Guest Blogger and Fellow To Obey Her Author Jim Lyon Dazzles Us Today!!!

I am so thrilled to be in Jillian Boyd’s new anthology, To Obey Her! I am even more pleased to host the other authors in the book on my blog. Jim Lyon has a story in To Obey Her, he is an erotica veteran and very much the real deal. Read on, and be dazzled by him!!!

I liked the idea of becoming a writer from an early age, although specializing in erotica was not what I initially envisioned. While attending college I dabbled in various writing pursuits ranging from playwriting to entertainment journalism, and probably would have tried my hand at writing erotica if the opportunity had presented itself; alas, it did not.

It wasn’t until the Internet came along and websites offering erotic stories of every description began popping up, that I had my first inclination to write smut. After visiting a few sites that featured user-written kinky stories, most of which were terrible, I quickly realized that I could do a much better job. And I was right. Before long I found myself moonlighting as the story editor for the now-defunct, one of the naughtier websites of that era.

Fast forward several years, and I decided to transition from erotica hobbyist to professional. I spent several months writing my first book-length erotic story and then steeled myself to the task of finding a publisher. I sent my first round of queries out on a Thursday, and the following Monday received a terse email that read: “We like your book, and will send a contract soon.”

And thus my career as an erotic writer began in earnest. I have since published six kinky books and had several stories included in various anthologies, notably I.Lover and The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, Vol. 1, and most recently House of Erotica’s To Obey Her: Femdom Erotica Stories, an anthology where one of Leonora’s stories is also published.

Virtually every one of my books includes some variation of femdom activities. I’m an equal opportunity femdom writer, so it’s as likely as not that the dynamic in my stories is F/f rather than F/m, or even both. Indeed, Mistress Stephanie’s Strays is a polyamorous adventure with a single mistress and four submissives, two of which are male and two female, plus a female switch.

My first publisher was essentially a pioneer in erotic e-book publishing. As a consequence, its contracts only covered e-book rights. As I became acclimated to being a published erotica writer, I started exploring options available to publish in other mediums besides ebook format.

The path of least resistance turned out to be audiobooks. Serendipitously, I discovered, which has a small army of independent narrators for hire, and I have been able to act as the director and publisher of the audio versions of all my books. Who knows better than the author how the characters should speak and act? Having experience directing plays has come in real handy, too.

This experience has inspired me to move into publishing erotica under the banner of Wordwooze Publishing. All the authors that I take on, routinely get their books published in both e-book and audiobook editions. Once they hear their work narrated by a skilled voice artist they are hooked, there’s no going back.

I’ve gotten to be quite the audiobook erotica enthusiast. I encouraged the BDSM Group on Goodreads to expand its scope to include audiobooks, and as a result they recruited me to become a moderator focused on that. I now preside over the group’s BDSM Audiosmut section. I’m sure my parents would be proud if they were still alive.

As both an author and a publisher of naughty books, I am always in search of articulate erotica fans interested in reviewing my ebooks and audiobooks. If that is something that interests you, please get in touch via the following contact portal:

The books below are currently available for review. Please indicate a preference for e-book (specify .pdf or mobi ) or audiobook format.

Skin Effect: More Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy Erotica
By M. Christian

The Accidental Domme
By Jim Lyon

Erotic Daydreams
By Valerie Brundage

Uncharted Territory: A Story of Femdom Kismet
By Jim Lyon

Oh, Those Darn Dominant MILFs: The Goddesses of Suburbia
By Ralph Greco, Jr.

Virtual Reality Mistress
By Jim Lyon

Bionic Lover: An Erotic Lesbian Romance
By M. Christian

Ten Shades of Submission: A Femdom Anthology
By Jim Lyon

Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex: Laugh Out Loud Lesbian Humor
By Roxy Katt

Mistress Stephanie’s Strays: A Tale of Polyamorous Domination and Submission
By Jim Lyon

Femdom Alchemy
By Jim Lyon

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