Wicked Wednesday #242 — Follow Your Heart

Eliza curled against Terrence, on his couch. She knew she was supposed to have called it off with him, but she could not help but follow her heart. Terrence held her close, and she felt like she was melting about him.

They were both silent because they knew how close they had come to this being over.

Them being over.

But Eliza was pretty sure that she had not had any intention of not ever being with him again, even when she told him that she was not going to be able to be with him again. That Terrencehad told her that she could not be with him again, and she followed through to tell Terrence this…but she knew…

But she wanted him, she wanted him when she walked through his door. She wanted him, when she lied and suggested that they would not be together again. Her body had melted even before Terrence touched her. And when they made love, it was the best love they had ever made.

“I am sorry…” she whispered.

Terrence cradled her breasts against his forearm, and kissed her neck.

“For what?”
Eliza closed her eyes, and pressed her body to his.

“For lying to you…I never meant a word of it. I wanted you when I got here.”

Terrence covered her in an instant, and Eliza was absolved of her sins. Her heart raced in her chest, and she followed it without abandon…

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