Wicked Wednesdsay #258 — Long Lost Friends

Eliza was more deceptive about Terrence than she was about anything else. Even with Oscar, she had been more forthcoming in a way. But going to Paris with him, and going to see Severine and her new husband was something she had not expected doing. 

Or lying about to Rafe.

It was odd how close she had gotten to Severine, considering that Severine was how she found out that Rafe had been seeing other women before they opened their relationship. 

Sev and Rafe were still close, but her marriage and pregnancy were things that she was keeping secret from him for the moment.

“It was like making a cake,” Severine said, in her very French accent. “We met, and it was love and marriage and bebe almost instantly!”

Severine’s husband was very doting. Gio was attentive, and could not keep his hands off of his wife. Severine was gorgeous, but pregnancy emphasized all of her curves and made her even more beautiful. She was radiant, and it made Eliza yearn for things she had never yearned for before.

It was startling to her, when she and Severine were alone, when Severine told her she looked radiant.

“You’re in love with Terrence.”

Eliza felt herself flood with heat.

Througout dinner, she had been as close as she could physically be to Terrence. They held hands for the entire time, and Eliza realized that Terrence had been as attentive to her as Gio had been to Severine.

“I do love him.” she confided.

“No, I said in love. You are in love with him. You love me, but you are not in love with me. Does Rafe know?”

Eliza thought Rafe definitely knew. Her secret was safe with Severine, but she was not safe from it. Her eyes were on Terrence even then, unable to look away from him.

To look away from him was to be without the sun…
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