Wicked Wednesday #274 — Celebrity

There was a bit of celebrity that Eliza dealt with being involved with Rafe. He was a high roller, and very well off otherwise so being in a relationship with him meant that people noticed her. Sometimes alone, but this time she was with Terrence and the gossip columnist who depicted her inquired as to […]

Wicked Wednesday #260 — 2517

Landing in New York felt like landing in another world, or in another year. Like 2517, or something really faraway.  Eliza walked with her luggage, with Terrence at her side. Her dark shades hid her teary eyes. She tried to hide all of her emotions because if Terrence saw her crying, he would want to know […]

Wicked Wednesday #259 — Space

Walking back to Terrence, after Severine called her out, Eliza could tell by the way he looked at her that she looked like the cat who had licked the cream. She did not totter, but felt like an astronaut in outer space trying to make sense of gravity. Her emotions swirled about her.Terrence stood up […]

Wicked Wednesdsay #258 — Long Lost Friends

Eliza was more deceptive about Terrence than she was about anything else. Even with Oscar, she had been more forthcoming in a way. But going to Paris with him, and going to see Severine and her new husband was something she had not expected doing.  Or lying about to Rafe. It was odd how close she […]

Wicked Wednesday #243 — XXII

It was almost twelve, Eliza walked into the unlit apartment. She was barefoot immediately, and the only bright thing was her engagement ring. Terrence’s scent stayed with her, from their sweet lovemaking.”So you slept with him,” Rafe did not wait for her answer, as he came out of the shadows. Leaning against the wall, Eliza […]

Wicked Wednesday #182 — Food and Sex

Even though she had just fucked Rafe, Eliza could not help but feel overwhelmed by the scene at the dinner party. Her boss’s wife was big on creating practically edible stages for these events. Laure had transformed their penthouse into a vintage bál. Everyone was handed a mask for their use if they wanted at […]

Wicked Wednesday #179 — Happy Place

He and Eliza were in a happy place, Rafe could still smell her on his skin. He had just held her face, and kissed her thoroughly before he left her. This time, he did not make a mistake, and let her know that he was going to see Severine. “That was the reason why I […]

Guest Blogger Emmanuelle de Maupassant Defines the Erotic Edge

I am very pleased to have Emmanuelle de Maupassant as my guest today. She is a true connoisseur of the erotic genre, and is not afraid to explore its dark side. It seemed only appropriate on the eve of Halloween, to explore the raw and forbidden aspects of erotica with her! ‘I am a forest, and a night […]

Wicked Wednesday #178 — Chance Meeting

It was a chance meeting. Sandrine went to the movies with her children. Her daughter was fluent in French, and her son was proficient. Emilie spoke to her in French the entire time, while Michel only spoke occasionally. The woman next to her started speaking to her in French. “We live here,” Sandrine continued in […]

Wicked Wednesday #164: Cowboy, Biker, Rope

“I broke up with Rafe.” Eliza was on set with Marcus, on his new project Cowboy, Biker, Rope. It was racier than his previous endeavors. He played twins: a cowboy and a biker. They ended up in a dark scheme to abduct a woman against their will. One of them falls in love with her, and […]