Wicked Wednesday #240 — New Start 

“It is a a new start for us, for Rafe and me…” Eliza said, looking at Terrence.Terrence frowned as he studied her, but he said nothing.

“I never told Rafe about you, but he figured out there was someone and told me it cannot go on. I broke up with him for not telling me about being with someone!”

“So you want to end this? You want to end me?” Terrence exclaimed.

Eliza was breathless all of a sudden. She did not want to end it, to end Terrence. But she felt she had to because she had not told Rafe about him first.

Because she had kept Terrence a secret, it was like he was her dirty little secret.

“You want to push me aside like a dirty little secret…”

“Stop reading my mind!” Eliza screamed, and started to shake. “Stop reading my mind!”

Terrence placed his hands on her shoulders to calm her. She did not feel calm, and was happy he was there to relax her. “In Paris, you sensed my inner turmoil, and you said all of the things that I needed to hear and that..

“That was why you made love with me? It was all my fault? I seduced you?”

Eliza tensed under his touch, and looked in his eyes.

“I wanted to be seduced.”

“And this, this between us has been nothing more than sex? Sex you want to sweep to the side, so that you can have your happy engagement back and a pure heart for your fiancé?”


His fingers dug into her shoulders, not with anger but desperation. They both knew there was nothing true about what he said. She put her hands over his.

“This is like your penance.”


He looked into her eyes, and she was immediately contrite for everything.

She did not want to lose him.
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