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Wicked Wednesday #298 — Time Travel

It felt like time travel for Oscar, when he left Sally and returned to his office. He had spent most of the afternoon with her and now he had a lot of work to do to catch up.

Polly walked by his door, and he was happy that they had had an amicable breakup. She walked in after a gentle knock.

“Late night got you too? We have food—do you want anything?” she questioned as soft as her knock on the door.

He smiled, and shook his head. He saw her study his eyes, and knew that she could read him.

“What is going on?” She questioned, sitting on the edge of his desk. “Looks like a woman, Eliza?”

Eliza was on his mind, but not the way that Polly thought. He was not sure what he was going to do about her. They had just started being intimate again, when he told her about Sally. Promised her Sally was a ghost. Then, like in an episode of The Twilight Zone, Sally appeared and he was with her all afternoon. It was like no time had passed between them, like they went right back into that place where they could not keep their hands off of each other.

It used to be so intense between them. He could not see any part of her body, without wanting to touch it and she said the same. She said if he had on a shirt and she could see any part of his chest, it made her practically wet because she thought about touching it and thought of how hard it was pressed to her body.

She made him feel like a man, Sally was the first woman to make him really feel like a man. Their relationship was the first serious and enduring sexual one he had ever had. And seeing her again, their lovemaking felt like picking up where they had left off.

Like maybe even they should not have left off.

“No Polly, this is not about Eliza,” he said quietly, and saw relief on Polly’s face. Polly knew what Eliza meant to him, but she never knew about Sally.

And he did not want to talk about Sally just then, Sally was still his little secret right now. He wanted it to just be his a little while longer.

On his phone, he saw that he had a text:

Eliza Morton

Thinking about you, missed you this afternoon…

He loved that she was not accusatory, he did not want to tell her about Sally…yet…

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Wicked Wednesday #297 — Rainbow

Sally had a rainbow on her t-shirt the first time they had sex. Oscar remembered it as her being so aggressive and her being the one that really took control of the situation, but she remembered it differently. His approach was not slick or smooth—but it was genuine and she knew that he liked her so she felt comfortable enough with him to make an approach. To be closer to him, even after they had done everything but so many times before.

Even now, she got dressed and thought how random fate was. She came to New York for something entirely different that she would have to deal with in the coming days, but now here she was with Oscar.

He was putting on his tie, and she sashayed over to him playfully and helped him tighten it. He kissed her jaw, and she smiled as she kissed the tips of his fingers in her hands.

“How long are you going to be in New York?” he asked suddenly, as if real life just hit him, juxtaposed to what had been real but surreal sex.

Sally looked at him, and shrugged honestly. She would tell him why she was there if he asked, but only if he asked. Their history was vast and wide, but she did not owe him anything and he told her that he was involved with another woman at that.

But she would tell him anything he asked, if he asked.

But instead, he got sentimental, pushing stray strands of hair back from her face and looking at her as if her expression was some kind of admission in and of itself.

“I cannot believe just running into you like this. Just running into you, and now being here with you in your hotel room.” He leaned in to kiss her, and she closed her eyes and savored their kiss like she would never kiss him or anyone ever again because she never knew what fate had in store. Everything was not always coming up rainbows like on her shirt the first time they had sex, and she kissed him like she was now. Because she knew they were on the precipice of something, and she was scared to lose it…

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Wicked Wednesday #296 — Chemistry

The chemistry between the two of them could not be squashed. Oscar had to be honest to himself, that when he talked about Sally to Eliza he felt it then. It had been such a thing between them. Sally had been his everything, and he could not keep his hands off of her. The only reason that they had ended was because they were separated.

So when he saw her again, it was hard to keep his hands off of her.

So he didn’t.

Sally was beside him in bed, quiet and pensive. She was different than she had been when they were first together. Her lovemaking was even more intense, and he was afraid he was going to come too soon because she knew his body and how to make him explode.He rested his hands on her hips to let her know to stop, and she did. Her enjoyment of him remained evident on her face, and at the leisurely way she rode him. Her hands explored her body and his, touching explosive bits on both of them.

Oscar was overwhelmed, and he had to think about things like a cold shower so he would not come. Sally’s tells were like before, when she came she wanted him to come to. She knew exactly where to touch him, where to caress him so he would lose control.

When he first made love to her, it was not like this. He enjoyed her body, but his skill was not where it would eventually become with other lovers. For him to have been as confident as he was to have approached Eliza like he did, it would take some time.

“Are you still overthinking?” Sally turned, and put her hand in his chest.

Sally knew his mind too, so it was hard to lie to her.

“Of course I am.”

Sally kissed his chest.

“I’ll tell you a secret, there has been no other man like you in my life. No one else that it has been like this.”

“In California?”

Sally shook her head.

“No, California was not like this. There were men of course, but not like you.”

“My secret? There’s a woman that I have had a relationship on and off with for years. Still. She is in an open relationship, it’s complicated. But we talked about you recently, it was random but everything came back, and I remembered how much I loved you. It was hard, but I loved you in a different way than I love her because I had never been in love before.”

“I had not been in love before either.”

She curled up against him, and he held her close. The scent of her skin and hair continued to drive him crazy. The same perfume, that if he smelled it even not on her he remembered her. He had tried to squash Sally, but here she was like a phoenix risen from the ash…

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Wicked Wednesday #295 — Suitcase

Oscar was headed to work, when he saw a woman struggling with a suitcase. He was normally kind about helping women, but this woman in particular had caught his attention for reasons he could not identify. She was curvaceous and well-dressed, and as he approached her there was a bit of deja vu. Something about her scent…

“Can I help you?” he inquired.

When the woman tuned around with a smile, he froze.


He nodded, since he was rendered mute.


She looked at him and when she let go of the bag, he could not let go of the sight of her. She was in a tailored suit that showed off all of her curves—each curve he knew. He remembered what she felt like the way that you never forget how to play an instrument. He knew exactly where he could touch her to change the expression on her face.

And he knew she could do the same to him.

She held her arms open, and Oscar was afraid to touch her. He was afraid if he did what would jar his memory. He had talked about her hypothetically with Eliza, but he never imagined that he would see her again.

He pulled her into his arms, and pressed his face to her hair.

“How have you been?” she asked, as they pulled away.

“Good,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “I was just talking about you to someone. Saying what a mess I was before I met you.”

“You were never a mess Oscar, just young. I was young too then, I’m not like that anymore.”

“Are you coming or going?” He gestured toward her suitcase.

“Coming,” she smiled.

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Wicked Wednesday #294 — Twenty-One

Eliza could not feign that she did feel jealousy when Oscar told her about an old love—even if he was twenty-one at the time. But she still had a need to listen to him with rapt attention when he told her.

“When I approached you at the bar the first time,” he started. “I had my act together. I knew what I wanted, and how to get it. But with Sally, it was different. I was a bit shy with her…well more than a bit. She said if I was not so hot, she would not have bothered.”

“Was she older?” Eliza questioned, cuddling more with him because she needed to feel him close and remember he was with her now.

Oscar nodded, and the warmth of his scent came up from his throat and she wanted to touch the warmth and masculinity of it.

“Not a lot, but older like 25. She was gorgeous, and I did not know the first thing to do with her. But she was a happy teacher. I learned a lot from her.”

“I bet you did,” Eliza said, under her breath with a smirk.

“You are jealous of a now phantom ex?”

“You never talked to her after?”

Oscar shrugged.

“She was a bit of a crutch for me for awhile. I would break up with her, or she with me but we still did couple things”

“Like sleep together?”

He nodded, and then took Eliza’s hand and kissed it.

“I did not even know you then, it feels like a lifetime ago.”

Eliza nodded. What she and Oscar experienced was a once in a lifetime as well, she curled into him and he held her tight.

“You’re still hot,” she whispered.

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Wicked Wednesday Flashback

I am a little under the weather–but I always do Wicked Wednesday! Here is a favorite one I did.

Eliza looked perfect, absolutely perfect. She sat at her vanity table in just her lace underthings. Rafe loved to slip a secret look at her when she was getting ready for dinners like the one her boss was having tonight. There was international staff in town, and that meant that they wanted to wine and dine them. The entire week had been like that, but this last dinner was with the invite for significant others.

And he was hers.

Rafe sat on the bed in his undershirt and tuxedo pants, he was clean-shaven only because of tonight. Otherwise he would have had a bit of a scruff like he usually did, which Eliza liked. But even though she worked at a creative firm, it was terribly corporate. Even his firm was not that corporate.

Eliza caught him looking at her, he did not care. It was their ritual to get caught looking at each other, getting ready for a night out. In the beginning, when they were first together, they could not just look. They were borderline late to everything, because they could not keep their hands off of each other.

She still was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met, and he loved her because he did not know how to do anything else if it was not to love her.

He recognized early on that they fit. Eliza was very innocent when they met. She was wild, and he was used to living like a little man all of his life with his well-off family. His parents had not loved her at first, because Sandrine looked more sophisticated and she was French. He had had an animal desire for Sandrine that after their recent dalliance, would never fade but he would keep it in check.

Eliza loved him, she loved him with all of the love she had regardless of what he did. She always wanted to understand why. It hurt him that he had taken her for granted, and that was why she had ended up with Oscar. He would always be attracted to Sandrine, but he had no desire to be with her forever. But he knew that Eliza loved Oscar, and it hurt him. It hurt him that she had fallen in love with another man.

Eliza blew kisses at him, and he caught them. He watched her spritz perfume on her pulse points, it was like a ceremony with her. Behind her ears, the hollow of her throat, between her breasts, the small of her back and behind her knees. When she bent to spritz her knees, he watched the delicate way her body curved. He walked over to her, and traced his finger along her spine.

“No!” She smiled. “No, we are running late—no!”

The fresh scent of her perfume, and the look in her eyes that let him know. She thrust her breasts forward, and pointed the perfume bottle at him like a weapon.

“I will spritz you, and you will smell like…”

“…like you.” He finished.

Eliza put the petal-shaped bottle down, and he stood close to her.

They were going to be late for her boss’s dinner…

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Wicked Wednesday #292 — Gadgets

Eliza was very attached to her gadgets. After her rendezvous with Oscar, she was able to use them to keep track of Rafe and Terrence.

Terrence texted her, and she wiped her hair out of her eyes.

Have not seen you in forever, I miss you.

She loved how much sentiment she got from him now. He was so different. When they first met at work, she thought he was abrasive and a smart ass. But now she realized that he was the way he was with her, because he was fighting against liking her.

But what had happened since then and now was inevitable.

She looked at her phone again, and saw a text from Rafe.

Taking you out tonight—get all dolled up because I just want to see you like that.

Like a doll? she teased with her text.

Yes, my doll.

Eliza loved that Rafe still wanted to see her dolled up. He liked the way that she looked, and she liked to get dolled for him because she loved to watch his eyes when he looked at her.

Placing her phone upside down on her lap, Eliza adjusted her wireless headphones. She moved to a sensual playlist that she liked, when she was feeling like she was today.

Then she picked her phone up, when it vibrated, and it felt like her recent sex with Oscar.

Vibrating in all of the spots where Oscar had.

Oscar, a text from Oscar.

I miss you, do you miss me?

That soft vulnerability in his text.

Hadn’t she always missed him?

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Wicked Wednesday #291 — Promote a Blog

Eliza had to see Oscar a few nights later, but this time at another bar. Some place that they did not know anyone, and that no one knew them. She really wanted it to be just them, and for them to be alone with what had happened between them.

She had not stopped thinking about it, because she really had not expected it to happen. She thought that they were really going to be only friends from this point on.

But as soon as they got there, and were seated in a dim corner, she placed her hand inside of his thigh. She kneaded softly, and then more intense with her need. Oscar looked in her eyes, and kneaded the side of her breast. Their touches were so filled with need, as their bodies pressed closer together…

…until they had to get up.

Eliza clutched Oscar’s arm, as they got up from the table and they did not even make it to the bathroom. He pressed her to the wall, and in a series of magnetic motions, they were one. Oscar covered Eliza’s mouth with his hand, as her moans rose with pleasure and she bit the inside of it. As they moved together, she had to clap her hand over his mouth.

The insides of their palms were red when they returned to the table, and Oscar’s had actual teeth marks—blood to the surface. He bit her neck when some of his scotch got into it…

They were so far from just friends, Eliza thought as she sunk into his bite.

This is the Promote a Blog post, and I want to promote Marie, Kayla and Molly who inspire me to blog. I also want to thank Mischa for picking me for the top 3 last week, since her talent as a writer is enviable.

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Wicked Wednesday #290 — Marathon

After marathon lovemaking in the hotel with Oscar, Eliza had to catch herself. She threw her head back on the backseat, and looked at the busy streets of Manhattan fly past her. She could still feel Oscar inside her, and it was a precious feeling to her.

And taboo at the same time.

She crossed her legs, and looked at her phone. She had messages from Rafe and Terrence, but all she was filled with was Oscar. How good it felt, how familiar it felt and when was it going to happen again between them?

She saw a message from Oscar pop up on her screen, and it was like she was a teenager all over again.

I miss you already E. Want to see you again. Soon.

She turned her phone facedown on the seat beside her, and realized the ball was in her court. That she could make it happen again between them, and he was saying that he wanted it to happen again.

In the beginning before she and Rafe opened up their relationship, she thought that she… that it was possible that she could have left Rafe to be with Oscar. Now that was inconsequential, because she can be with him and Rafe and Terrence would just have to deal.

She sat up straighter as saw the Empire State Building, and realized that her love was equally as tall.

When are you free? When can we get together again? She texted and closed her eyes, eager for his response.

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Wicked Wednesday #289 — Neighbors

Eliza hoped their neighbors—well the other people on their hotel room floor did not hear everything that had happened in their room. Oscar held her hand, as they walked down the hall and she felt like a teenager. It was such a sweet gesture for him to hold her hand, but everything that had happened on their hotel bed was not so sweet.

Their lovemaking had been raw, and every emotion they had every felt was expressed through it. The way he held her that said: if not always, right now you are mine. The way that she relaxed against him as if to say, am home. There was nothing gentle or quiet about their emotions.

Oscar almost pulled her down the hall, and the loud click clack of her heels through it was sure to rouse what neighbors had not already heard them in the hotel room. He pulled her into a stairwell and reminiscent of their time in Shanghai, he kissed her like their lives depended on it.

And at that moment it did.

She searched his body with her hands as if for a fever, and she panted when she pulled away from their kiss. He turned her face up to his,

“There’s no rush. I am here.”

She melted under his kisses after, the wall felt like summer and she could see it melt around her like she could see the heat rise from the grid on a summer day in the city.

They were on fire.

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