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My Sexy Saturday — A Sexy Letter

This is not exactly a letter, but it is being typed on a vintage typewriter! This is a flash of the flash I wrote for Tabitha Rayne’s Self-Love Hop–where you can win a Ruby Glow that she designed!!!–and my own Friday Flash meme. There is a lot more sexy reading at both of those places as well! Here is my teaser:

But every line she typed made her think of him, made her want to infuse him in between the lines. She imagined her fingers running through his hair, her lips on his warm skin taking in his temperature. Parting her lips, she sucked on his neck and gripped his scalp which she did instinctively and he liked.

The last time she thought this while writing, she touched her own neck and dipped her finger in the hollow there. She let her fingers travel down over the soft skin of her breast and the divide between them. Then lower to the divide between her legs, which shortened her writing time because she could not type with one hand.

But this time she was smarter, she took out her new toy.

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My Sexy Saturday — My Sexy Love

This week, I have selected an excerpt from my ongoing Wicked Wednesday series…



Josephine adjusted her tie anxiously, and let her fingers slip unconsciously in the gap between buttons on her blouse where you could almost see her buxom chest that Fiona had commented on.

It seemed that Alice had not been able to keep her hands off of Josephine in the bathroom. Josephine could not resist at first, but then she left Alice there.

“It was hard for me to do that Eliza, but I had to. To get control of myself you know? But touching her is like a drug. I can still smell her, feel her, taste her…”

Eliza knew that feeling, she knew what it was like to fall in love…

The entire post can be found here, the series started with this post.

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My Sexy Saturday — That Sexy Moment

This moment…

“Please don’t stop…”

The scent of curry was so strong. She squeezed her legs together. If she squeezed them tight enough, she would make herself come.

Jackson slipped his hand between her legs again.

“You don’t come until I let you, don’t worry. I am going to set you on fire…”
He pulled her hair as he kissed her, her breasts were heavy with need as he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her breasts unceremoniously from the cups of her bra…

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My Sexy Saturday — Our Sexy Vacation

Sometimes, a conference is like a vacation. Tamara was definitely is in a vacation mood, as she eyed her bespectacled colleague, Clifford. But even though she planned on seducing him, seems like he was of the same bend:


“I want to taste you…” he said…


You can read the entire story here, in my previous post. I wrote this story for Kink of the Week, and I have to say…it is a kink of mine. I do love boys in glasses!!!

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My Sexy Saturday — My Sexy Day

My newest story for Lelo is based in the evening, but what happens surely makes it a sexy part of the day?! Peggy brings ice cream home for Jake, when she comes home from work…and he makes it very sexy for her…May I offer you a lick of ice cream???


‘Decadent…’ he murmured into her hair.

Peggy nodded, as he kissed her neck and took her hair out of its neat chignon. Her hair tumbled to the middle of her back, and soon was the only thing that covered her. She pushed her hair to the side, as Jake placed a scoop of ice cream on the small of her back. Feeling him lick the red pepper ice cream off of her back was a sweet sensation.

‘Delicious…’ he said.

Licking the ice cream scoop off of her was his favorite thing to do.


You can read my entire story here. Read more My Sexy Saturday posts here!



My Sexy Saturday — Bring It Home for Sexy

So as the title of this post says–bring it home for sexy! I am pleased to announce that TO OBEY HER edited by Jillian Boyd is now available for sale!!! Here is a glimpse of my story to amp your sexy!!!


Not one for public demonstrations of affection, Annette melted when she felt Sabrina’s hand high on her thigh under the table after she sat down. She could not remember what it felt like to be in love before she was in love with Sabrina. Annette closed her eyes with pleasure, as Sabrina gripped her thigh with possession.

She loved Sabrina, it scared and thrilled her. Her leg curled around her calf, as she shifted under Sabrina’s lazy, but possessive touch.

“Are you wet?” Sabrina asked her under her breath.

Annette nodded vigorously, then realized that Sabrina was not looking at her.

Hot enough for you? Plenty more where that came from!!!


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My Sexy Saturday — Some Sexy Action

I am sooooo thrilled to be in Jillian Boyd’s upcoming anthology, To Obey Her. It is our second book together with House of Erotica, the first one was Spy Games. Here is a peek of my story in the anthology, “With A Bow on Top.”


She took off her dress the way that Sabrina had asked her to. Sabrina smiled, and tipped her bowler hat at her, before she slowly undressed herself.

Annette felt more than naked after she took off her clothes. Standing in just her garter belt and stockings.

“No panties?” Sabrina asked, as she dragged her fingernail from Annette’s navel to the beginning of her slit.

Annette bit her lip, and shifted nervously. Her nipples were hard from the coolness of the room, and Sabrina being so close to her.

There is a ton more sexy action on the My Sexy Saturday blog. There will be a ton more about To Obey Her on my blog–stay tuned!


My Sexy Saturday — My Sexy Carriage

I do not have a sexy carriage to offer you, other than the one that is the featured image for my post! On the flip side, I can offer you an few sexy sentences from my work in progress. This story is going to be privately published on my blog–with a password provided exclusively for subscribers to my newsletter…want a peek?


“I am thinking why are we not in bed?”

He turned to her, and pressed her to the wall. Viola staggered eagerly to it.

“Because maybe you want to fuck me against the wall?”

“How do you go from crying to filthy so quick?” Scott grinned.

“Fuck me.”

“You going to spread your legs like a good girl? No crying?”

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My Sexy Saturday — Sexy Says It All

Sexy does say it all! This “hands-free” erotic story I wrote for Hot Octopuss is silent, but the sexy does say a lot!!! Here is a snippet from “The Sound of (Not Quite) Silent!”

Liz’s boyfriend Ed came over every night—Janine could not blame Liz for needing the release after her long workday. Liz and Ed had sex every night.


The first time, they must have moved the bed because there was a loud dragging sound. Then soft moaning, which elevated into not so hushed whispers.

“Pull my hair,” Liz whispered loudly. “Harder.”


You can read the entire story on Hot Octopuss’s blog, and you can read more My Sexy Saturday here.




My Sexy Saturday — Our Night of Sexy

In my story “Pleasure in the Unlikeliest Places,” Florentine falls into lust and then love with Jamie. Her feelings are primal as depicted below:

‘You’re so sexy, you are going to get me in trouble…’ he said into her hair.

‘Why?’ she looked up at him, silhouetted by the full moon beyond him.

‘Because you are making it hard for me to be a gentleman Flo…’
No one ever called her Flo. Everyone called her Florentine, and his use of the cute diminutive had always seemed more reason for her to not take him seriously. But, for the first time in her life, she was going to listen to her body and do what her body wanted.

Her body wanted Jamie.

‘I never asked you to be a gentleman…’ she purred against his chest.

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