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I’ve had a lifelong fascination with sex. I approach it like any other topic that people become consumed with. I like to follow all the latest and greatest – and particularly the curves! My fascination facilitates what I do as an editor and writer of erotica. My work demands a constant exploration of the nuances of sex. I thrive on perpetuating new expressions of sex. Sexuality is just so multifaceted and so interesting. I love thinking and writing about it. And I have my sex education – and my mother – to thank. (Click here to read more…)




Masturbation Monday Q&A With Kayla Lords

kinkly_logo_352x102Kayla Lords is the creator of Masturbation Monday, a wildly popular meme that has made Monday the best day of the week! The taboo-conquering meme is a showcase for sexy stories to get you hot and bothered any day of the week! Kayla took time out of her schedule (Masturbation Monday is only one of a myriad of projects she is working on!) to tell us how she got started, about her commitment to community and about embracing our desires…(Click here to read the entire interview…)



With a deep breath, Christina turned and walked through the glass doors that led out of the firm. The sound of her own stiletto heels echoed in her ears. She ran down the stairs to see if the delivery truck was still on the street. Her fear of Paloma had her franticly hoping that maybe the package had been left on the truck.

When she got down the stairs, she walked to the truck and gasped.

It was him.

Their usual delivery guy was lazy and abrupt, which she had learned during her stint as a receptionist. But for one glorious week, the guy in front of her subbed for him. He was not lazy, and she had spent every afternoon after his last delivery wanting to run her hands though his long hair. And when he looked at her, it looked like he would not have minded it. (Click here to read the entire story…)


082-STORY-HEADER (1)logoLeona always felt relaxed in her black lace underwear, and she felt super cozy with her sweater. She studied Roman for a moment, as he sat on the carpet in his briefs. With the vodka chilling on ice between them, she sprawled next to him with a bright smile. He knew she had been looking at him—he had caught her. That was how they had begun flirting in the first place, at the hotel bar at the work conference where they had first met. She was sitting in the middle on a stool at the bar, while Roman and Warren both tried to get her. It was like a silent contest between them. Roman played the gentleman, and Warren played the rogue. “You could share me,” Leona half teased, flirting with both men. (Click here to read more…)

tina horn

An Interview With Tina Horn


Tina Horn is all of the hotness! She is a writer, educator and media-maker extraordinaire. She produces and hosts “Why Are People Into That?!,” a compelling podcast where she breaks down sexual mythology and details why people are into what they are into. Her latest book, “Sexting,” showcases Horn at her best! She is an excellent communicator with a seductive voice to boot, and “Sexting” demonstrates how we can all communicate like she does digitally. Horn graciously answered questions about why she’s into what she’s into.

F. Leonora: In an article you wrote for Cosmopolitan, you said that when you got into your career you were reading a lot about sex and that your prospects work-wise were dim so you Googled being a domme. I want to know what you were reading and what led to your fascination with sex?

T. Horn: Some of the books that influenced my career in sexuality include:

“The Sexual Life of Catherine M” by Catherine Millet

“The Leather Daddy and the Femme” by Carol Queen

“Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong” – an anthology from Disinformation

“The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women” by Tristan Taormino

“The Happy Hooker” by Xaviera Hollander

“Macho Sluts” by Pat Califia

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Jake grabbed the bag from her, and she went into the kitchen to place the takeout that she bought on the counter. From behind, even before he touched her, she felt his heat. By the time he touched her backside, she was infused with him. His scent and the heat of his skin through her clothes. She leaned back into him and felt the coolness of the ice cream, just beneath her uniform.

‘Decadent…’ he murmured into her hair.

Peggy nodded, as he kissed her neck and took her hair out of its neat chignon. Her hair tumbled to the middle of her back, and soon was the only thing that covered her. She pushed her hair to the side, as Jake placed a scoop of ice cream on the small of her back. Feeling him lick the red pepper ice cream off of her back was a sweet sensation.

‘Delicious…’ he said.

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‘You’re so sexy, you are going to get me in trouble…’ he said into her hair.

‘Why?’ she looked up at him, silhouetted by the full moon beyond him.

‘Because you are making it hard for me to be a gentleman Flo…’
No one ever called her Flo. Everyone called her Florentine, and his use of the cute diminutive had always seemed more reason for her to not take him seriously. But, for the first time in her life, she was going to listen to her body and do what her body wanted.

Her body wanted Jamie.

‘I never asked you to be a gentleman…’ she purred against his chest.

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‘I startled you…’ Noah said, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Regina’s attempts at apology were halted as her breath was caught in throat, watching him slowly reveal the undershirt he wore beneath.

‘It’s too hot in here anyway, don’t you think?’

She nodded, pushing her lank hair out of her face. The sudden glow of her cheeks had nothing to do with the heat outside.

‘More wine?’ Regina looked at him, relieved that he was willing to brush over her clumsiness, and nodded. Noah smiled, and walked over to the leftover wines on makeshift bar. ‘What were you drinking?’

She following him slowly to the table, and stared at the bottles.

‘That one,’ she said, pointing to the cream-colored label. Her bare arm touched his as she did, and the faint brush of contact made her tingle all over.

With a start Noah turned to her at the touch, and promptly spilled the wine down the front of her dress.

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But Angelica was not really hungry, she was restless. She closed and picked up the pizza box, and placed it on a rickety table beside the bed. She went into the shower, which she was glad was working. It had not been in the morning. But Claude had assured her it would, he would see to it. Claude was the manager-cum-mechanic of the motel who she had become friendly with.

In the shower, she touched her body tentatively. Every time she touched herself, she wanted more. Whether it was to massage her temples, or soap up her breasts or pubic hair. She let her fingers linger within her pubic hair for a long time. Even the warm water between her toes….

Aroused her.

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“Have you got any milk or sugar? I know it’s lame, but my groceries haven’t been delivered, and I’ve got nothing in my apartment…”

“You came to ask me for milk and sugar?” Corinne could not help but smile.

“I wanted to see you again. I know it’s lame …” He answered sheepishly.

“Do you cook?”

Russ nodded.

“I’ll let you in and you can use my milk and sugar, and any other ingredients you like if you agree to cook for me.”


The way to a woman’s – anyone’s – heart is through their stomach.

Once Russ started cooking, something she did not do, Corinne lost her heart.

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Jonah’s coffee was cold; he had purposely lingered with it so the waitress would walk back over. He had been coming to this cafe for years, but Lala was a new addition.

And she offered him much more of a pick-me-up far more than the cup of coffee that he drank…

She was gorgeous in a retro way, with unbelievable curves a lá Joan Holloway on Mad Men. Her bust was such that he almost hoped that one day; her blouse would pop its buttons. The suggestion of her cleavage that he could see was not nearly enough.

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Simon pressed his thigh against Clark’s. He liked being close to Clark when he wasn’t paying attention to him. Clark was busy smiling at Beth, who had just come back from London on business. They were waiting to be seated at the bar. Beth stirred her gin and tonic, oblivious to the way Clark looked at her.

But Simon was not.

Earlier that day, he had teased Clark that he was ‘going to see his girlfriend’ that night.

“Beth is just a friend…” Clark had said.

“No, she is not, babe. I see the way that you look at her…”

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The Lady in Red – An Erotic Story of Sensory Deprivation

Regina could hear the sound of her Louboutins on the parquet floor as she walked into the gallery. She was early, and the table holding flutes of already-poured champagne to welcome the guests was still covered. It had been a long day at work, but she was here to support Roger.

She looked around, wondering where he was as she drank her champagne far too quickly.

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Hands-Free Orgasm’ erotica

Janine closed her eyes tight, but moonlight still flooded her eyes. It was quiet.

For now.

But she knew that she would hear them soon enough.

The apartment that she lived in overlooked the park, and everything she desired was either blocks or an e-mail away. To live in this paradise—even with her more than decent salary—Janine needed a roommate.

Their lives were separate for the most part. Liz worked a twelve-hour workday, and Janine ran her business from the apartment with her assistant. Sometimes they did not see each other for days…but Janine always heard Liz at night.

Liz’s boyfriend Ed came over every night—Janine could not blame Liz for needing the release after her long workday. Liz and Ed had sex every night.


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Hogtied – An Erotic Story

Vivian Lord was the hottest actress to grace the big screen in 5 years, and now she was coming to Broadway. The fearless Academy Award winner was taking on the lead role in the new Kenneth Harrison play, Hogtied.

While the playwright hadn’t yet met Lord, he was thrilled that she would bring her uniquely modern take on retro-Hollywood appeal his latest, most daring script.

Of course, Kenneth saw her in the newspapers, and on television in the days before he met her. Sightings of Vivian Lord around New York, and getting out of green and yellow cabs were rampant. The day she arrived at the theater, the entire cast dithering around, trying to take an ‘accidental’ selfie with her.

Kenneth resisted, feeling as though he should maintain some dignity, and as he would later get to know Vivian Lord, he was glad he had.

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Sexy Excerpts: ‘Toy Story’

Betty got on the bus. There was no one on it except a woman and her daughter. The girl held a bunch of balloons and kicked a shopping bag in her enthusiasm. Betty smiled to herself thinking the mother and daughter had been last-minute Christmas shopping, and their bag was full of toys.

Betty would have a new toy too.

Every year at midnight, Betty and Owen opened their first Christmas gift together. Owen gave her a new sex toy as an appetizer, and they opened the rest of their gifts in the morning.

But Owen was away on business. That, however, did not stop her Romeo; he had been away before and had her toy overnighted to her.

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The Shop Girl – An Erotic Story

Cole walked past the window of the lingerie store, and saw the women who worked there were dressed sexily with some of the items for sale. But it was the saleswoman next to that store, in a bookshop quietly tucked into the empty street corner, who was far sexier to him than any other woman. He saw her while going home from work nearly every night. Now, she was in the window, with her long hair managing to spill out of the severe bun it was pulled into. She wore glasses with cat’s eye frames and had delicate vintage embellishments adorning her work clothes.

He was a bibliophile, but he got nervous going into that bookstore. Cole was sure she would notice he was awkward around her. He adjusted his glasses, and looked into the store but knew he could not go in because, well, what would he say to her?

One day, on his way home from work, he saw her in the window of the fancy lingerie store. She fingered every item with care, but he noticed that she was trying on pantyhose, the kind with dots and seams up the back. Nice, he thought to himself and then looked away. It was dark and he did not want to be seen looking.

He went to the coffee shop-cum-bar down the street, and looked up at the menu board. The sight of her legs in those seamed tights stayed with him as he surveyed the menu. The store had a smattering of people in it, but his heart stopped when the door opened.

There she was, the shop girl.

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The Story Begins ― An Erotic Story

The part that was the strangest to her was that she had not seen his eyes. That was uncharted territory for her…

The theme for the cocktail party was masquerade. Odile had one of her many little black dresses, topped with a decadent black mask that she got at a vintage shop. A man wearing a tuxedo without the bowtie, and a gorgeous mask that covered two thirds of his face appeared next to her.

What she saw made her want to see more of him…(read more here)


Guy was happy that his wife had come along with him on this business trip. Being away from her was hard, especially since they were newlyweds. Waking up in the morning every part of them entangled including their toes, made him even harder then he was already when he woke up. He kissed her mouth, because he could tell by the flutter of her eyes she was feigning sleep. She woke up like Sleeping Beauty when he kissed her hard nipples, and her wet pubic hair…but when he kissed her little toe and sucked on the curled nub like it was her clit, Annette gasped loudly. He knew she loved him sucking her toes. He drew her leg up on his shoulder, and he saw the sudden wave of her labia when she came. With every intention of making his wife come again, Guy pulled her by her leg because he wanted to be inside her. Wanted to be inside…(read more here)



Sexy Excerpt: ‘The Last Stop’

This excerpt was written exclusively for 

Leona looked down at the star-shaped cut on her finger, against the emptiness outside of her train window. The emptiness was France outside of Paris. Just wide areas of green, and people living their daily lives. She ran her tongue over the cut she got from opening his cuff link …

Sinking back into her seat, she held her cell phone like a magic wand and closed her eyes. According what she could decipher from the train’s announcements using her limited French, the train was running late. Leona almost did not want to go back to the United States. If she was stuck here, she could just go back to Paris …

…and him. (read the rest here)


What’s On The Menu?

When you go out to a restaurant, you go with people or alone. You know what your food allergies are if you have any, and most certainly what you like to eat! You would not order steak tartare if you like your steak well done, without even a suggestion of blood. Why is it any different when it comes to sex? If you know that you don’t like certain activities — or are pretty sure that you will not like them — you do not have to try them. (read more here)


Guest Blog: The Suit Fetish… *Swoon*

The suit fetish…

I was on the train listening to a friend talk about her fetish, which fell into my your kink is not my kink category. But I was genuinely interested in listening to her talk about it. I liked her passion, particularly the reverent way she described how she felt about certain aspects of it…and it was there that I made the connection.

On the train as a teenager, I always got excited at the Lower Manhattan stops because I liked seeing men get on in suits. When I graduated college and started working, I developed a crush on a man primarily because of how well he wore a suit. He knew how to wear a suit like his own skin,  even when he went into his office, took off his jacket and flipped his tie over his shoulder. From him, I learned what a man’s tie says about him in relationship to his attire. Details are very important to me: (bow)ties, suspenders, vests, cufflinks, handkerchiefs…these all enhance my experience.

Needless to say there was a great deal of suit action while Mad Men was on the air, along with retro and vintage fashion which I am also obsessed with! But seeing Don Draper in a suit with his stern face, and oh…the hat! Sunday. Night. Made. Honestly, when he was not in some variation of suit—jacket on or not—my interest was not as piqued.

Suits are a reoccurring theme in my writing. (read more here)



A Romantic Evening with Madame Robbe-Grillet, the Legendary French Dominatrix

French Institute Alliance Française (Fiaf) in New York City opened the third year of its Sex and Seduction series with Catherine Robbe-Grillet, the 86 year-old dominatrix who was recently featured in a Vanity Fair interview. The rare appearance by the Madame, who was coined as a modern day by Marquis de Sade by Toni Bentley in her Vanity Fair article was an event indeed. Bentley spent time with Robbe-Grillet and her companion Beverly Carpentier in France, while working on her article and served as the evening’s moderator.

The talk was preceded by a screening of the Lina Manneheim film, The Cérémonie, which gave a glimpse into Robbe-Grillet’s world as a dominatrix. After Madame Robbe-Grillet wanted to get right to the q & a session, assuming the audience knew all about her already, or had a good idea of what she was about. But she obliged to take time to give a little background on her life as a dominatrix.

“What I do is more eroticism. Eroticism is in the mind, there is no age limit to that,” (read more here)



Sexy Excerpt: ‘Clementine’

This excerpt was written exclusively for 

Clementine had not even allowed herself to think about him in her most secret thoughts. But three gin cocktails in, she was no longer so controlled. Alex was taken, but she could not resist anymore in her uninhibited state, half lying on a glorious love seat at the vintage bar. She could not resist the idea of parting her knees. In fact she did so, right there. The softness of her own skin-to-skin contact sent prickling waves of excitement to her core.

She got up from the love seat, practically stumbling she was so drunk with imagined desire. Clementine ran her hand over her hip, and let it move up slowly to caress her side breast. Her fingers trickled over to her nipple, and she caressed it just once. To anyone looking, it looked like she was fixing her dress.

“You’re gorgeous,” The man walking toward her a few moments later declared.

Clementine wondered if he saw her touch herself a moment ago…(read more here)



BDSM Writers Con: ‘A kinky writers’ fantasy come to life’

Did you know that BDSM writers have had their own conference for a number of years? F. Leonora Solomon reports back from this year’s gathering in New York for ETO…

Walking through the lobby of the Doubletree by Hilton hotel, I approached a staircase that warned me that there was a private event for adults only and to use the bathroom nearby on that level. I knew that I was not in Kansas anymore, but New York City for the BDSM Writers Conference.

The conference is the brainchild of Dr Charley Ferrer, who developed it to help facilitate the exploration of all aspects of BDSM for writers, readers and anyone who is interested in the subject. Ferrer is the author of several books, and an avid reader herself. I heard her speak at an RWA-NYC (Romance Writers of America) chapter meeting, and loved her perspective on the lifestyle. She is charismatic and knowledgeable, and I was eager to see how the event would unfold.

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kinkly_logo_352x102There was a gaggle of sex shops in the area of town where they were, and ironically there were not a great deal of shoppers considering it was Black Friday.

Lina and Terrence were both happy that they had the day after Thanksgiving off. They both had high-stress jobs, and looked forward to having some down time together.

And they planned to make the most of it.

Lina’s phone was their power tool. She had a series of email-only discounts that they planned to take advantage of. When they walked into the store, they were greeted by several employees who wanted to help them, but holding Terrence’s hand, Lina quietly led him to the curtained off area section to show him her choice. 

His eyes were wide and beaming.

“You want that?!” Terrence said.

Lina smiled. “I have imagined what I can do with it.”

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