My Sexy Saturday–What is Your Idea of Sexy?

This is my first My Sexy Saturday of the year! What is my idea of sexy? Well without getting into details, this story that I wrote for Volonté by Lelo, is filled with some of my sexy notions! The story is called “Shop Girl.” Here is a snippet:

“I need to be inside of you, Yvette…” he whispered, chewing on the tip of her earlobe.

His fingers slipped down into her panties, and she put her hand over his. Cole thought she was being shy, but Yvette moaned like he had never heard her moan before, as her hand joined his. Then he realized that he felt a bit of string inside her.

“I need you inside me too, but I need to this take out…”
“You have your period?’

Yvette giggled.

“No, I am just getting my workout done…down there…”

You can find the rest of “Shop Girl” here, and you can find more sexy notions on the My Sexy Saturday site!



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