Wicked Wednesday #226 — Friend

At first when Carla told Margaux what she knew about Rafe, and how she would never be more than a sideshow to Eliza…Margaux was not sure that they were going to be able to be friends much longer. She was not sure if Carla was going to have certain ideas about her because she was involved with him, or because she did not want Carla to speak badly about the man that she loved……and who was the father of her child that would never be born.

Margaux knew her eyes were damp, and she knew that Carla was going to say something about it. 

Carla looked at her with soft eyes, and put her hand on her thigh. Margaux closed her eyes tight, and felt a tear pull from the tightness. When she opened her eyes, she saw the tear splashed on the top of Carla’s hand. Carla continued to rub her thigh.

She had told Carla about the baby, about the baby that she never let have a chance to breathe in this world. She had ended her pregnancy for so many reasons, and she did not doubt them…but she wondered at the miracle she had let go. What would Rafe had done? What kind of father would he have been?

“He surprised me,” Carla said, not looking at her. “I did not think that he would be a stand-up dude like that for you. I did not think he would be this cool about it…”

Margaux nodded, knowing it was a lot for Carla to say that to her and that was why they were friends. Carla knew she was in love, she knew that she was in love with Rafe way before she did. Carla knew she was interested in him before she did, Carla knew all of her secrets as if she was a part of her. Being friends with Carla was like holding a mirror to herself.

Margaux looked at her friend, and in her eyes, she saw her own mirrored. She put her hands on her now empty stomach, and imagined there was still something inside of her…

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Masturbation Monday No. 108

Nichy placed her hand on Tyler’s thigh, as the plane landed. She had not been on a trip like this with a lover for a long time. She rubbed his thigh, and was proud to present him to Sonia.Sonia waited for them outside, and Nichy used her peripheral vision to watch Tyler look at her. Sonia was the type of woman who always looked effortlessly sensual. In a kimono, over skinny jeans and her hair pulled up in a messy bun, she looked like Parisian chic. Nichy squeezed Tyler’s backside, as they settled into Sonia’s car. 

The car was redolent with Sonia’s perfume, and Sonia’s basic scent which was of a sweet but steady musk. Nichy had memorized every variation of her friend’s scent, because she was so used to being with her either with or without Graham.

It made Nichy sad that Sonia did not approve of the revival of her relationship with Graham, but to some degree, she should not have been surprised.

“Thank you for picking us up,” Nichy said, too lazy to retrieve her lost French.

Sonia’s apartment was the same decadent disarray that Nichy remembered. It was not surprising to her, but even before they had walked in completely, there was a couple on the couch making love. As of they knew that their time was limited, they intended to make love as fast and furious as they could. The woman who Nichy remembered her face but not her name, faced her partner and rode him for all he was worth. The force of her body undid the dress that she had wrapped about her waist, as her hair fell loose. But even with her broad backside covered, the movement of her body made it obvious what they were doing.

Bienvenue chez moi…” Sonia said softly, as the couple continued making love oblivious to them.

Welcome indeed, Nichy thought to herself and squeezed Tyler’s hand.
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Sinful Sunday, Week 285 — Dressing Room

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Wicked Wednesday #225 — Shadows

Eliza saw Rafe sitting in the shadows of their apartment by an open window, though it was dark. He looked out of the window as if for inspiration, or for something he hoped was out there.She walked over to him, the only sound was the elegant click of her stilettos. Pausing before him, he looked up at her and hugged her thighs.

“Babe…” she whispered softly, running her hands through his hair. “Babe.”

Rafe looked up at her, and Eliza never saw an expression like that on his face before.

Eliza continued to run her hands through his hair. He had called her, and she cancelled on the way to her meeting, because of what he told her.

Now she knew that when she saw Margaux what was wrong, that Margaux had been carrying Rafe’s baby and made the decision to terminate her pregnancy. Eliza closed her eyes and wondered if Margaux had ended everything, because she did not want to come between then.

Being honest, Eliza would want to have Rafe’s children herself. But if Margaux had remained pregnant, she would have loved the baby because it was part of Rafe.

And she loved Rafe.

“I think she made the best decision she could, you can’t question her on this Rafe.”

“But she was carrying my child!”

“Shhh, I know…” Eliza looked down at him, and even in the shadows she could see his eyes shining with tears.

She was out of words to console him in the shadows, she even savored the shadows. Eliza closed her eyes as she thought of Oscar’s phone call from Shanghai, still echoing in the shadow of her empathy..

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Masturbation Monday No. 107


Nichy turned to look at Tyler.

Her head was not in the game. Dinner at their favorite restaurant, but she was still affected by her conversation with Sonia.

She remembered Sonia in the flesh. When she met her, she was afraid that she was the embodiment of the muse that Graham named her after. Sonia smiled at her, and walked over to her and Graham at the time.

“Do you like?” Graham asked her, running his hands over Sonia like she was an appliance on  The Price Is Right.

Nichy took a gulp of her St. Germain cosmo, and looked at his hand on Sonia’s hip.

“Do you like?” Sonia said, raising her arms up over her head.

Graham had told her that she would get veto power over who they had a threesome with. Sonia was gorgeous, and stood in front of them like she wanted to be their fuck doll.

And she had been.

Nichy enjoyed having Sonia in bed with them, she moved like a mermaid and enjoyed everything they did together. Kissing her was like kissing the earth, the sweetness of the earth. Sonia’s mouth between her legs was like an excursion to an exotic destination.


Nichy looked at Tyler.

“Have you heard a thing I said?” he asked, putting his napkin down.

Nichy chewed on her lip.

“I was just thinking about my friend, the woman you saw me chatting with…”
Tyler smiled,

“She is gorgeous, why have you never introduced me to her?”

“She lives in Paris…”

Nichy thought of Sonia in Paris, and what she had said about her and Graham…

“We should visit her…”
Nichy smiled at him, as she gulped her St. Germain cosmo.

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Sinful Sunday, Week 284: Wrapped Up

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Wicked Wednesday #224 — Puzzle Pieces

Eliza felt she was putting together the pieces of the puzzle, as she downloaded the new software for her smartphone. She pressed her head to the glass of the car that she was taking to her next meeting.

Seeing Margaux had troubled her, Margaux looked uncomfortable with her even as she tried to make it seem otherwise. And not being able to get Oscar on the phone, made her think that her must have gotten involved with Polly again.

She was happy that she could not talk on the phone for moments. Eliza needed the time to herself, not to think about Margaux or Oscar’s potential predicaments. Closing her eyes, she leaned back in the plush seat of the car and parted her lips. Breathing through her mouth, she tried to meditate.

But she was not able to concentrate, and stared at her phone which was downloading quicker than she had expected it to. The download was as fast as New York City in flashes, as they drove through the city.

Her meeting should have been on her mind, but it was hard to be focused. Selfishly, she thought about Oscar, and wondered if he was involved with Polly again. They were in Shanghai… She could not be mad at him about that since she was getting married after all, and her wedding was coming closer and closer. But when he was not with Polly, it made her feel peaceful. Her love for Oscar made her appreciative of polyamory. Certainly she had loved more than one man before in her life, but not like this.

Her phone beeped, and she picked it up to unlock the screen. As soon as she did, she saw messages from Rafe and Oscar.

Her heart leaped and stilled at once. The car came to a dramatic stop, and she screamed because she was afraid of being in another car accident.

It was only her mind that crashed…

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Masturbation Monday No. 106

Nichy stared at Sonia. She had not seen her friend in years, she had had to dissolve their friendship when she left Graham. Sonia asked to face time with her, and she agreed. Looking at her now though, Nichy saw anxiety all over her Sonia’s face.

Sonia who had not looked that anxious when she had participated in a threesome with Nichy and Graham. Not when she walked into the bedroom with them in a gauzy robe, with both of them kissing her. Nichy remembered the sweet scent of Sonia in their bed even when she was damp with sweat, and smelled like a damp rose.

“I heard that you and Graham are seeing each other again,” Sonia said, looking at her.

Nichy gulped softly. Was Graham talking about them to other people? Nichy stared at Sonia noncommittally.

“Why does it matter Sonia? After all of this time…what does it matter?”

Sonia looked at her quietly.

Nichy knew precisely why it mattered.

Before she had gotten online with Sonia, she had been lying on her stomach, her hands between her legs because Graham was gone and not having him there made her feel cold.

Not having him close made her cold.

Nichy looked at Sonia on the screen, but all she felt was the addiction she felt from resuming with Graham. The memory of his skin, soft and hard seared her like the sun. Sonia telling her the things that she knew should keep her from him did not deter her.

Did not keep her hands from between her legs because he was not there…


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Sinful Sunday, Week 283: Swordfish

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Wicked Wednesday #223 — Blood

Margaux was happy that she was wearing sunglasses. Even though her doctor had assured her that the spotting was normal, and that there was nothing to worry about…even though every time she saw a spot of blood on her undergarments, she felt nauseous and anxious. Her nerves about the spotting even placated her anxiety over needles, when her blood work was done. There was no way she could not be emotional, her choice had not been an easy one but it was the one that she felt she had to make.

She walked toward the restaurant to see Rafe, because he was worried about her. And because she wanted to see him. He was her partner, and made her feel comfortable and secure.

But before she had even really started walking to the restaurant, she saw Eliza.

Eliza studied her, and Margaux could see that she was unsure how to greet her. Margaux pulled from her feeble reserves, to walk toward Eliza with a warm smile she was far from feeling.

“Hi!” she forced, and hugged Eliza.

Eliza gripped her with the same force, that she had gripped her with.

“Hi,” Eliza said to her. “How are you?”

“Good,” Margaux lied. “Just coming from a doctor’s appointment.”

“Oh, I am heading to an appointment for work. Everything okay with you?”

Margaux felt nervous as Eliza continued to study her. The rest of their conversation came in a rush in her memory when they parted. She felt weak, as she continued walking to the restaurant to meet Rafe.

Rafe knew something was wrong with her as soon as he saw her. She sat beside him on the plush cushion by the window. She dry heaved with tears that would not come. Rafe held her tight, and kissed her temple.

“I am here baby, I am here…”

He kissed her temple and rubbed her back, as he ordered hot tea for her.

“The doctor said the bleeding was normal, nothing more than I should expect and she will email me the results to my blood work.”

“Good,” he kissed her temple. “Good.”

Margaux excused herself to go to the bathroom, Rafe barely let her go. His hand caressed her bottom for a moment before she walked away. In the bathroom, looking down at her panties spotted with blood, she could still feel Rafe’s lips on her temple.

And she thought what an amazing father he would be…

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