Wicked Wednesday Flashback

I am a little under the weather–but I always do Wicked Wednesday! Here is a favorite one I did.

Eliza looked perfect, absolutely perfect. She sat at her vanity table in just her lace underthings. Rafe loved to slip a secret look at her when she was getting ready for dinners like the one her boss was having tonight. There was international staff in town, and that meant that they wanted to wine and dine them. The entire week had been like that, but this last dinner was with the invite for significant others.

And he was hers.

Rafe sat on the bed in his undershirt and tuxedo pants, he was clean-shaven only because of tonight. Otherwise he would have had a bit of a scruff like he usually did, which Eliza liked. But even though she worked at a creative firm, it was terribly corporate. Even his firm was not that corporate.

Eliza caught him looking at her, he did not care. It was their ritual to get caught looking at each other, getting ready for a night out. In the beginning, when they were first together, they could not just look. They were borderline late to everything, because they could not keep their hands off of each other.

She still was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met, and he loved her because he did not know how to do anything else if it was not to love her.

He recognized early on that they fit. Eliza was very innocent when they met. She was wild, and he was used to living like a little man all of his life with his well-off family. His parents had not loved her at first, because Sandrine looked more sophisticated and she was French. He had had an animal desire for Sandrine that after their recent dalliance, would never fade but he would keep it in check.

Eliza loved him, she loved him with all of the love she had regardless of what he did. She always wanted to understand why. It hurt him that he had taken her for granted, and that was why she had ended up with Oscar. He would always be attracted to Sandrine, but he had no desire to be with her forever. But he knew that Eliza loved Oscar, and it hurt him. It hurt him that she had fallen in love with another man.

Eliza blew kisses at him, and he caught them. He watched her spritz perfume on her pulse points, it was like a ceremony with her. Behind her ears, the hollow of her throat, between her breasts, the small of her back and behind her knees. When she bent to spritz her knees, he watched the delicate way her body curved. He walked over to her, and traced his finger along her spine.

“No!” She smiled. “No, we are running late—no!”

The fresh scent of her perfume, and the look in her eyes that let him know. She thrust her breasts forward, and pointed the perfume bottle at him like a weapon.

“I will spritz you, and you will smell like…”

“…like you.” He finished.

Eliza put the petal-shaped bottle down, and he stood close to her.

They were going to be late for her boss’s dinner…

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Masturbation Monday #175 — Suit

Sabrina smiled at Harry over breakfast, he returned her smile but he had no idea what she was smiling about.

Last night, she had dreamt about her new persona. She was not even sure she was going to leave, but she dreamed up a persona. She saw herself in the mirror—in Paris—and her hair was the color of the gradient of a dark flame. She wore smoky makeup, and looked very Parisian. She was dressed in a smart suit—without a blouse—and she walked out in the night. There was a bookstore—a librarie—close to the apartment she had walked out of.

The aisles were tiny, Everyone she passed, it was like they were intimate by the time they actually got past each other. And there was one man she could not get past—she could not remember his face in the dream or now. No matter how she tried to get around him, she ended up provocatively closer to her until—well obviously they fucked.

He pulled off her suit jacket, leaving her bare at the top except for suspenders, and he kept pulling them, stinging her breasts. She wrapped her arms about him, and he pushed her against a stack of books that tumbled like a Roman column crumbling. He fucked her over the books, after he pulled her pants down. He was rough, and she liked it.

Astra—the name of her persona—left the bookstore, somehow not looking disheveled at all—it was a dream.

And then she woke up, and now she sat smiling with Harry having breakfast. Him returning her smile…with…no…idea…

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Wicked Wednesday #292 — Gadgets

Eliza was very attached to her gadgets. After her rendezvous with Oscar, she was able to use them to keep track of Rafe and Terrence.

Terrence texted her, and she wiped her hair out of her eyes.

Have not seen you in forever, I miss you.

She loved how much sentiment she got from him now. He was so different. When they first met at work, she thought he was abrasive and a smart ass. But now she realized that he was the way he was with her, because he was fighting against liking her.

But what had happened since then and now was inevitable.

She looked at her phone again, and saw a text from Rafe.

Taking you out tonight—get all dolled up because I just want to see you like that.

Like a doll? she teased with her text.

Yes, my doll.

Eliza loved that Rafe still wanted to see her dolled up. He liked the way that she looked, and she liked to get dolled for him because she loved to watch his eyes when he looked at her.

Placing her phone upside down on her lap, Eliza adjusted her wireless headphones. She moved to a sensual playlist that she liked, when she was feeling like she was today.

Then she picked her phone up, when it vibrated, and it felt like her recent sex with Oscar.

Vibrating in all of the spots where Oscar had.

Oscar, a text from Oscar.

I miss you, do you miss me?

That soft vulnerability in his text.

Hadn’t she always missed him?

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Masturbation Monday #174 — Silent Desire

“You seem distant.” Harry said to her, clinking his glass of Montepulciano with hers.

Sabrina looked up at him, anxious and annoyed at how he seemed to read her mind.

There were several times that day, that she wanted to put her pen down at work, and just leave. Without a plan, without anything because she needed to be free.

Free of what, she was not even sure.

But she did not want to be tied down.

She took a sip of her wine, as she looked at him and as she savored it she had a flavor memory of him. Of the taste of going down his length and the sweet, sweet taste of his come in her mouth.

Sabrina leaned forward, and kissed him as she put her hand in the deep inside of his thigh and then let her eyes linger on his.

There was no mistaking her silent desire.

In her apartment, she actualized going down his length, exploring his familiar shaft and taking time to really be intimate with him.To look in his eyes, to let her tongue tease and caress him.

There was no rush, neither of them was going anywhere. Harry looked at her which made between her legs liquid. She was so damp there, she would have attended to herself if she was not attending to him.

But she had a job to do, and she was guaranteeing his pleasure.

A sweet quick kiss between his thighs, her lips grazing his balls on purpose, and she could feel his tells.

She was ready.

His taste in her mouth was so sweet—not actually— but it was like the best dessert. She licked her mouth because there was some on her upper lip. Harry sat up, grinned at her and touched her cheek.

“You missed a spot,” he said, and she sucked his finger like she was doing a job and smiled as he surrendered to her attention.

There was nowhere else she’d rather be…

…just then.

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Wicked Wednesday #291 — Promote a Blog

Eliza had to see Oscar a few nights later, but this time at another bar. Some place that they did not know anyone, and that no one knew them. She really wanted it to be just them, and for them to be alone with what had happened between them.

She had not stopped thinking about it, because she really had not expected it to happen. She thought that they were really going to be only friends from this point on.

But as soon as they got there, and were seated in a dim corner, she placed her hand inside of his thigh. She kneaded softly, and then more intense with her need. Oscar looked in her eyes, and kneaded the side of her breast. Their touches were so filled with need, as their bodies pressed closer together…

…until they had to get up.

Eliza clutched Oscar’s arm, as they got up from the table and they did not even make it to the bathroom. He pressed her to the wall, and in a series of magnetic motions, they were one. Oscar covered Eliza’s mouth with his hand, as her moans rose with pleasure and she bit the inside of it. As they moved together, she had to clap her hand over his mouth.

The insides of their palms were red when they returned to the table, and Oscar’s had actual teeth marks—blood to the surface. He bit her neck when some of his scotch got into it…

They were so far from just friends, Eliza thought as she sunk into his bite.

This is the Promote a Blog post, and I want to promote Marie, Kayla and Molly who inspire me to blog. I also want to thank Mischa for picking me for the top 3 last week, since her talent as a writer is enviable.

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Masturbation Monday #173 — Sense of…

“Where are you going?”

Sabrina paused when she heard the words from Harry’s mouth. She was just thinking about getting out of bed, but there was a subtle panic in his voice that quietly alarmed her.


She turned to face him in the bed, and she was confronted right away with the hardness of his chest. The moment that she touched his chest, she knew that she was not thinking about going away. They pressed their bodies together, and joined so easily as one that Sabrina was taken aback. The feeling of him inside her, was something that she did not want to leave behind. It was something that she knew that she was going to want again. He held her breasts, and pulled her back to his front and she was lulled into a sense of security.

Or at least a secure lust.

But when she woke up, his hands still gripped her breasts making her feel like she was trapped, Sabrina lie against him feeling imprisoned. Like she could not move.

And she did not move until he woke up, squeezing her breasts and kissing her neck. It was awhile before she untangled from him. When she did, she saw bruises in her breasts in the bathroom mirror and it made her smile. She had been his possession over night—the way he gripped her.

She caressed her breasts, following the shape of the bruises and she wondered…she wondered what she wanted to feel…

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Wicked Wednesday #290 — Marathon

After marathon lovemaking in the hotel with Oscar, Eliza had to catch herself. She threw her head back on the backseat, and looked at the busy streets of Manhattan fly past her. She could still feel Oscar inside her, and it was a precious feeling to her.

And taboo at the same time.

She crossed her legs, and looked at her phone. She had messages from Rafe and Terrence, but all she was filled with was Oscar. How good it felt, how familiar it felt and when was it going to happen again between them?

She saw a message from Oscar pop up on her screen, and it was like she was a teenager all over again.

I miss you already E. Want to see you again. Soon.

She turned her phone facedown on the seat beside her, and realized the ball was in her court. That she could make it happen again between them, and he was saying that he wanted it to happen again.

In the beginning before she and Rafe opened up their relationship, she thought that she… that it was possible that she could have left Rafe to be with Oscar. Now that was inconsequential, because she can be with him and Rafe and Terrence would just have to deal.

She sat up straighter as saw the Empire State Building, and realized that her love was equally as tall.

When are you free? When can we get together again? She texted and closed her eyes, eager for his response.

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Masturbation Monday #172 — Flee?

Sabrina needed it so bad. Her hands were shaking when she reached for Harry, and her eyes were glazed with tears of pleasure and hunger.

She looked at him, as she held the very tip of him in her hand. She circled the slot there with her finger like a tongue, and watched his muscles move like a language. Spread thighs, she was wet as fuck, but she still put a dab of lube on herself and on him and lowered herself. The first bit of him elicited a gasp from her. Just that soft opening, before he even filled her at all felt so good. Anymore would almost be too much.

But not enough.

And his eyes, the color of them were arresting and even more arresting on her.

Watching her take him in…

…it was later that she felt more vulnerable. Later lying beside him, her nose against his skin. His scent, his texture at her disposal and she realized that she was in love with him. And like always, her love story was bizarre but hers.

And for her, love was always disposable. Was this disposable? Would she walk away from Harry, like she walked away from everyone else? Because Sabrina was starting to realize that her common denominator in all of her situations was herself.

And she always chose to flee.

Nose pressed against Harry, she closed her eyes and wondered what she would do now…

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Wicked Wednesday #289 — Neighbors

Eliza hoped their neighbors—well the other people on their hotel room floor did not hear everything that had happened in their room. Oscar held her hand, as they walked down the hall and she felt like a teenager. It was such a sweet gesture for him to hold her hand, but everything that had happened on their hotel bed was not so sweet.

Their lovemaking had been raw, and every emotion they had every felt was expressed through it. The way he held her that said: if not always, right now you are mine. The way that she relaxed against him as if to say, am home. There was nothing gentle or quiet about their emotions.

Oscar almost pulled her down the hall, and the loud click clack of her heels through it was sure to rouse what neighbors had not already heard them in the hotel room. He pulled her into a stairwell and reminiscent of their time in Shanghai, he kissed her like their lives depended on it.

And at that moment it did.

She searched his body with her hands as if for a fever, and she panted when she pulled away from their kiss. He turned her face up to his,

“There’s no rush. I am here.”

She melted under his kisses after, the wall felt like summer and she could see it melt around her like she could see the heat rise from the grid on a summer day in the city.

They were on fire.

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Masturbation Monday No. 171 — Fear

Sabrina looked at Harry with cautious eyes. They had never had a fight before, and she was not sure that he fought fair.

She was not even sure what the fight was about.

He looked at her with dark eyes, and she wondered if he would get violent and then she wondered if she even knew him at all.

“Look,”she started shakily. “I am not even sure what is going on here. What are you mad about?”

Harry stood up, and she watched him move with the animal grace he did as he turned and looked at her.

“Nothing,” he said. “Nothing.”

She stood in front of him, and he pulled her close to him.

“Why can’t I stop thinking about you? I rushed here to get back to you. I could barely do my work because I was thinking about you.” Harry kissed her forehead.

“I missed you,” Sabrina squeaked. “I missed you so much it made it hard to do anything and everyone kept asking me where you were.”

“And what did you tell them?”

“That you were not with me.”

He pressed her to the wall, and she looked up at him liking the shining darkness in his eyes. He kissed her neck and he knew that was her hunger spot and she tilted her neck so he could kiss her more. He squeezed her breast, and she caressed his should blade and dug her nails into him the more he amplified her pleasure.

He pulled her closer, and she wrapped her legs about him. Between her legs so wet, warm against his body and she knew why they were fighting, and it was worth it.

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