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Masturbation Monday #153 — Smitten

Sabrina felt vulnerable at the office. It was not that she wanted Ben just for sex, but he was really sinking in. A quick glance at him at his desk, not realizing she was looking at him and just his face made her feel warm inside.
It was that feeling that caused her vulnerability and alarm. It was too quick, it was too quick for her to feel this attached…to want him this much.
She got up to go to the bathroom, and Betty smiled up at her.
By the time she got to the bathroom door, she could smell Betty’s perfume. Betty was her office bff, but she really wanted to be alone.
“So last night?” Betty started with her expressive wide eyes, and stretched her mouth equally wide to touch up the rich plum lipstick she wore. “I hooked up with Jeb in Marketing, and let’s just say…I had to reapply my lipstick a few times!”
Betty smiled at herself in the mirror, and shot her eyes quickly over to Sabrina.
“He’s hot,” Sabrina whistled.
“Well I wanted Ben, but well, we can’t all have Ben.”
Sabrina nodded.
“Don’t you think Ben is hot S.?”
“Sure, I never really looked at him like that because you know–he is my boss.”
“That never stopped anybody else, believe me. He had one girl try to give him a blow job–and he has a glass office! And rumor has it, the girl before you was sitting on his couch masturbating when he walked into the office one day. You are a rare bird, if you have not noticed that he is a hot piece.”
Betty kissed a piece of cotton candy pink tissue that she pulled out of her purse, and blotted her lips.
“I just can’t think of him that way Betty.”
“Well I can! I can think of Ben a lot of ways!”
Sabrina laughed despite herself, because Betty wriggled her eyebrows and looked like something out of an old screwball comedy.
Ben was that hot, and now that she knew that women had been throwing themselves at him before her…why was she the difference? Why had he wanted her?
This morning, he rolled on top of her, and looked into her eyes for a long time. She liked his eyes, she wanted to lick them like candy. But his eyes penetrated hers so hard, that it was like he was using them for intercourse.
To get into her.
And he was in.
Right after that, he reached down for her and between her upper thighs were sticky and she was wet higher up. Her legs were jarred in such a way, that he could always open them.
She was always open for him.
When she and Betty walked back to their desks, there was a gorgeous redhead in his office and Sabrina bit her lip wondering who she was.
She recognized that jealousy, and knew she was smitten. Her emotions stung her like a bee.

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Masturbation Monday No. 153 — Heat

Sabrina woke up in Ben’s apartment, and acclimated to his things and surroundings. She often woke up like that at her own apartment, because it was still fairly new to her as she had been living in the same apartment for awhile previously. Changing her life the way that she had, was oddly familiar.
Third time was a charm after all, wasn’t it?
And with Ben beside her, for a tiny moment, she fantasized about a life with him and maybe not having to run anymore. Could that always be the solution to run?
“You always look so pensive,” Ben mused, turning on his side, and smiling at her.
Sabrina smiled at him. She liked that about him, that he was intuitive and noticed her thoughts, that was why it had been so easy to start with him. They did not have to say much, that their eyes had not already said to each other. The way that they looked at each other when they met was enough, and by the time she sat on his lap there really was nothing that needed to be said.
At all.
Her eyes narrowed at him, as she cast her pensive eyes over his until they were both thinking the same thing.
Ben kissed her, that was all he did. His lips on hers: soft searching and…maybe pensive.
Sabrina’s body throbbed for him to be where she needed him to be, but she kissed him with complete abandon. Her lips said things she could never actually say to Ben, and her body talked to him in kind. Their combined heat was a dialogue.

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Masturbation Monday No. 151 — Sticky

Sabrina sucked on the frame of her eyeglasses, and looked lasciviously in Ben’s direction. He did not look back at her, but the message he sent on her phone was so incendiary…she was pretty sure her pussy was on fire, but there was nothing to be alarmed about.
Ever since their first time together, work was the only time they were not touching each other, sexting each other or otherwise sexually entangled with each other.
Sabrina felt this time she was going to be direct as fuck. She was going to let Ben know she wanted him, whenever she wanted him. And Ben wanted her, and let her know in kind.
His goal was to make her come without touching her. She egged him on, and told him that it was impossible. But he had made her come more times than she could count, without touching her already. Now that he was on a mission, she was almost afraid!
Between her legs was raw from being touched and entered, but she could not stop. If Ben was not touching her, she touched herself wishing he was touching her.
She looked up again at him, and he stared intently at his computer. Sabrina looked at her own screen, where everything blurred together. Her focus was shot, as she slipped her fingers between her thighs under her desk. It was awkward, but it would have to make due.
First, she tickled her lips through her clothes, then she crossed her legs.
Very tight.
Ben still was not looking at her, but the glint on his glasses in the sun did it. The tight flood between her legs made her gasp so loud that Betty turned to look at her.
“Are you okay S?” she smiled at her.
Maybe she was recreating what had happened before, but there was something about the way that Betty smiled at her…
“I am good B, just a sudden spasm.”
“Are you okay Sabrina? A spasm, where?”
Ben put his hand on her shoulder, and Sabrina looked absently at her computer screen again. Between her legs was sticky and wet, and she wanted to mingle fluids with him.
She looked up at him, still chewing on the handle of her glasses, with hooded lids.
“Oh, it was nothing.”

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Masturbation Monday #150 — Kaleidoscope

Ben looked at Sabrina lazily, even caught red-handed—maybe because caught red-handed—and absently continued to stroke himself.Barefoot, Sabrina padded over to him. He looked up at her, and continued to caress himself–faster–a silent plea in his eyes. Reaching behind her back, she unbuttoned the top of her skirt, unzipped it and pulled it down her hips. Her movement was animalistic, as she turned her back to him and squatted. She grabbed his shaft from his hand, and slipped it into herself. Her eyes closed as he filled her. As she had wanted him to fill her all of this time. Her lazy and active daydreams were about Ben, wanting him inside of her. Sleep was impossible because naked under her sheets, she kept spreading her legs and using her fingers to simulate what she thought Ben would be like between them. And remembering what he looked like in his suit, and where she wanted to touch his body.

How often had she fallen asleep with her fingers inside of herself? And dreams that culminated in monsoonesque orgasms, that flooded her dreams and her awakening?

But now, Ben was in her–and it was not only her that had wanted this apparently. He clutched her tight around her waist, and pulled her to his hard chest. He was not happy with just her bottom bare on his lap, so he unbuttoned her blouse, and kneaded her breast with raw abandon until it voluntarily slipped out of her bra cup. He kneaded and thrust up into her, in tandem with her own movement. Sabrina’s eyes were first closed with bliss, and then she saw the reflection of their rutting bodies reflected in his all glass office from several angles over and over again, until it all blurred together like a kaleidoscope and she came so suddenly and sharply that she whistled out a startled gasp.

She pressed her hands on his thighs, saw their bodies still reflected throughout his office, and basked in their oneness.

For the moment.

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Masturbation Monday No. 149

Ben.Sabrina could not believe her panties were wet. Again. She did not even like panties, and normally went commando. But she got so wet when she was near Ben, that she had to wear something to make the inside of her thighs less slippery.

But there he was again, and she looked at every inch of him, desire damp and sticky between her legs. 

Ben was not going to be like Gavin. Life was too short, and she was not going to do that all over again.

She stood in Ben’s doorway. Her blouse and pencil skirt accentuated every bit of her, but did not cling. With a suggestion of a smile on her lips—but not wanting too seem smug, she watched Ben look at every…bit…of her.

“Did you need anything else Ben?” she questioned with mock innocence, adjusting her cat-eye framed glasses. She had gotten non-prescription ones, like the ones she had admired on Theodora.

“No, thank you Sabrina.” he replied.

“Well then, good night.”

She paused in the door for just a second, before she left. 

The click of her heels in the hallway was deafening. When she got to the very end, she bent and took off her shoes.

Barefoot, she walked back to his office. Several nights before, she had walked to his office with her incredibly high heels off and saw him…

Saw him sitting in the moonlight, the moon lighting his shaft, his hand around it and Sabrina wondered if he was thinking of her as he pleasured himself. His crisp suit handled recklessly as he pursued his pleasure, his shaft grew within his fist and when she saw him do that she grabbed the crotch of her dress and she smelled the dampness between her legs.

This night, she saw him again pumping his shaft and she was pretty sure it was her—it was too soon after she had left him.

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Masturbation Monday No. 148/ KOTW — Fingering

“Sabrina? Are you listening?!”
Betty grabbed her wrist.
“Of course Bet!” Sabrina laughed, and covered Bet’s hand with her own.

Sabrina was proud of her recovery. Most of the time, she remembered—most of the time. She adjusted her glasses, and responded when people called her…Sabrina. Being Nichy had become a habit after all, so sometimes she slipped and her original name she had practically forgotten.

And, how could she have paid as much attention to whatever Betty was saying, when Ben’s thigh was so close to hers?

So close.

She squeezed Betty’s hand, as Betty finished her story which she assumed was funny because there was raucous laughter about her.

Including Ben’s.

Sabrina laughed on cue, and their shoulders touched.

She smelled the straight bourbon on his breath—she had mixed hers with tonic.

At her apartment, as soon as she closed the door and her eyes, she reached under her dress with one hand, and pulled her breasts out of the top of her dress with the other. With slit eyes, she remembered the mirror that was right there and saw herself exposed and touching herself.

She was so horny, it was sexy to see herself. She pulled at her nipples, and fingered herself vigorously. Sabrina could still feel Ben’s body heat along her side, and she got even wetter.

She heard it.

The mirror exposed everything to her, and she smiled as she got on her knees and crawled toward it. First she pressed her face to the glass, and then her nipples because now she fingered her back and her front. Her anus was damp with her come, and she used it to slip her finger in.

Her moan vibrated throughout her body, as she penetrated herself and moved at the pace of her fingers. Her nipples moved to and from the mirror, each hit feeling like ice, warming and then ice again.

Sabrina collapsed in a pile, her thong twisted between her her lips and her cheeks, her breasts caught in the elastic of her dress as her head hit the floor when she came.

Came, with a combination her hers and Nichy’s lusts…
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Masturbation Monday No. 147 — Rare Fruit


Nichy got up in the morning, saw his name on her phone and the butterflies in her stomach were let loose. She placed her hand on her stomach, and walked into the bathroom unfazed by her nudity in the full-length mirror.

Miss you.

Her fingers moved over her phone like a demon, as she texted him back how much she missed him. Even though her body still thrummed with her and Tyler’s lovemaking.

But she did miss Drew, she missed him so much. She felt like she physically felt the distance between them—her in New York, and him in London.

Miss you too.

She felt his kiss like if he was in New York, or she was in London. Him holding her so close that she felt squishy down below, because he made her so wet when they were just close. Before he even touched her.

I might come to New York, I have miles too.

Nichy placed her phone on the edge of the sink.

Again her heart was being tugged, everything had been Drew. Now Tyler was back–she could still feel Tyler inside of her, and she pressed her thighs together with the memory.

She was tired of splitting her heart. She had left her life once before because she was afraid of what had happened before. Being Graham’s Nusch in a previous life, and he had found her. She had been in an constant circle of lovers, and she wondered if she could just run away? If she could be somewhere else? Be someone else?


When she picked her phone back up, she saw Gavin’s name on her screen. Nichy was surprised because they were friends of course—they had been so much more—but these days he did not text her a lot.

Miss you…

Nichy stared at his text, and swallowed.


She texted him back because she was not sure how he meant he missed her.

She dropped her phone, when Tyler grabbed her, and she watched him kiss her neck in the mirror. Her lids grew heavy, but she was still aroused as she watched him kiss her like a vampire, while he caressed her breasts like a rare fruit.

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Masturbation Monday No. 146 — Treasure Chest

“I kept the London Bridge up obviously!” Nichy smiled at Tyler, who watched her lips. “Drew is a friend of Carol’s and mine. Why?”“Just saw his name flash on your phone, wondered he it was important?” he said, kissing her mouth and then her throat.

Nichy kissed his earlobe, flicking her tongue along its delicate shell back and forth.

Tyler clutched her close. She knew that kissing his ear would drive him crazy, and he clutched her so hard…so hard, she was sure she would bruise. He grabbed her ass so hard, she was sure she would bruise there as well as if he had slapped her there.

When she was on top of him, awhile later, he did indeed slap that same cheek over and over. Over and over, as she rode him. Nichy rode him so hard, and heard her come as she moved up and down over him like it was splashing. Tyler spanked her bottom, and clutched her so close. So close, she pressed her hands on his chest and saw the imprints that she left on him.

She came so suddenly, it was like she stole it. It was so sudden, that it raced through her and she felt goosebumps before it was gone. Panting, she grabbed his waist, and looked into his eyes. Tyler was sure to remember now the last time she had fucked him.

His eyes were soft when he looked at her, he looked so vulnerable, as vulnerable as she felt and she slipped him out of her. Lying beside him, she pressed her face into his chest. His chest was like a treasure chest of memories of them, and her body heaved from the pleasure they had shared.
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Masturbation Monday No. 145 — Purr

“Remember me?”Tyler looked at Nichy with a half smile. 

Yes, she did remember him in a suit like he wore now, rushing here and there with a suitcase these days.

“Of course I do,” she smiled at him, but quickly realized that she did not know what mood he was in.

He had been away when she was in London, he had been away a lot lately and she had lost her sense of him in a way.

Was that the reason that Drew had seemed so appealing to her?

No, Drew was special. So did that mean Tyler was not?

“When was the last time you fucked me?” he asked, taking off his jacket and standing before her. He pulled a strand of her hair, and looked into her eyes. “When was the last time we were in the same city?”

He pulled her close, and it was like riding a bicycle or tying a shoelace. That was how easy it was to place her hands on Tyler’s body, press herself to him and purr her kiss like a cat.

He semi-clawed at her and the way he made her feel with his body pressed to hers, she would not have minded if he dug his nails into her in the moment. He lowered his face to hers, cradling hers with such tenderness it made her feel like her core was melting.

“Missed you…” he breathed rapidly, before he pressed his lips to hers.

“I missed you,” Nichy said, spreading her legs as he sat her on top of her desk. He ran his hand over her thigh, slowly like he had all of the time in the world. She was embarrassed her thighs quivered while he did it. He ran his finger along the tremor of her quiver, and it was like he had dipped his finger between her legs.

“How much did you miss me? What have you been doing in London? Did you keep the bridge from falling down?” Tyler urged.

Nichy wrapped her arms about him, and he pulled her close to him.

“Who is Drew?” he breathed.

Nichy swallowed, and Tyler watched her throat.
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Masturbation Monday No. 144 — London

She had the miles, she had the time and so she went back to London. Nichy was overwhelmed by the series of terrorist attacks in the UK, and it made her realize that she could not imagine not having Drew in her life.

When he opened his apartment door, she wrapped her arms about him so tight that he fell back and laughed softly at the force at which she came at him. He held her tight, and kissed her temple.

She looked up at him, and his soft smile straightened with warmth. 

“I’m okay,” he promised, looking at her with soft eyes that mirrored her concern. 

“I know, I know, I –” 

Her voice broke off, and he held her close. She was so close to him, she felt his heartbeat, the soft stream of his breath and an involuntary muscle twitch. Nichy curved her body to his, to his heart, his breath, his belly and placed her hand on it. Looked up at him.

Drew looked down at her, her lips quivered because of what she wanted to say. She was not sure that they were ready for those words. He caressed her lips, and she tasted the salt from her tears on his finger.

“Darling Nichy,” he started, not trying to refer to the Prince song she knew. “Darling…”

“I’m sorry,” she croaked, unintentionally. “I just needed to see you after everything…”

He pulled her close, and kissed the bridge of her nose, the curve of her lip, her throat and the hallow of her neck. Nichy tilted her head to the side, and he smothered her neck with kisses. Kisses on her neck drove her crazy and as her hands caressed Drew’s body, the tenderness between them evolved to full-out passion. His hands felt like fire under her blouse, as he unhooked her bra. The buckle of his belt was heavy and thick when she undid it.

They lie on the floor where they had rutted like animals, Nichy’s body smoldering as she surveyed sweat and love marks on Drew’s body. She could feel the use of her own body, and a sweet soreness that beckoned her to press her pelvis to Drew.

“You are insatiable…” he panted, yet grabbed her hips and pulled her to him.

Nichy needed to feel him, it was her need and her protest to all of the hate in the world…

Her love.
This post is for London, and the picture is one of the first I took the first time I was there, hanging out of a bus and soooooo very happy to see Big Ben!

It is a beautiful city…

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