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Wicked Wednesday #289 — Neighbors

Eliza hoped their neighbors—well the other people on their hotel room floor did not hear everything that had happened in their room. Oscar held her hand, as they walked down the hall and she felt like a teenager. It was such a sweet gesture for him to hold her hand, but everything that had happened on their hotel bed was not so sweet.

Their lovemaking had been raw, and every emotion they had every felt was expressed through it. The way he held her that said: if not always, right now you are mine. The way that she relaxed against him as if to say, am home. There was nothing gentle or quiet about their emotions.

Oscar almost pulled her down the hall, and the loud click clack of her heels through it was sure to rouse what neighbors had not already heard them in the hotel room. He pulled her into a stairwell and reminiscent of their time in Shanghai, he kissed her like their lives depended on it.

And at that moment it did.

She searched his body with her hands as if for a fever, and she panted when she pulled away from their kiss. He turned her face up to his,

“There’s no rush. I am here.”

She melted under his kisses after, the wall felt like summer and she could see it melt around her like she could see the heat rise from the grid on a summer day in the city.

They were on fire.

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Wicked Wednesday #288 — Whispers

There had been whispers, but it was face to face with Oscar that it was confirmed.

“So Polly and I have broken up again.” he stated.

Eliza looked at him with soft eyes across from the table, while she sipped a glass of Barolo.

“How do you feel about it?” she queried.

He ran his hands through his hair.

“I do not know, it is not the first time, and we have done it so much that it feels like we could be back together too…but for now broken up.”

“I am sorry,” Eliza lowered her eyes.

“How is Terrence?”

“Fine, Rafe too of course.”

Oscar nodded.

Hearing that he was single again made something leap in her. Which was not a surprise, it was Oscar after all, and they had been a big thing.

“What are you going to do now?” she questioned, looking in his eyes. “Are you going to spend some alone time? Or time trying to figure out what to do next?”

It was moments later, as she looked at her cell phone and was glad there were no meetings she had missed…it was then that she looked at the bottle of Barolo beside the bed, and reached for Oscar.

It had been such a long tome, that she never even thought it was possible again that they would be like this. But when he took her hand as she tried to reach him and pulled her for a kiss and was on top of her again as she was semi dressed, Eliza smiled at serendipity.

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Wicked Wednesday #287 — Muse

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo, and I am following my muse. So here is a retro post of when Eliza and Terrence first got together…

Eliza pressed her hand to her head.

Life was wilder than fiction…she could not have made any of this up. She rolled from side to side on the bed, at first not sure literally where she was–

–in bed.

–or where she was…

…in Paris.

She loved Paris, but she had not been excited about this trip. Aside from all of the things that were going on in her personal life with Rafe and Oscar, she was less than thrilled about her traveling companion.

The new guy in her department had rubbed her the wrong way as soon as she met him. He was far too cocky, and did not mesh with anyone in her department. He was abrupt with her, and she was his boss. She had not wanted to go with him, but he was hired because he had contacts in France, and they wanted to expand outside of Paris. Plus his French was impeccable.

On the plane there, they sat side by side. Eliza pressed her head to the window, and felt the new guy fall asleep on her shoulder. She wanted to push him off of her, but she figured he was asleep. She reread texts that she and Oscar had exchanged. Oscar mentioned Polly, and that was almost too much for her to bear.

As work colleagues, the new guy was spectacular. In and out of meetings, he was spectacular. And then there were the awkward interactions between them, when they were not in meetings. Eliza would stare at her phone, and the new guy would sit across from her.

“You should dump that guy…”

Eliza looked up at him.


“You keep staring at your phone frowning. I know that look, you should dump the guy.”

She picked up her phone, and walked out onto the terrace. The new guy followed her.

“Don’t jump!”

Eliza rolled around on her bed, and felt as if she was burned when she rolled into his body.

It was the new guy, and he was still asleep. She swallowed as she watched him. This truth was far stranger than fiction…

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Wicked Wednesday #286 — Page 69

Eliza’s finger slipped off of page 69 in her novel, when Terrence kissed her shoulder. He wanted to cook for her, and would not let her lift a finger to help him. Looked like he would threaten her if she tried to.

He took her hand, and walked her to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair for her to sit. He watched her eat with such intensity, that she stopped.

“What? Is this laced with arsenic?”

She raised her hands to her throat. Terrence leaned in closer to her, and then wrapped his arms about her.

“I love you.”

Eliza kissed him. The leftover taste of the meal he had prepared, accents of garlic and pepper and other seasonings seasoned their kiss.

She was pretty sure her kiss said I love you, but she whispered against his neck.

“I love you.”

The day was love, it was a day of love. Terrence got whatever he wanted for the day, whatever he wanted.

He wanted her how she wanted to be. Naked for a bit, in one of his shirts for a spell and under him for a lot of it.

And Eliza got what she wanted for the day, and she was thankful.

Thankful for love.

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Wicked Wednesday #285 — Geography

Terrence’s eyes were slit, the tiny pathway between wake and sleep was narrow, but the geography of Eliza’s body was with him on either side. His knowledge of every part of her was stained in his conscious and subconscious. His lips were swollen from kiss after kiss, underscoring how much he had missed her. The taste on his tongue was of the now soft, dewy patch that was triangular in the juncture between her hips. He reached for that soft spot, even as her breath deepened. Further up, he sought the roses along her ribcage, and let his fingers dip along the bones there.

He moved his hand from her, and then reached for the damp nape of her neck. He had used her well. Every bit of her, he had needed to touch every bit of her. Not that he had forgotten a thing, but that he wanted to seal his memory of each bit.

It had only been a few days since they had seen each other, but the hunger was like something in a movie. It had a sound, breath and need that surpassed anything that he could imagine.

She turned on her side, uncovered, completely bare to his gaze and comfortable in her skin. His heavy eyes fell, she had used him quite well too, his body was heavy from lovemaking and he wanted to rest. Closed eyed, he wrapped her in his arms, and kissed her damp nape, her sweet sweat and desired nothing else.

The hunger now sated would return, but for now, she was in his arms again.

She was his.

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Wicked Wednesday #284 — Telephone

The vibration woke her up.

Eliza looked at her mobile telephone, even though she knew it was Terrence.

The phone was their main medium of interaction. She interacted with him more there than anywhere else, in a way she did not interact with anyone else.

It was like a vein between them.

She could smell breakfast meats and eggs, so she knew Rafe was making one of his amazing breakfasts and she was famished from being with him.

But she needed to pick up her phone. On her back, she reached her arm out to pick it up and see his name upside down…

T, she had changed him from Terrence to T on her phone.

Good Morning, miss you, she read.

Kiss you, she let the typo stay, then, Miss you.

I want to kiss you too….

Eliza pressed the phone to her lips, his texts were so intense that it was almost like being with him.

I could feel your kiss in your text.

I want you to feel me, I miss you.

Eliza could feel him in her mind with, and she smiled at how they acted like they were had not seen each other in forever and were never going to see each other again–when they had seen each other the day before.

Their texting got racier and racier–ardent sexting–but she did not rub between her legs. Instead, she rubbed where the tattoo was that she had gotten with him. The sensitive spot on her ribs made her soft between her legs, and she wanted him so much…

I love you, she ended their texting with slow typewritten words, before she placed her phone down softly. She got up, and caught sight of herself undone physically and mentally in the mirror, before she walked to the kitchen. She smiled at the sight of Rafe’s back as he finished breakfast. She placed a soft kiss on the back of his neck, and put her arms about him.

Love filled her from wverywhere….

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Wicked Wednesday #283 — Memory Lane

Rafe was asleep beside Eliza, and she could not keep her eyes off of him. She had not been this close to him for awhile. They slept together every night, but this night, she felt closer to him.

What they had done together on the highway earlier…

She kissed his shoulder, and closed her eyes.

Once upon a time, Rafe had been to her what Terrence was. She fell in love in a pattern, even with Oscar it had more or less been the same.

Her love history.

But with Rafe, it had been all encompassing, and when he asked her to marry him…there was nothing in the world that could have made her happier. She had wanted to, and still wanted to marry him.

She had loved Oscar deeply, and now Terrence. Terrence was the fire in her these days, her love for him was the thing that burned in her like the eternal flame. But lying beside Rafe, she remembered that he was the person that she planned on being with for the rest of her life. The color of his eyes was forever for her.

“I dreamt about you…” Rafe started with his eyes still slit closed. “I dreamt you were in a white dress, but not your wedding dress, just a white dress that you used to wear a lot. You were holding flowers, white and everything looked like a wedding…”

Eliza closed her eyes, and snuggled close to him. She knew exactly what white dress he was talking about. She at least thought she did, and she fell asleep thinking about it.

Later that morning, she called Rafe into the bedroom to help her pull a zipper up the back of her dress. She was fully capable of doing it herself, but she wanted to confirm that this was the dress he dreamt about.

“Can you help me?” she feigned helplessness, as she pretended not to be able to reach the zipper.

“Of course,” Rafe said, caressing her breasts and kissing her neck.

The white dress fell in a pile at the floor, fodder for a future trip down memory lane.

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Wicked Wednesday #282 — Mirror

Eliza saw her hair whipping in the rearview mirror, as they were coming back from Long Island. Rafe had had some wine, but he was capable of driving them home. She was a little more inebriated, which was typical since she was the non-driver between them.

Their dynamic was so calm like this, her hand on his thigh. When she touched him there, she always wanted more.

“Did you have fun?” he questioned, even though she knew she did.

“I did. It was nice to see everyone.”

“Yeah, but it was nicest to just be alone with you for a while. On the open road.”

“We are together every day, you must be sick of me!”

“No, I never get sick of you. I like seeing you all of the time, I am greedy.”

Eliza put her head on his shoulder, and her hand on his chest.

“Good thing we are getting married then!”

Her hand went down his chest, and rested on his belt buckle. The tension she felt from his stomach, let her know he was getting aroused—she knew his body as well as she knew her own body.

“Do I need to pull over?”

Laughing softly, she undid his belt buckle and reached for him. When he was driving, he knew better than to wear underwear with her.

“Do you think you need to?”

He pulled over shortly after, and sat back as she unzipped his pants while she sucked on his belt buckle and looked up at him.

“You are such a tease!”

Giving his buckle a long lick, she pouted.

“You know I am not a tease, you know I put out…”

After teasing him a but longer, licking his zipper, running her fingers along the bottom of his stomach, Eliza finally took him half hard in her mouth. She was a little disappointed because she liked it when he was soft to start. But him in her mouth was a delicacy, and she savored it to the sweet end. His come in her mouth, finer than any wine she had had that night.

In the rearview mirror, she saw her face like the Cheshire cat that had gotten all of the cream.

She did…

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Wicked Wednesday #281 — Car Keys

Eliza placed her hand on Rafe’s thigh. He had grabbed her and the car keys, and they were on the road. She looked absently out of the window, excited for a trip with him. The idea of being just the two of them excited her, especially with no destination.

Just each other.

Her phone vibrated, and immediately she felt herself go loose between her legs. The vibration went along her zipper, and made her drunk with something. She did not need to look at the phone, she knew who it was…

The struggle to look at her phone was a huge one. Of course she had texted before in the car with Rafe, but not with Terrence. She picked up her phone, her other hand still on Rafe’s thigh.

Morning precious rose.

He started calling her a rose, after she got the tattoo with him in mind.

Morning babe.

Miss you…

Miss you too…

What are you wearing, what are you doing?


She squeezed Rafe’s thigh, when she realized that she had told Terrence she was driving.

You are not supposed to text and drive!

But it is you, you know I have no control when it comes to you…

It was not a lie, she thought as she stared at the sentence on her phone.

I like that about you, and the same. Why don’t you drive over here?

I’m in Long Island…

She stared out of the window just then, so she would know where to tell him she was.

I want to see you.

Me too.

I want you.

Eliza looked at Rafe, and squeezed his thigh as a reflex.

I always want you.

She squeezed her legs together, and placed the phone down on her lap.

She did always want him, her thoughts of him raced faster than the highway outside her window…

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Wicked Wednesday #280 — Hologram

The tatooed flowers Eliza’s ribs looked like a hologram, like you could reach out, touch them and would feel them…smell them.

Terrence could not keep his hands, or his nose away from her. In bed, he liked the feeling of her ribs and spared no expense at touching her there…showing her…

He pressed his nose to her ribs, and kissed her rib by rib, and it made her feel very biblical. Even though it was Eve who was made from Adam’s rib…

Terrence kissed her ribcage, and then pulled her on top of him. They looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, and Terrence started to look like a hologram of her tattoo through her rose-colored visage…his face more lovely than any rose…

Rafe liked the tattoo, it was a reminder to him of when he first met her and she was more bohemian. These days, she did not fret as much about how it was when they first got together and she did not feel elegant enough to be his fiancee…

“You know I think that you are beautiful no matter what you do…” Rafe had said to her, as he kissed her ribcage.

When Eliza was alone, and she ran the tops of her fingers over her ribcage, it felt like love. The roses looked like photorealism on her flesh. Looking at herself naked in the full length mirror, she saw herself—her age and the flowers tattooed on her like love. There was love in her eyes and on her body, and she was grateful…

…for all of the love.

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