Wicked Wednesday #298 — Time Travel

It felt like time travel for Oscar, when he left Sally and returned to his office. He had spent most of the afternoon with her and now he had a lot of work to do to catch up. Polly walked by his door, and he was happy that they had had an amicable breakup. She […]

Wicked Wednesday #297 — Rainbow

Sally had a rainbow on her t-shirt the first time they had sex. Oscar remembered it as her being so aggressive and her being the one that really took control of the situation, but she remembered it differently. His approach was not slick or smooth—but it was genuine and she knew that he liked her […]

Wicked Wednesday #296 — Chemistry

The chemistry between the two of them could not be squashed. Oscar had to be honest to himself, that when he talked about Sally to Eliza he felt it then. It had been such a thing between them. Sally had been his everything, and he could not keep his hands off of her. The only […]

Wicked Wednesday #295 — Suitcase

Oscar was headed to work, when he saw a woman struggling with a suitcase. He was normally kind about helping women, but this woman in particular had caught his attention for reasons he could not identify. She was curvaceous and well-dressed, and as he approached her there was a bit of deja vu. Something about […]

Wicked Wednesday #294 — Twenty-One

Eliza could not feign that she did feel jealousy when Oscar told her about an old love—even if he was twenty-one at the time. But she still had a need to listen to him with rapt attention when he told her. “When I approached you at the bar the first time,” he started. “I had […]