Sinful Sunday, Week 281: Cuff

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Wicked Wednesday #221 — Reading

Polly watched Oscar reading the complimentary English newspapers on the edge of her bed. She had woken up later than him, and was still naked under the covers. They had made it to her bed, after a very long night…

“Hand me the art section?” she asked sleepily.

The auction was later that evening, and she wanted to read everything about it in the paper. Polly was surprised when instead of handing her the newspaper, Oscar placed the paper on his lap and caressed her face.

“You’re beautiful…” he said, and she closed her eyes.

Polly rolled onto her back, and Oscar covered her within seconds. She gripped his back pulling him more to her. Her body remembered and relished him as a lover, and her mind was clear. Colin had told her that she could do whatever she wanted with Oscar, that it would make their relationship stronger. But Polly felt that she was not over Oscar, and she could not read his mind but he was making love to her like it mattered.

The newspaper crumbled under him, as he rolled onto his back, and she rolled on top of him. Oscar smiled, then kissed her. Polly sucked on his bottom lip, her fist landing onto the crumpled newspaper. She smiled as she realized what was happening between them was the latest news.

“Why are you smiling?” he asked her, tracing her lips with his finger.

“Secret smile,” she said, and felt said smile widen on her face.

“I’ll tickle it out of you!”
“You know I am not ticklish, that must be one of your other girls Jack…”
“You pretend not to be ticklish, and I give up because it is not fun after awhile…”

“I missed you,” Polly said without guile, again trying to read his face.

“I missed you…” He kissed her neck, and Polly closed her eyes as his mouth moved over her body with the intention to mark…

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Masturbation Monday No. 103

Nichy studied Graham’s face secretly in the shadows.

If the two of them were out together, it would have to have been under his terms. He liked his privacy. A private meal at one of the most expensive restaurants in town, was what she would have expected.

His hand was not just on her thigh, but between her legs stroking her clit until her lip trembled.

“What?” he questioned.

He probably felt her looking at him.

Nichy looked down at the table, and bit her lip. Graham did not believe in mercy, he was a complete sadist.

“Nothing,” she whimpered, continuing to look down.

He raised her chin up, and she could smell herself on his fingers as studied her openly.

“Please…” Her lip more than quivered now, as she looked at him squirming in her seat wanting his fingers where they had been.
“Please what?”

She swallowed, and looked in his eyes.

“Please keep touching me,” she requested plainly.

“I am touching you baby,” he stated simply.

Biting on her lip to avoid crying out again, Nichy nodded.

He touched her everywhere but between her legs for the rest of dinner. It was hard for her to focus, maybe she should not have looked at him so boldly. But she could not help herself, she was so close and she had been thinking of him. She wanted him so badly, that she could not help herself. But she knew better, he always had the control. Even when she left him, she knew that he always had the control.

At her apartment, he unbuckled his belt and left it on her bare thighs. Nichy sat primly, with the heaviness of the leather on her thighs and the coolness of the buckle between her legs. He placed the belt so the buckle caressed her clit and she closed her eyes from the heaviness of her desire, and the heaviness of his command…

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Sinful Sunday, Week 280: The Golden Flogger

This is me receiving the Golden Flogger Award at BDSM Writers Con, where my anthology TIE ME UP won for best anthology.

I have carried the flogger with me each day of the conference that ends today…

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Wicked Wednesday #220 — Sports

Oscar put his phone down on the bar, after he checked the US sports scores. His conversation with Eliza had drained him, she always knew how to possess him even from another country. After he put the phone down, he could smell the Polly like a perfume.

Polly sat on the stool beside him, and he had been drinking enough that he leaned heavily toward her.

“It is late,” he stated simply, as her bare leg caressed his.

“Couldn’t sleep, maybe jet lag or something?”

Oscar laughed.

“What can I get you to drink?”
“What are you having?”

He pushed his drink in front of her.

“Here, I have not touched it yet. I have had enough to drink.”

Polly took a delicate sip, and he looked at her lips for a long time. He had not thought of Polly like this for a prolonged time. They had been together, but he did not think of her in bed as much as he had on this trip. He felt like Eliza sensed it, because she kept calling him.

“What?” Polly asked him, her lips still pursed on the edge of the straw.

“Nothing,” Oscar smiled at her.

Polly smiled and pressed her lips together more on the straw, continuing to drink.

He leaned more into her, and put his hand on her thigh.

“How are you?” he questioned, feeling he was too focused on her eyes.


She put her hand on top of his.

He had no finesse when he pressed her to the wall outside of her hotel room moments later. He could taste the liquor on her lips, as his hand wandered under her dress and she wrapped her arms about his neck. Oscar closed his eyes and pressed himself to her, kissing the hollow of her neck. Dipping his tongue against her tender skin there, he almost wanted to burst her. To leave his mark like a vampire. He felt dead inside, and Polly was life.

“Are you pretending I am Eliza?” she whispered sultrily. “I heard you…”

“I am with you now Polly…”

Her body softened, and they molded together. She did not even ask to go into her hotel room, against the wall was good enough for her as well…

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Masturbation Monday No. 102 — Struck

It was not that Tyler had not satisfied her—he always did. But when Nichy’s hand crept between her legs when she awoke beside him, it was not him she was thinking about even though he had made her feel that way.
It was Graham. Sleeping with Graham again, made her remember all of the things she had tried to forget when she left him. All the things that she wanted to forget when he reappeared… He was the ultimate bad boy, she dragged her knuckles over her clit thinking about just how bad he was. She was so wet, her hands slid over her skin with more ease than she had expected.
She closed her eyes, and thought of the things that he did to her. Nichy had never had a lover who was not a bit kinky. Gavin and Tyler both liked three and foursomes, and Graham…
She had done things with Graham that made her clit burn when she thought about them. He was a hedonist, and with him, she did things that pleasured her and gave her shame at the same time. Sometimes when they made love, he whispered some of those things they had done in her ear. Asked her if she remembered them, and she would burn. His words were like striking a match on her clit. She was slick as if with kerosene, his fingers and words ignited her into flames…
Nichy squeezed her legs tight, when she made herself come. She did not usually come softly, but to not wake up Tyler, she squeezed her legs together tightly. Her tongue pressed to the roof of her mouth, before she licked the tears of pleasure on her upper lip.
Gasping softly, she moved her hand from between her legs, and buried her head in the mattress. She had thrown the pillow off of the bed. Her wild sleeping had not waken Tyler up, but she made sure she did not have a wild orgasm that would. Between her legs pulsed, and she moved her head from the pillow so she could breathe.
She breathed in the memory of Graham’s scent…

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Sinful Sunday, Week 279: Waves

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Wicked Wednesday #219 — Alcohol

Eliza wished she could blame what had happened on the alcohol she had imbibed with Rafe and Margaux, but she knew that she was going to call Oscar before the night was out. The time difference in Shanghai, was such that it was completely different times of day for them. But she wanted to talk to him.

“So did you fuck her?” she asked him, trying to sound nonchalant. 

“You are you asking if I fucked my ex-girlfriend?” Oscar asked her, mirroring her nonchalance.

Eliza gulped. If he had fucked someone brand new, it would not have been as painful as it would if he had fucked Polly. Polly was a threat because he had really loved her, and she knew that if he was not with her anymore it did not mean that he did not love her. Polly had not been a casual fling, Eliza was not even sure Oscar had those, no matter what he alluded to. He had only been with her and Polly, in the time that she knew him.

“Yes, I am asking exactly that.”

“I want to fuck her,” Oscar said. “I want to touch her, being here with her makes me think of when we were together. And then you, texting me while you are with your fiancé and his other.”

“I was thinking about you, I miss you…”

Oscar said nothing, and she followed suit with him. Said nothing because she was not sure what to say.

“I have missed you every day since I met you…”


“Eliza? Every day since I met you…”

“Oscar, don’t–”

“First I thought I was never going to see you again, then I did and then we started this and there was always something. Always something to keep you from me…”

Her head spun at the memories of how their relationship had started. It had been difficult, but she had always…

“I love you,” she whispered, tears blowing across her lips.

“I love you…”

Her chest heaved when she hung up the phone.

Why was love so heavy, that it weighed her down to the ground?

Rafe held her close in bed, and she was happy that his arm was about her waist so he could not feel her tears, along his arm…

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Masturbation Monday No. 101 — Leave Me Here

Nichy’s fingers twitched between her legs, long after she had pleasured herself and as she heard her apartment door open. She squeezed her eyes tight.


She had hoped that he would not come to her place. It was after midnight. But she knew that he would, and she secretly wanted him to. Not so secretly it had been him she was thinking about, with twitching fingers between her legs.

He did not hesitate to get beside her, to place his hand on hers between her legs. Her hand continued to twitch beneath his.  Nichy sighed, as his hand cupped her and hers fell slack along her thigh.

She closed her eyes, as he caressed her. The leg of his suit pants against her thigh, Nichy stopped breathing. Her body pressed to his with urgency, and then he stopped. Her clit was raw and tight, and all she could hear in her head was a song by the band Hem…

As he left her there…

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Wicked Wednesday #218 — Chocolate

Eliza had gotten to feel smug at the beach with Margaux, but she was not expecting that Margaux would have a trump card.

In the gourmet cafe they went to for dessert, Margaux was on the cover of one of the upscale magazines they sold. Eliza had thought that she only did modern day noir and pulp photography. But apparently she was also doing edible photography–what else could she call the photograph of Margaux covered with chocolate on those glossy pages?

Rafe stared at the magazine for a long time after he picked it up. Eliza could not keep her eyes off of it either, and stood beside him. Rafe’s gorgeous hand with veins bulging, lingered holding the cover and then skipped pages to see the entire spread with pictures of Margaux and her chocolate covered parts of her.

There was one in particular which had a close up of her leg beside a cupcake. It was close up enough, that the cupcake was not necessarily the edible of choice. Rafe caressed the tip of the page, and Eliza put her hand over his. He turned toward her, but she did not look at him or Margaux, choosing to look at the chocolate covered Margaux in the magazine.

“It was a hard shoot,” Margaux confessed to them later, modestly scraping chocolate from the bottom of her plate. “But it was a challenge, and I love to be someone else in the moment…”

Margaux sucked on the prongs of her fork, and looked back and forth between Eliza and Rafe.

“You are amazing,” Rafe said, without reservation.

Eliza nodded, and looked at Margaux finally. She placed her hand on Margaux’s.

“You are amazing…” Eliza practically whispered. “The photographs are amazing.”

“Thank you both…” Margaux answered shyly.

Eliza studied Margaux’s mouth, and wondered if her lips retained some of the chocolate that covered them in her photos. If when Rafe kissed her, she tasted like chocolate.

Margaux continued to suck on the spoon as if its marrow was chocolate. She and Margaux smiled at each other, and Eliza was sure that she could feel Rafe smiling at them.

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