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Kat is AMAZING!!! I am fascinated by her multiple blogs that all have her passion on display. She does not do anything halfway, I love the way her mind works. Her love of writing is so clear, she makes me revere our craft all the more. And the pictures she takes! Her Sinful Sunday posts take my breath away, she is so effortlessly sensual and sexy. Her erotica also leaves me breathless! Yesterday she posted a story on my Friday Flash blog that was…well go read it here! Today is Food for Thought Friday, so make sure you take a look at that as well. Read on for the decadence that is Kat…

When the blogging phenomenon that is F Dot Leonora asked if I would like to have her spotlight shone in my direction I was stunned, surprised and deeply flattered. Here was little old me, scribbling away my ideas on my blogs, never thinking I’d attract much attention, and then an offer I couldn’t refuse landed in my DM box! Thank you lovely Leonora for giving me this amazing opportunity!

Well, first things first, my name is Kat and I love to write! Which is why, after years of procrastinating, I took the plunge and began my first blog, kittykatbitsandbobs back in April 2014. I felt that my life was at a crossroads at that time, and I had an overwhelming urge to share the thoughts that were rattling around in my mind. The blog became a place where I tried to entertain people with my stellar wit, (I need a sarcasm font here), and morphed into a sort of public diary of my life where I laid myself bare. I think I used it as a form of therapy and still do. I often ask myself am I crazy to be so incredibly frank and open… am I making a huge mistake?

My desire has always been to write fiction and, given its recent rise in popularity, (thanks to that book that we shall not name), I thought I would try my hand at erotica and launched blog number two, MsTsecretgarden. I used this blog to explore a fantasy of BDSM, and I must stress it was fantasy. I made many mistakes there and, whilst the stories were fun, I was far from accurate in my portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle in many ways. Nevermind, it’s fiction and fantasy, so it’s all cool right?

I found that I loved writing filth but I wanted to branch outside of the BDSM genre and hence illicitthoughts was born; a third blog where I shared erotica, ranging from vanilla, romantic and sweet stories as well as my first love, kink. As poor MsT was left slightly by the roadside, I have since incorporated ‘her’ as a page on illicit. Although I was ready to leave that blog, I could not bare to just kill her off entirely. She was my first-born after all.

The funny thing is, I write erotica but the only erotica I read is on other blogs… I am a passionate reader, but on my bedside table you will find stacks of thrillers, mysteries, and tales of serial killers, as well as a wide selection of modern literature. Everything I write comes from my imagination. The stories you read on my blogs are my fantasies, some of which I have enjoyed for real, others that shall forever remain a fantasy.

I sit at my kitchen counter and allow my mind to drift to things I have done or would like to do. I have a tendency to ‘act out’ some of the choreography to see if what I am writing works, so my back-door neighbours may well have seen me running my fingers over my throat, down to my boobs and beyond… I have been known to lie of the kitchen floor to work out positions too. I guess if nothing else, it’s entertaining for them!

I find inspiration everywhere but mostly from people I know and talk to. My series Heat, (I toyed with the idea of attempting to develop it into a novella), was inspired by my best friend, who had some very unwelcome labourers in her front field last summer. I joked with her that she should begin a torrid affair with one and the idea just wouldn’t leave me, so I wrote about a lonely farm girl who fell for her farm hand. I still think the story has legs and may well return to it one day. I have an idea how it all wraps up but for now I am not sure I have the skills required to attempt a longer piece of work.

I often find photos can inspire me too; Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter are rich sources of potential story material.

I run a meme on my ‘vanilla’ site called Word for Wednesday, inspired by my love of… well, words! Each week I pick a word and discuss why I picked it. I never expected that anyone would actually join in, but I have been delighted to find there are plenty of people out there who liked my simple idea and now I have a few regular contributors.

My most recent venture was to launch Food For Thought Friday with my good buddy Kilted Wookie. This came about from a poll I posted on Twitter. He liked my never ending list of question I have about sex, love, the human condition, and suggested we join forces to make it a weekly meme. Each week one of us poses a question we find interesting and invite people to share their thoughts on it. It is still early days for our baby but it seems to have potential.

I really enjoy joining in other people’s memes too and am a regular contributor to Sinful Sunday, as well as Wicked Wednesday and Friday Flash, which has been relaunched by my host today, the lovely F Dot Leonora herself.

I am a big believer in bloggers being there for each other and I try my best to promote blogs I admire as much as I can. I never feel that we are in ‘competition’ with each other, rather that we all have something unique to offer. If I can help a fellow writer, (oooooh! get me calling myself a writer!) to get new readers I will do what I can to help. I think blogging has changed my life, for the better. I have made great friends, learned so much about so many topics, and my self confidence regarding my writing has grown steadily… who knows maybe one day I will tackle that novella!

If you’d care to have a read of Heat and let me know if you think it has potential, click here!


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