Masturbation Monday No. 161

Sabrina could have kicked herself, and she did in the semi-scramble to get off of the bar stool. But then she stayed put—what was the point? Her neighbor had definitely seen her…

To take the edge off of going to her apartment, and the chance she could see him, she had gone to the wine bar down the street to calm herself down. Never once did she think he would be in there as well—but she did not know anything about him.

She did not even know his name.

He walked over to her, did not ask if the seat was taken and sat next to her. Frozen with nerves, she stared at him and he stared back.

The bartender set her red wine in front of her, and she did not even glance at it. Up close, she saw he was very sexy—not that she had not known. But she rarely got to see him this close. His eyes were dark and menacing, but there was a drop of vulnerability in then that she hoped he would be generous with.

He put his hand on hers, and she shivered. He looked at her quietly, patiently. Sabrina knew the subtext, as well as if their encounter was being scripted for film. He got up, and she followed him. He pulled her coat over her shoulders, as she continued to shiver.

Her shivering had nothing to do with being cold…

She followed him back to his apartment, the sound of her heels thundering as she walked beside him. He moved her in front of him as he opened the door, and pressed his body to the back of her.

Sabrina sighed, and he steadied her.

“You okay?” His first words to her, his deep voice almost drove her crazy.

“I’m good, she sighed.

“Here.” he said. “With the door open.”

He did not have to tell her twice. Lifting one leg around him like a ballerina, he held her close. Their bodies moved, and made a dirty shadow against the wall and onto the stairwell. A shadow unlike those made by kids in the dark.

Their shadow reflected their dark passion, and Sabrina bit her lip as he treated her like anything but porcelain

But she knew she would not break.

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