Wicked Wednesday #273 — Flying

All Eliza heard in her head was “You Sent Me Flying” by Amy Winehouse, for no particular reason. Lying beside Terrence, she sighed heavily and he moved with her breath.

She froze.

Did he know that she had watched him all of that time? After they made love, and after they cuddled?

Her lips pressed together, she heard her breath deepen as his did even though she stayed awake. She looked at the gentle rise and fall of his body. She watched his eyelids flutter like fierce butterflies. At some point, he was just still and she watched him.

The way she felt about him was different than she had ever felt about anyone else. Her emotional skill set was being used in a very different way than she had ever used it before. With him–interacting with him–she relied heavily on her intuition, and just her raw emotion.

She wanted to be with him, because she was in love with him.

For better, or for worse.

“See something you like?”

Eliza rubbed her nose against his, and then licked him before she kissed him.

Terrence pulled her on top of him, and she poured herself all over him. It felt so good with him, so natural, nothing could talk her out of him.

He pushed her onto him deeper, and she groaned while she beat her hands against his chest and rode him like their lives depended on it.

And they did…

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