Wicked Wednesday #278 — Tattoo

Eliza remembered getting the tattoo for sure, she had been with Johnny when she got it. She was nervous, and he was there to hold her hand.

Which he did, tightly.

It was a less traumatic experience than she had imagined it to be. Johnny had been proud of her. It was her first tattoo, but he had had a lot.

When she got together with Rafe, he had been startled the first time his hands were under her shirt that she had one. He had caressed the flower on her ribcage with awe, and then with lust. They were only kissing at that point, but his lust was like a brand. She remembered his touch more than she remembered what getting the tattoo felt like.

Now Terrence was holding her, caressing her ribcage and she felt like the flower was blooming under his touch. It amazed her how her tattoo felt different with the different men in her life.

She loved the flower. and she had gotten another one right before she met Oscar. He had always been indifferent about it, but when he touched her there it was always magical to her.

Terrence’s hand there now, lulled her and she wondered if she wanted to add another flower there on her ribs and if she wanted him to come and hold her hand this time…

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