Wicked Wednesday #252 — Recollection

When Eliza went home, she wanted to decompress and forget about the day. Her recollection was  too fresh, as she closed her eyes and put her hand to her head.


She looked at Rafe, and could tell that he was very concerned for her. Opening her eyes wide, she smiled at him.

“Just a long day,” she smiled wanly. She knew her smile was weak, but that Rafe would let it go if she smiled at all.

“Poor baby,” he said, and wrapped his arms about her. Her ring was snagged in his shirt, and she pulled it away delicately.

“I’m okay,” she said, her head resting on his chest.

Eliza always felt so safe with Rafe.

He tilted her chin up at his face, and she closed her eyes as he pressed his slanted lips across hers.

She saw Terrence then in her recollect, she saw him when she went back into his office. Terrence had smiled at first when she walked in, but the tight way she pressed her lips together surely let him know it was not a visit for pleasure.

Eliza sunk more into Rafe’s kiss, to soothe herself. To make her forget the look on Terrence’s face when she let him go. She had not been able to say anything else, to him because he had grabbed his personal belongings, and walked around her out of the door of what had been his office.

She closed her eyes, and kissed Rafe deeper, wanting to forget everything but his kiss and his comfort.

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Masturbation Monday No. 134

Nichy was still lost in her thoughts, as she stared absently outside of the airplane. Carole returned to her seat beside Nichy on the aisle.”Nichy,” Carole whispered loudly. “I changed in the bathroom, I put on the new bra I got in Paris.”

Nichy was quiet, she had not gone to Paris with Carole. She had been with Drew, but it was nice now to be with her friend, who after she had met Drew…she had barely had enough time with…

“Instant gratification.” Nichy quipped.

“Come, you have to just touch the strap…”

“Carole!” Nichy exclaimed, in a loud whisper.

“Come on! You have to touch it, I almost got one for you in Paris but was not sure…touch me!”

Carole swayed in her seat, and hummed the melody to “Touch Me” by the Doors.

Lulled by Carole’s singing, Nichy did touch her bra. It was the softest lace, and felt like butter. 

Carole moaned softly. 

“Feels nice, right?” she asked her.

Nichy nodded even though Carole could not see her because her eyes were closed.

Carole kept swaying in her seat, and Nichy clutched the strap of her bra like a rein.

Was it an accident, or did she touch Carole’s breast of her own volition? Or was it with Carole’s help, since Carole’s hand was on top of hers?

Drew had said that he wanted to see the two of them get it on, and they had not. 

But now, Nichy caressed Carole’s friend absently, loving the sweetness of Carole’s soft breast.

She had left New York, but she had not left the entanglements of desire that always seemed to web around her.

“Do you want to touch my pussy like that?” Carole moaned into her ear.

Nichy continued to caress her friend’s breast, as her whisper scalded her cheek.
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Sinful Sunday, Week 311 — Gelato

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Wicked Wednesday #251 — Necessary

When Eliza closed the door to Terrence’s office, Lila was standing outside of the door in the hallway. She almost gasped at the sight of Lila there.Lila’s smile was tight, even as she tried to seem casual.

“Can I have a word with you?” Lila asked, following her.

“Of course,” Eliza nodded.

They walked into her office which was at the end of the hall, and that was when everything began to move like molasses for Eliza.

“It is necessary to downsize Eliza, it is always awful when we have to do this.” Lila had said.

“But we just promoted him…”

Lila crossed her arms, and looked at Eliza with stern but gentle eyes.

“Eliza, it troubles me that this is necessary too, but it is…necessary.”

Eliza shook her head back and forth, after Lila walked out of her office and shut the door behind her. She put her head in her hands, thinking she had just walked out of Terrence’s office. Standing up, she looked out of her window and pressed her head to the cool glass which soothed her a bit. 

Lila had told her it was necessary, but not right away. But it was necessary, and she was going to have to do it. She moved her head from the window, sighed and pressed her hand to her head. She went to open her door, but instead pressed her back to it and slumped to the floor sitting on her heels. Her eyes were damp, and she pressed them tight because she did not want to cry. She had to steel herself for what she would have to do. 

It was not immediate, but as Terrence’s supervisor it was her job. She was going to have to let him go, and she did not know how she was going to…

…let him go….
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Masturbation Monday No. 133

Nichy paced up and down Heathrow. Drew had wanted to stay with her, but she said no. She had a stopover before before she got to New York, and her mind wandered…

When her panties did come off, he did not ask her. He pulled them off roughly, slapped her bottom and clutched her hips as if for dear life. They fucked like it was life and death, Nichy wanted something that mirrored what she had at home. They barely spoke in the bar. Their lust was so thick, words were liquified and useless between them.

She did not know what he was running from as he buried himself in her, but he fucked with an intensity that scared and captivated her.

And wandered more…

Nichy and Tyler looked anxiously about the bathroom, him wanting to touch her as badly as she wanted to be touched. A quick glance to the door, before she followed him into the stall he had just left.The porcelain urinal reminded her of the Marcel Duchamps one, and she closed her eyes as he did indeed touch her. One finger, two, three. Nichy loved when he fucked her like that, and she thought about the time Graham fisted her. She trusted Tyler enough to explore that with him, but she did not want to tell him a lot more about Graham. Her relationship with Graham had detailed things that still aroused her deeply, but that she would not want to do again with anyone but him.

Alone in the airport, she shook her head from her thoughts. Andrew flitted through her mind, and she flitted away and to him like a moth.

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Sinful Sunday, Week 310 — Sh!

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A Slice of Horatio

So when an anthology comes out from Go Deeper Press, the brainchild of Lana Fox and Jake Louder…and Oleander Plume is sharing an excerpt from her upcoming hot af first novel, featuring her sexy mutha protogonist Horatio Slice–I have to share the love! Here is a slice of Horatio, from the hot af anthology Alternative Fucks!  

Gunner snapped out of his cock-induced trance and smacked Horatio’s hand away. “I worked my ass off building a machine for the sole purpose of bringing you back to Earth, and all you want is a blow?”

Horatio glanced at the mass of wires and batteries. “You made this to bring me home?”

“Yes.” Gunner tried his best to look pissed.

“Nice work, kid.” Horatio patted Gunner’s cheek. “Thanks for bringing me back to Earth. Now how about sucking my dick?” He pushed down on Gunner’s shoulders.

Gunner sank to his knees and stared down the length of Horatio’s one-eyed beast. It looked less intimidating from that angle until the wet crown tried to separate his lips. Gunner’s brain told him he should tell Horatio to fuck off, but his tingling balls told a different story. The confusion loosened Gunner’s tongue, and he babbled without thinking.

“Maybe we should get to know each other first.” Gunner said, turning his head away from Horatio’s cock. “We could find clothes for you and then get food, or coffee, or something.”

Gunner cringed over his awkwardness.


“Yeah. You must be hungry, right?”

“Look, kid, I was this close to getting some action. Somebody needs to finish me off before my nads explode. Guess it’s your lucky day.” The delicious flavor of pre-come lingered on Gunner’s tongue. Although he hated to admit it, sucking off Horatio Slice sounded awesome. The man was hot. Hotter than hot. On a scale from one to ten, he was a twenty-seven. And a half. Horatio tapped his cock against Gunner’s bottom lip and said in a sing-song voice, “Come on. You know you want to.”

Once, following a heavy workout, Steven dared Gunner to sniff his jock strap. Not one to back away from a challenge, Gunner took a good whiff and almost heaved. He would remember that rank man funk for the rest of his life. But Horatio didn’t carry the odor of ball sweat and dirty underpants. He gave off the enticing aroma of clean skin, dryer sheets, and male arousal. Gunner took his first tentative lick, followed by another, and then another, quickly falling in love with the taste of Horatio’s cock.

“Damn, that’s good,” Horatio mumbled.

Spurred on by the sounds that Horatio made—moans, grunts, quick breaths—Gunner explored every crevice. He swirled his tongue around the flared edge of Horatio’s cockhead and dug the tip of his tongue into a divot he found underneath. Without thinking, Gunner wrapped his fingers around the shaft, mind-boggled over the girth. A long “Mmm,” slipped out, and he blushed.

Horatio touched Gunner’s hair and said, “Look at me for a second.” Gunner peered up, the tip of Horatio’s cock resting against his tongue, and saw Horatio shiver. “C’mere,” he said, tucking his fingers under Gunner’s chin.

“Why? What did I do?”

“Just c’mere.” Horatio nudged Gunner to his feet, surprising him with a soft kiss that tasted like peppermint and whiskey.

He was kissing Horatio Slice. With tongue, even. 

Gunner’s throat vibrated. Did he moan? Out loud? Fuck it. He didn’t care, especially when Horatio stroked the back of Gunner’s hair with one hand and brought him closer with the other, causing his hard cock to rub against Gunner’s thigh. Gunner’s own bulge bumped against some part of Horatio, and Gunner worried he’d come in his pants because he was damn close to doing just that. Horatio broke away from the kiss and smiled. “Hey cutie,” he said as he tugged open the snap on Gunner’s jeans. “Why am I the only one who’s naked?”

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Wicked Wednesday #250 — Dating Profile

Eliza stood in Terrence’s doorway, and as he looked at her, she caught a glimpse

of his dating profile on his laptop. She swallowed, and walked deeper into his office.

“I was just thinking about you,” he said, his finger on his screen as if to illuminate his dating profile.

Her mouth still felt stretched out from having been with Oscar, but being with Terrence at this moment, she was focused on him.

“Were you?” she questioned, her arms across her chest.

“Yeah,” he said. “Close the door behind you.”

Eliza walked backwards, and closed the door. She stood before him, and felt the run on her pantyhose tug at her toes.

“Yeah…” her voice trailed, and he watched her with keen interest and she wondered if he knew where she had been instinctively.

“I was looking at my dating profile, and I had not for a long time because I had no reason to and then I had alerts on my phone. People who want to talk to me. And there are women who maybe…but then you. You walk by my door, and I know I can do what I want because I can and that you will not care, but you…”

He looked up at her.

“You have spoiled me for the world…”
Eliza smiled at him, her lips stretched in a very different way than they had been stretched before. Terrence was so precious to her, and she knew exactly what she meant. He made her open  up her heart in way she had never intended to. He forced her to make her world larger.

“You…” she whispered like a scream.

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Masturbation Monday No. 132

Nichy looked out of the window of the train, her heart raced as fast as the train did. Andrew’s hand was on her thigh, and that soothed her. Since they had been together, they touched each other constantly. It was more a thing of survival than anything else. They needed each other right now–if never again.


They were headed to Paris, and Nichy clutched Andrew’s thigh. His surrogate thigh, because she remembered being in Paris with Tyler. Another friend, another time, but still Paris.

Andrew’s hotel room looked out onto every crevice of Paris, and Nichy pressed her face to the window because she could not see the Eiffel Tower.

And then she could.

And then she felt Andrew behind her, the press of his erection behind her parallel to the Eiffel Tower. He pulled her close to him, his hands squeezed her breasts as he clutched her to him and kissed her neck.

She heard the song, “Paris” by the Chainsmokers in her head dully. Her body was on fire from his kisses and the press of his shaft against her. Both scalded her, and he had not even gotten her to the bed yet.

Nichy did not want to go to the bed, she wanted him to take her right there…

…as Paris took her in.

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Sinful Sunday, Week 309: Strawberry


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