard it referred to. Masturbation is natural and healthy.


Think of all the lies we were told about masturbation back in the day – hairy palms, blindness, no one does it. Fuck that! Everyone does it. And until we admit we masturbate and celebrate it a little more, we’re all going to hide our vibrators or Fleshlights (for the penis-havers out there) like they’re a dirty secret.


I say, “No more! I’m not afraid!”


My name is Kayla Lords, and I love to masturbate. I make myself come so fucking good the neighbors need a smoke when I’m done. I have too many sex toys and not enough cords or batteries, and I like it that way! Except I wish I had more batteries!


Not ready to make that declaration? That’s okay. Stick around with Leonora and I long enough, and you will.


If you want to celebrate masturbation with me a little more, join me and my smutty writer friends over at Masturbation Monday each week. The stories are either all about masturbation or so hot you’ll want to touch yourself, so either way, you win! Visit in May, and you can enter weekly giveaways for sex toys to make your next wank even more exciting.

Wicked Wednesday #259 — Space

Walking back to Terrence, after Severine called her out, Eliza could tell by the way he looked at her that she looked like the cat who had licked the cream. She did not totter, but felt like an astronaut in outer space trying to make sense of gravity. Her emotions swirled about her.Terrence stood up as she approached, and placed his hand on her hip as she sat next to him. The table was still filled with bottles of wine, and the delicious food that Gio had prepared. Gio joked he wanted Severine to eat for two.

Severine stood up, and pregnant, she looked more voluptuous than she had before. She adjusted her shades in her hair, and smiled,

“He just wants my breasts bigger!”

Eliza smiled at Severine, as Gio pulled her close to him.

Terrence placed his hand on her thigh, and Eliza looked down at his hand on her lap. Eliza placed her hand over, and into his.

Her hand remained in his, as they made love much later in Severine’s guest bedroom. They held hands, as if they made a human knot. After they made love, Eliza curled her body against his, held his hand tighter and kissed his shoulder blade.

“Sev–” she started, then realized that Terrence might not be awake.

“What?” he asked groggily.

She started to tell him how Severine had said that she could tell that she was in love with him.

“Sev looks lovely.”

“She is…she is…” Terrence said, and squeezed her hand. “She is in love and happy.”

Eliza knew that she was in love with Terrence, but it was still so precious to her that she could barely tell him.

Only show it with her body spread, and her eyes wide…

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Masturbation Monday No. 141 — Black Hole


Drew’s name was sweet on her lips. The taste of his mouth, the taste of his shoulder as she bit into it…In bed with him, she had an oral fixation. Nichy needed to lick and nibble on him, while they made love. Drew groaned softly, and let her lick and bite his chest and back. Even after love, she could not stop touching him with her mouth and hands.

She could taste him on her lips and fingers after when she went to the bathroom, and it made her want him all over again. Her fingers went from her mouth, to her labia and she could smell their scents mingle.

Her finger damp from her saliva, pee and come, she rubbed over her nipple sweetly and her body was electric with need for him all over again. She was on the edge of the toilet rubbing her nipple, when Drew walked into the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a hoarse British accent, and rubbed his face.

He rubbed his face, before his hand covered hers and he rubbed her nipple.

Nichy almost came over the toilet. Touching her nipple was enough to get her there, and the scent of Drew and her own arousal was too much. She closed her eyes, and felt like she going to black out. Like she was in a black hole with pleasure, she felt Drew hold her arms and she reached for him. She opened her eyes to lick and nipple at his stomach. He got hard as hell when she played with her fingers and mouth around his cock–without touching it. That was what he said with his accent, that made her close her eyes again as she entered a black hole of pleasure all over again…

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Guest Blogger Tom Starling Serves Us Back to Front

I have been admiring Tom Starling on Twitter forever! His pictures are soooo sexy, but their edge is that they always tell a story…so I asked him to tell me a story…


Back to Front

They almost came at the same time. But not quite.

When he let go he sighed and released three short bursts of come onto her face.

The first shot landed on her right cheek, and slid down her face. The second fell across her bright red lips, and ran down her chin and started to collect in a large droplet. The third went lower, and landed on her pretty collarbone and a silver chain that her parents had given her on her 18th birthday.

She was on her knees, and had three fingers inside her cunt. She had thought she might not come, but his ejaculation had made her feel defiled and foolish. The orgasm came like a giant wave in slow motion.

She pushed her fingers to the back of her cunt, to the place that she knew best. She arched her back, and felt the heat rise in her. The come hanging from her chin fell onto her right tit, and she knew what she was. The orgasm started in her sore, wet pussy but flew to every corner of her body. She felt it on the tips of her teeth. She felt it at the end of her fingernails. She shuddered and muttered the word “fuck” three times, before collapsing on the floor and trembling like a hurt animal.

She felt more of his come fall onto her bare legs.

“Get out. Leave,” he said.

She wasn’t at all sure if she could remember his name. She managed to prop herself up onto one elbow, and went to wipe some of his mess from her face.

“Leave it there,” he said. “Don’t clean your face until you get home.”

She wasn’t at all sure if she even liked him. That made it better.

Her shoes were still on; black high-heeled shoe boots. She found her shorts. They were damp, and smelt of her wetness. They were too small, and made her butt look big. She found her t-shirt. She didn’t need a bra. She didn’t need too. She had small tits that stayed up on their own. They drove men wild.

She could see he was getting hard again. She left without speaking.
Come never stayed warm for long. It was cold by the time she got outside on the street. It rarely looked white and gloopy like in the porn films either. His spunk was largely clear, and starting to dry. Nonetheless, if you were to take a look directly at her face, you would see it. Spunk on her cheek. Spunk on her lips and chin. Spunk on her neck and collarbone.

She knew what she was.

She wanted people to notice, she wanted people to know.

She saw a black girl with a big arse in tight ripped jeans. She hoped the girl would see the come on her face, and know that she was slut. She wanted the girl to take her home, and sit on her face. She wanted the girl’s cunt juice to mix with the man’s come, and smear her make up. She wanted to taste the girl’s arse.

She saw a fat old man. He was old enough to be her granddad. She imagined walking him down a side street, and making his dick big and swollen. She imagined what it would feel like to swallow him down, and then ask him to bring four more of his friends to her because she hadn’t tasted enough.

She saw three boys coming out of a chicken shop. She imagined going up to them and telling them that she had the come of a total stranger on her face, and she wondered if they could do the same to her. She wanted them to fuck her face while they ate their chicken.

She got back home to her house. She made herself come with her fingers while she looked at her face in the mirror.

She knew what she was.

She was powerful. She was fearless. She was always in control.



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Wicked Wednesdsay #258 — Long Lost Friends

Eliza was more deceptive about Terrence than she was about anything else. Even with Oscar, she had been more forthcoming in a way. But going to Paris with him, and going to see Severine and her new husband was something she had not expected doing. 

Or lying about to Rafe.

It was odd how close she had gotten to Severine, considering that Severine was how she found out that Rafe had been seeing other women before they opened their relationship. 

Sev and Rafe were still close, but her marriage and pregnancy were things that she was keeping secret from him for the moment.

“It was like making a cake,” Severine said, in her very French accent. “We met, and it was love and marriage and bebe almost instantly!”

Severine’s husband was very doting. Gio was attentive, and could not keep his hands off of his wife. Severine was gorgeous, but pregnancy emphasized all of her curves and made her even more beautiful. She was radiant, and it made Eliza yearn for things she had never yearned for before.

It was startling to her, when she and Severine were alone, when Severine told her she looked radiant.

“You’re in love with Terrence.”

Eliza felt herself flood with heat.

Througout dinner, she had been as close as she could physically be to Terrence. They held hands for the entire time, and Eliza realized that Terrence had been as attentive to her as Gio had been to Severine.

“I do love him.” she confided.

“No, I said in love. You are in love with him. You love me, but you are not in love with me. Does Rafe know?”

Eliza thought Rafe definitely knew. Her secret was safe with Severine, but she was not safe from it. Her eyes were on Terrence even then, unable to look away from him.

To look away from him was to be without the sun…
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Masturbation Monday No. 140 — Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Nichy gasped, between her legs still felt like Drew had a death grip between them. She could still his fingers inside her. She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. Her body pulsated with Drew, even though he was not touching her. She looked up into his eyes, she could not see them in his pitch black shades, but he still made her shiver all over.

He pulled her by her arms, almost enough to hurt but he did not hurt her. She knew he would never hurt her for real. He kissed her carefully, and she wrapped her arms about his neck. Pressing herself to him, Nichy rubbed her cheek against his chest and looked up into his eyes.

They looked at each other for a long time, her lips parted, but there was nothing to say. Nichy raised her parted lips to his, and he pulled her close. Smoke enveloped her, as he kissed her and his cigarette was sweet on his mouth. His cigarette, and the whiskey he had been drinking were so sweet. They were not quite drunk, but more than tipsy. Nichy almost slipped until he wrapped his arm about her waist, and pulled her close to him.

She looked up into his eyes, looking so hard for them again that she could not see behind his black shades. Smoke circled her, circled them as they kissed and he grabbed her ass. He held one cheek so hard in his hand, and she wrapped her arms about his neck again. Her body covered his like a shield. Hiding his desire–their desire–on a smoke-filled London street corner, and when she pulled her lips away from his she wondered how many times she would fall in love with him…
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Wicked Wednesday #257 — The Arrest

Eliza lingered over her drink at the table. Terrence touched her hand, and smiled.”Lila has been anxious ever since the arrest of one of our former executives for lining his pockets. I am not sure she must have seen us…” she started, looking at Terence. “She must have seen us together.”

“Getting involved with a colleague is not the same thing as stealing company money. No one gets arrested for that Eliza. She just, it just means we do not work together anymore. I already have a few interviews lined up.”

“You do?”

Terrence nodded, and she looked at him with tenderness. She wanted him to not have to worry about work. He held her hands, and looked in her eyes.

“I am thinking about you now Eliza. I can always get another job, but I cannot get another you…”

Eliza wished they had rented a hotel room, instead of coming to the restaurant.

“I need you,” she whispered, getting up.

“No lunch?”

She looked down at him, and pulled her hand from his even though he did not want to let it go. Looking into his eyes for a long second, before she walked away from the table and sauntered toward the restrooms.

Inside the tiny single bathroom that smelled like bluebells, she saw her face. A hybrid of pain and desire that she was frightened of.

And then Terrence came in behind her.

“How did you know which one I was in–” she started.

He clutched her breasts, and kissed the inside of her neck. Eliza held his hands on her breasts and closed her eyes, her head rolling in response to his kisses.When she opened her eyes, she saw their reflection in the mirror as a selfie she was not going to take.

And it was arresting.
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Masturbation Monday No. 139 — Surreal

Carole made Nichy an offer she could not refuse…

Nichy was going to London for the weekend, and she did not even have to pay for the airfare because her last trip had afforded her the frequent flyer miles that she needed.

So Drew.

This airplane flight did not involve any shenanigans between her and Carole.

Nichy collapsed onto her Carole’s guest bed as soon as she got there. She was tired, and a mess.

But Drew.

She texted him, what was he doing that night.

Hopefully me?

If you were in London lass…

Nichy paused before she texted him.

I were, I mean I AM in London…

Later sprawled under Drew, it was almost nicer than sex, to have his body curled over hers when they had been an ocean apart. But Drew looked like he did when they sexted, except now it looked like insert her in his mirror.

High on his scent, Nichy practically dissolved under him. She did not want to move, because she was afraid she would wake up…

Even though she knew it was not a dream.

They were together, but it felt surreal. Sex between them was always like life and death. Her eyes fell on a Max Ernst print in Drew’s bedroom. She discovered how much he loved art when they were in Paris. His bedroom was filled with prints, and she felt like she was in a museum. Of art, and because of what happened between them on display for private consumption.

They knew what happened between them…

The prints knew, and the mirror knew.

His hand between her legs, clutched her sex for either life or death. She was breathless, as she heard how wet she was as he played with her. Nichy remained still because she did not want him to lose the spot where she was about to burst.

Nichy closed her eyes, and ignored the elephant in the room—the one on the Ernst print, and any others.

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