Masturbation Monday No. 169 — A Crowded Train

Sabrina could not help but grin when she saw Harry waiting for outside of her work building. They had not realized that they worked so close together. They met a lot at the neighborhood bar after work, but this time they were going to ride the train home together and then go to the bar.

On the subway, the train was so crowded, that their bodies were pressed together. The announcement came on about how a crowded subway was no excuse for an improper touch. But what if you wanted an improper touch, Sabrina thought as their bodies crushed together. She looked in Harry’s eyes, and they pressed closer together because more and more people came onto the train and they literally had no choice but to press closer and closer to each other. Then there was an announcement that there was a signal delay. Their bodies pressed together, and Sabrina could feel her nipples pressing against the lace cups of her bra and against Harry’s chest. She was not close enough to feel if he was excited about how close they were pressed together, but she kept moving closer to him and he wrapped his arm about her when the train unexpectedly charged forward without any warning. His hand lingered on her waist, and splayed over the top of one cheek through her coat. People filtered out of the train, but they did not move any further away from each other. They stood pressed together by the door, and people walked around them.

When they got to their stop, they still clung to one another and went to the bar. Bypassing the bar itself, they went to the bathroom still clinging to one another. Harry kissed her neck inside the violet scented room, as he released one hard nipple from its lace cup and Sabrina sighed deeply.

It had been a long train ride.

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