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I never do an end of the year round-up, and I never talk about what I plan to do for the year. I make resolutions every day…But this blog is something that I share with you and a lot of things are different, in just the first almost two weeks of 2016. With the help of Michael Knight aka @DomSigns, I am now self-hosting as! I love everything that has come with the changes, but there are some learning curves. For example, if you are subscribed to–please subscribe to this site on the sidebar. You might still get updates from me, but you should re-subscribe on my sidebar. I miss being close to you!

While you are re-subscribing to this blog–or subscribing for the first time–I have two new blogs as well that I am hosting. First, I am doing Click Click 365 with Exposing 40, Kilted Wookie and The Other Livvy. The blog is like a four-person photography show, with photos from each of us for 366 days–this year is a leap year! Go take a look, I don’t write there at all–just take pictures.

Second, I inherited a flash fiction meme that I have renamed Friday Flash. The meme is a monthly, and you can learn all of its details over on its blog. I have to say, I never imagined that I would host a meme! But following the tradition of amazing blogger friends like Marie Rebelle and Molly, I was inspired to not let it die and I hope that it inspires others like it inspired me…

The gorgeous badges for the new blogs were done by Oleander Plume of Pretty Poison Graphics — click on them!

Lastly, I am the sex blogger of the month over at, you can read my profile here. Gosh, when I started this blog I never would have imagined all of this! I am thankful beyond words for everyone who reads my posts, and even more thankful for all of the wonderful people in the community who inspire me. You cannot imagine a person more happy to do what they do, because there is no one happier than me doing this I promise you!

*steps away from the podium*

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