Wicked Wednesday #279 — Sugar

“Oh sugar, this is the worst part, I promise!” Her tattoo artist caressed her reassuringly.

Eliza had grimaced a little bit, but she really was not in pain. She had a high pain tolerance she had discovered when she got her first tattoo, this time it was only the part right over the bone that made her grimace.

The steady buzzing lulled her, and making eye contact with Terrence helped. The flower she was putting there was one he picked. It was him making so much comments about her current tattoo, that made her want another one.

“You okay?” he mouthed.

She smiled, and blinked her eyes to say yes.

“Sugar, you good?” the tattoo artist asked again.

“Yes,”Eliza said lucidly.

“You are the calmest customer I have had today, so I just want to be sure. I could not finish one today because they were not ready and squirmed all over the place!”

Eliza liked that her artist was in tune with her, but it was looking into Terrence’s eyes that soothed her the most. She was between calm and aroused, as the machine buzzed away. All she really thought of was making love with him when the new tattoo was healed,

and he could caress it and know that she put it there because of him.

She never imagined that he would be such a big part of her life, that she would want him around when she was feeling vulnerable. But now she could not imagine anything else, but to be close to him when she felt vulnerable or anxious.

Honestly, she wanted to be close to him a lot. The warmth of his skin soothed her, and his eyes calmed her. He took her hand, and she squeezed his. His hand in hers was the sensation she focused on, more than the sensation of the tattoo.

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  1. Oh tattoo is such a wicked delightful sex…I could go on for hours. There is something so sensual about getting inked or watching someone else that I love.

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