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Masturbation Monday No. 163 — Kitten

Harry was a departure for Sabrina. She normally had crushes on men, that bloomed like flowers. With Harry, it was different. Between them was primal. They had sex like they were undomesticated animals.

She went to his apartment, greedy for an encounter. He looked at her, and pulled down his pants as she closed the door behind her. The way he handled himself made her wet, as she thought about how he felt inside her and how it felt when she handled him like that.

Sabrina took of her dress, and she was not wearing underwear. Her nipples were obscenely hard, and she caressed one as she watched him. She did not place her hands between her legs, because she knew that she would come if she did.

Harry was not afraid to come at all. He handled himself so roughly that it was inevitable that he would, and when he did Sabrina dabbed at the juncture between her legs where she was dripping.

Sabrina got on her knees, and crawled over to him. Running her lips over his belly, she licked the drops of come there. She loved the taste of his come, and as she licked it like a kitten at a bowl of milk while he pulled her hair. Between her legs was so sticky now, and her sticky secret became an open secret as Harry let go of her hair to grab her ass and then finger fuck her.

Without words, he circled her clit and exploited the wet clicking sound between her legs to let her know that he knew she was dripping wet. Sabrina finished licking his belly, and spread her legs so he could finger fuck her blind. She came so hard, that she lost her breath and sat back on her legs looking up at him like a good pet.

He patted her head, and she smelled herself on his fingers which made her want more. She touched herself, still aching with the pleasure his fingers had created there and looked at him expectantly…

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Masturbation Monday No. 162 — Wet

Sabrina closed the door behind her, to her apartment. She felt a little wobbly, as she pressed her back to it. Her breath surprised her, with its raggedness. Her body still ruminated with his body, that had just been joined with hers.

She did not want to be sentimental about it, she did not want to feel anything.

And she would not.

Standing up straight, she walked into the bathroom and looked at her face. She looked shaken, before she threw water on herself. The water startingly aroused her. Her body was electric, from just having been with Harry.

Her neighbor’s name was Harry. She had not wanted to know anything about him personally, but when she was kneeling doggy style on his couch as he plowed her—she saw a piece of mail on his coffee table, as her breasts swung back and forth against her in conjunction with his balls against her backside.

At the moment that she read his name—Harry, on the envelope—he slapped her backside so hard she came from the sensation of him fucking her and the pain of the slap. She had cried out, and he had smacked her ass again.

Sabrina put her hand on her bottom now, still sore from just that couple of slaps from him. She had wanted more, she had wanted him to pick up his belt and use it on her because it made her out of control.

But she did not ask him to do that.

They were quiet as they fucked. Hard, and with raw desire like honey being the main objective.

That was all Sabrina wanted now, she did not want to want anything more than that.

Her body throbbed from their fucking like a symptom, but she ignored it and got herself ready for bed. Between her legs remained soaking wet, even after she dried herself…

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Masturbation Monday No. 161

Sabrina could have kicked herself, and she did in the semi-scramble to get off of the bar stool. But then she stayed put—what was the point? Her neighbor had definitely seen her…

To take the edge off of going to her apartment, and the chance she could see him, she had gone to the wine bar down the street to calm herself down. Never once did she think he would be in there as well—but she did not know anything about him.

She did not even know his name.

He walked over to her, did not ask if the seat was taken and sat next to her. Frozen with nerves, she stared at him and he stared back.

The bartender set her red wine in front of her, and she did not even glance at it. Up close, she saw he was very sexy—not that she had not known. But she rarely got to see him this close. His eyes were dark and menacing, but there was a drop of vulnerability in then that she hoped he would be generous with.

He put his hand on hers, and she shivered. He looked at her quietly, patiently. Sabrina knew the subtext, as well as if their encounter was being scripted for film. He got up, and she followed him. He pulled her coat over her shoulders, as she continued to shiver.

Her shivering had nothing to do with being cold…

She followed him back to his apartment, the sound of her heels thundering as she walked beside him. He moved her in front of him as he opened the door, and pressed his body to the back of her.

Sabrina sighed, and he steadied her.

“You okay?” His first words to her, his deep voice almost drove her crazy.

“I’m good, she sighed.

“Here.” he said. “With the door open.”

He did not have to tell her twice. Lifting one leg around him like a ballerina, he held her close. Their bodies moved, and made a dirty shadow against the wall and onto the stairwell. A shadow unlike those made by kids in the dark.

Their shadow reflected their dark passion, and Sabrina bit her lip as he treated her like anything but porcelain

But she knew she would not break.

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Masturbation Monday No. 160 — Desert

“Are you okay?”

Sabrina looked at Betty. She was sure Betty was concerned, but she was also the nosiest person, and secretly probably craved some salacious element to whatever was wrong with Sabrina.

Spotting a glimpse of even Ben looking at her, Sabrina tried to lighten her face with a soft smile.

“I am fine.”

With that, she slipped out of her chair and went to the ladies’ room. The ladies’ room there was a much more soothing space than at her previous job. Sabrina sat on the toilet for a long while before she got up. Her lady parts buzzed, but she did nothing to further it. Wiping herself gently, she opened the latch to the stall and looked at herself in the mirror.

Away from everyone, she looked ravaged.

A quick glimpse of her neighbor came to her mind, and she almost burst into tears.

Thinking she heard someone walking into the bathroom, she ran back into her stall. The adrenaline rush, rushed right between her legs.

She was not porcelain, she would not break. She was not a valuable vase.

Her neighbor had come to her door last night, and she was not expecting him obviously, but she was. Her little escapades with him from a distance usually made her rub herself until she came for what seconds? He did not touch her, but she was aroused like a fever when they did what they did.

But then him at her door.

When he opened his mouth to speak, she put her fingers on his lips and shook her head. She did not want it to be about that. He kissed her fingers, and with her door open like she had with Ben—like it made it safer or something—he pulled her to him and kissed her mouth. He kissed her like their kiss was sex, not thrusting his tongue into her mouth, but kissing her with purpose. Slanted, slow and warm. He pulled her to him, and she tried to rub herself against him but he stilled her body.

It was not about that for him.

Leaning against her door like she was lying in the belly of the desert, he looked at her for a long time before he walked away.

They said nothing, but everything.

She was not okay, to answer Betty’s question.

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Masturbation Monday No. 159 — Object

Sabrina had been half asleep when she did it, but she had done it and now she had to deal with the repercussions.

Her neighbor started to appear often in her window. Between them it was unspoken. This was someone who she had titillated, and he wanted more of the same. To be honest, it was not completely just him who wanted that.

She liked being an object. Sexual, but not touched. In the beginning, long ago when that was her job, that had been the thing she loved so much. Sometimes, she did have sex with clients, but sometimes she was the main attraction and she was never touched.

When saw him in the window, she gave him a quicksilver flash of boob that if he had not been looking for it he might not have noticed.

He did not respond the same way all of the time either. He too might have been drowsy, and now dealing with the repercussions. He did not touch himself, but the way he looked at her was more intense than if he had touched himself or her. He ran his hands through his hair roughly, and walked away from the window.

This happened on and off, and she thought nothing of it. A flash of breast, her mostly shaven mound or a blown kiss was nothing to her to offer him.

Until they saw each other on the stairs, face to face.

The sound of their combined breath audible, and Sabrina felt her heart race–with excitement or danger? She did not know this man, who she had been teasing all this time at all.

His eyes bore through hers with that intense look of his that made a fire start between her breasts–excitement or fear? He looked away from her, and walked down the stairs. She felt the heat flare up on her back like fire, not sure what he would do.

She felt the air cool between them, as his descent thundered down the stairs.

Sabrina walked up the stairs slowly, like a porcelain vase.

She was a delicate object…

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Masturbation Monday No. 158 — The Middle of the Night

Sabrina was restless in the middle of the night. Alone, she was confronted with all of her life choices–and changes. Her body of course ached for something more, it was the middle of the night when she was alone in bed.

That was when she was the neediest.

But then she realized she was not alone. Fully awake, she realized Ben was with her, curled onto his side and not holding her anymore as he had when they had fallen asleep.

She got up from her bed, and moved into the kitchen where she saw the reflection of her naked body superimposed onto her neighbor.

That neighbor.

She was going to look away at first, but he looked at her, and let his hand slide right into his pants. It was fair after all, since she and Ben had practiced no inhibition with him earlier. The look in his eyes was something between desperation and helplessness. Sabrina watched him, with a twisted smile. She did not budge, but stood there letting her body be fully seen, letting her breasts bob like apples and looking straight at him. That was all she had to do.

Be an object.

He looked at her for awhile, his face contorted with his emotions. She knew if she touched any part of her body, it would be like igniting a flame.

She touched her lips, and watched him explode. Come spurted onto the window, and he banged it as he came. Sabrina continued to smile, and watched him with lowered shoulders as he grabbed paper towel to wipe the window.

She turned then, turned off the light, forgetting about the snack she had wanted for herself. Everyone had deep desires in the middle of the night, and they had just eased those for each other.

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Masturbation Monday No. 155 — Kneel

Sabrina lie on the floor with her legs still spread, her labia tremored from the aftershock of her orgasm. Her anus was damp with her come, and she looked up at Ben who hastily tucked himself away, after he heard the footsteps of her neighbor so close…

She saw her neighbor looking at them. His lips so tight on the stairwell, that Sabrina almost wanted to laugh. It was neither here nor there to her that they had been caught. She throbbed with raw delight between her legs, as she sat up and caressed the back of Ben’s thighs.

He was obviously was shaken, and still partially erect which made her salivate as she looked at his bulge.

“Someone might have seen us!” he whispered roughly.


She laughed, and got on her knees before him kissing his thighs through his pants and placed a gentle kiss on the sweet length of him behind his zipper.

“So…” he started. “You get off on being watched!”

The blush he caused her, ran down her whole body like lava, the heat of it made her arch as she looked up into his eyes from her kneeling position.

She sat back on her heels, when with the door still open, Ben knelt before her, pulled up her clothes and licked her like a fever. The heat of her desire rose like a fever, as her hips moved up to meet the source of her pleasure over and over again as Ben held her waist so he could position her better.

The sound of someone coming down the stairs this time did not deter either of them…

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Masturbation Monday No. 154 — Flee

“Where are you going?”

Sabrina looked at Ben, and gulped. Her fancy suitcase, with the Eiffel Tower on it and its shiny crystalline pink base, she placed delicately beside her as she looked up at him.

After Graham had found her–again–she wanted to flee. . She wanted to go away again. He had fucked her so good, she could not stop thinking about it. She had placed her hand between her legs, and rubbed herself almost raw trying to make herself come like he had made her come. So painfully aroused, she almost wanted to beg him to come back and stop the ache that she felt.

But then she decided to flee–to leave and be away from this. From the potential of him again, maybe the third time

would be the charm?

Ben searched her eyes, and she wanted to lie to him. Because the truth was not something she could tell

anyone, only Graham knew.

“Nowhere, I was just thinking I needed a more formal suitcase and was going to toss this one.”

“No, no, no,” Ben said, walking inside and she could feel he was hard when he pressed her against the wall. Her body was not used enough, that she did not want he promised. “I love your personal style.”

He took her glasses off, and lifted up her vintage dress. Her tortoiseshell glasses were an ode to Theodora. She had loved those glasses on her so much.

Sabrina groaned as he left the door opened, and fingered her for anyone passing to see. The inside of her thighs were sticky because of how wet she was. She wanted it with the door open, and devil may care who could see them.

Ben was game, as he unzipped his pants. Sabrina got on all fours beside her Eiffel Tower suitcase, and her eyes were wild as the sequins blurred before her while he took her from behind. She cried out as if pained, from both the pleasure and the pain of what was happening inside her emotionally.

She stopped whimpering as she heard someone coming up the stairs, but bucked her ass up more against him because it was a race against time and she wanted to come more than she wanted to close the door…

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Masturbation Monday No. 154 — Jungle

Sabrina smiled mockingly at Graham.

“You’re not going to do anything with me. I can do everything you can do for me myself. Now please leave. This is my home, and whatever name you knew me by? That name has evaporated, and I cannot even remember yours now.”

Graham stared at her for a good long moment, and she kept his gaze easily.

“Who do you think you are fooling? You made your own nipples hard? You made yourself wet?”

Graham walked over to her, and took her hands into his. There was nothing sexual in his touch, but she was inflamed. She knew she had ceded victory to him, and now she was terrified what he was going to do with it.

“There, now go take care of that yourself.”

He turned and walked away from her, and in any previous version of herself, she would have begged him to make her feel good.

But she was not going to beg him.

She looked at him defiantly, and pulled her slip over her head. Her body looked ready for sex in the mirror, even in the dim room. Caressing her breasts, she felt her own pre-come between her legs and moved them so that it would make it easier when she slipped her fingers there. Her breasts too sensitive to touch, she was just about to slip her fingers between her legs when she felt a sudden flash of heat.


“You got this?” he chided, and she hated him for it. But she was tired of denying herself what her body clearly wanted from him.

Instead of her finger, Graham slipped his very familiar shaft into her. The shape of which was so familiar, that she pulled him closer to her until he fit her all the way and just the way that she liked.

Her groans were feral, and she bit into him with the pleasure that filled her body. She half climbed against him as he pulled her to the wall, and her cries were like something she would expect to hear in the jungle. Until she tasted blood, Sabrina did not stop.

It was the slight metallic taste of Graham’s blood in her mouth, and a come stain that only she would know to look for that were remnants of what had happened between them moments later.

Sex? Love? Habit? She was not sure…

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Masturbation Monday No. 154 — In the Shadows

Sabrina thought she saw a shadow, she was still learning her new apartment so she did not know all of its kinks or twists and turns.
But she knew…
“You keep thinking you can escape, and you do. All the other people Nusch you escape, but I always find you.”
Graham stared at her, and to her relief, he did not look menacing.
“What do you want me to say?” she asked with smug resign
He grabbed her elbow, and pulled her to him.
“When are you going to stop running…from me?”
“Don’t flatter yourself Graham–I left a lot when I left this time. A lot.”
“Because you are afraid of anything real? In life? In love? You think now because you have this sexy 1950s secretary thing going, that you are anything different? That you are not you?”
He caressed her tortoiseshell frames, and let his finger linger on her throat. Right by the hollow. He dipped his finger in there, and leaned into her.
“This is what I run from you know? This.”
She took his hand, and he manipulated her body so that she was pressed hard against him. In just her slip–bra slipped off when she came in–and a skimpy lace thong, she felt every nuance of his body against hers.
And she wanted him, despite any good judgment. It was sexy that he kept finding her, no matter how she tried to escape–her life or him.
He took off her glasses, which made no difference in her vision.
“What do you see? What do you see here Sabrina?” he mocked. “The next move is yours.”
Sabrina blinked uncontrollably. Her throat was parched, and her body was extra sensitive. Her nipples were hard against the silkiness of her slip, and between her legs tight with tension.
Without looking away from Graham, she caressed her nipples through her slip. Slowly and leisurely, like she had all day.
And like he was not there.
She pulled her breasts out of the suggested cups of her slip and pulled at her nipples while she slipped the slip up over her hips and pulled the damp crotch of her thong to the side.
Before she placed her fingers there, Graham took her hand.
“What do you think you are doing?” he asked gruffly.
“Pleasuring myself.”
Sabrina rubbed herself against him to soften his stern face. He pulled her close, and slapped her backside hard. It almost pushed her over the edge, with the crotch of her thong digging into her and across her clit. She looked at Graham, and he smiled looking into her eyes.
“What am I going to do with you?

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