Wicked Wednesday #287 — Muse

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo, and I am following my muse. So here is a retro post of when Eliza and Terrence first got together…

Eliza pressed her hand to her head.

Life was wilder than fiction…she could not have made any of this up. She rolled from side to side on the bed, at first not sure literally where she was–

–in bed.

–or where she was…

…in Paris.

She loved Paris, but she had not been excited about this trip. Aside from all of the things that were going on in her personal life with Rafe and Oscar, she was less than thrilled about her traveling companion.

The new guy in her department had rubbed her the wrong way as soon as she met him. He was far too cocky, and did not mesh with anyone in her department. He was abrupt with her, and she was his boss. She had not wanted to go with him, but he was hired because he had contacts in France, and they wanted to expand outside of Paris. Plus his French was impeccable.

On the plane there, they sat side by side. Eliza pressed her head to the window, and felt the new guy fall asleep on her shoulder. She wanted to push him off of her, but she figured he was asleep. She reread texts that she and Oscar had exchanged. Oscar mentioned Polly, and that was almost too much for her to bear.

As work colleagues, the new guy was spectacular. In and out of meetings, he was spectacular. And then there were the awkward interactions between them, when they were not in meetings. Eliza would stare at her phone, and the new guy would sit across from her.

“You should dump that guy…”

Eliza looked up at him.


“You keep staring at your phone frowning. I know that look, you should dump the guy.”

She picked up her phone, and walked out onto the terrace. The new guy followed her.

“Don’t jump!”

Eliza rolled around on her bed, and felt as if she was burned when she rolled into his body.

It was the new guy, and he was still asleep. She swallowed as she watched him. This truth was far stranger than fiction…

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