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Amorous about Amorous Congress

Amorous Congress is my third anthology with Riverdale Avenue Books (preceded by the award-winning Tie Me Up and Bases Loaded). As an editor, I have published over a dozen anthologies, but the just published feeling is something that I can never get over–the feeling is close to orgasmic! Anthologies are special, you get several authors giving you their take on the theme–and in my case their erotic take on the theme. A hard, but layered with pleasure job, to go through all of them to find the creme de la creme for you!

I wanted to do this anthology, because at the time I was very obsessed with the dearly departed Museum of Morbid Anatomy in Brooklyn, New York. Repeated visits there, filled me with a sensualism that I was not expecting and that kept me enthralled. The Victorian era was very sensual–even with its intimate observation of death. I went to the Met at this time as well, and saw their exhibition Death Becomes Her which focused on the fashion for widows at this time. I even felt that the mourning ritual was sensual, which was solidified by getting to speak to one of the Met curators at Morbid Anatomy who confirmed this.

Or maybe I just feel everything is sensual?!

But seeing what had been going on at that time, I wanted to focus a bit more on it, and the idea for Amorous Congress was born–since erotica is my thing. The stories I got, were more than I ever could have expected. They are contemporary, steampunk and historical erotica–including a rewrite of a character from a period classic. Every story in Amorous Congress is sensual, and left me breathless. I am a seasoned pro, but good erotica does that to you!

I wanted the cover to be special, so I asked my friend and graphic artist extraordinaire Oleander Plume to design the cover for me. She did an AMAZING job, yes, you have to judge this book by its cover! It is my most photographed cover ever, and it is worth it. The cover is amazing–worthy of the period–and the inside will blow you away! There is nothing dusty or stodgy about this collection, the period if nothing else makes the stories even more sensual…

I know you are drooling over the cover! Go get your own copy to drool over here in bed!

amorous congress photo by nicolas laborie

Super Duper Guest Blogger Oleander Plume Brings Superstar Horatio Slice to Us in a Flash!!!

Horatio Slice is hot af! *Fans* When Oleander Plume asked me to be part of his blog tour, I was a groupie just like anybody else! And she wrote a sexy flash for me which I am going to post here, and at my Friday Flash blog. Oleander and Horatio are just badass like that, gotta spread the love!!!


It’s only rock and roll but I like it…

When I see his name on my calendar, I cringe. Horatio Slice. Just the name sets my teeth on edge. According to my editor, Patty Shane, this interview is top priority.

“Like him or not, the kid sells,” Patty says, “Have you seen the proofs of the cover photos? Sweet Jesus on the cross, Caleb, if I had a uterus, I would fill it with his baby.”

“Why the fuck do I have to meet with him in person? No one does that any more. I interviewed Bono over the phone just last week.”

Horatio Slice, Patty informs me, hates talking on the phone, something about a fear of being misquoted, which I think is bullshit. But, Patty signs my checks and I like to eat, so I reluctantly agree to meet with this new era rock god in his hotel room.

I think I’m prepared, until he answers the door. The dude is huge. Linebacker huge. He smiles and sticks out a hand.

“Wow, Caleb Wallace from Rolling Stone magazine, I feel like I’m dreaming, man.”

I don’t like the firm way he shakes my hand while staring into my eyes. It’s unnerving. The fucker. No one should be that good looking.

“Let’s get this over with,” I mumble, feeling like a dick when I notice the hurt expression on his face. “I mean, you’re probably sick of talking to reporters, right?”

The smile returns. “Yeah, maybe a little, but I can’t wait to talk to you. You’re Caleb Wallace.”

By now I’m thinking the kid is a little stoned. I follow him inside, and we both take a seat in the living room of his fancy suite. I set my mini tape recorder on the coffee table and press record.

“So, Horatio Slice, how goes the tour?”

“Amazing. Happy to be in New York, my home base.” He flips that long hair out of his eyes. “Hey, would you like a beer or something?” A glance at my recorder. “Sorry. You can edit that out, right?”

Yup. Stoned. “No worries,” I say with a force smile. “I understand you’re quite the sex symbol. What’s that like?” Glancing around the suite, I don’t see what I expect, namely women’s panties draped over every available surface.

His expression tightens. “I don’t consider myself a sex symbol. Just a musician.”

“Come on, dish me some dirt, Horatio. Strictly off the record.” He just stares at me. “I’m an old man, kid, let me live vicariously through you.”

After a long sigh, he says, “I thought you’d be different. I thought you’d want to talk about the music.”

The music. That’s the reason I became a rock journalist in the first place. When did I turn into such a jaded prick? “Let’s start over,” I say, rewinding the tape. “Let’s talk about the music.”

And we do. Minutes turn to hours. One beer turns into four. The conversation drifts from sixties acid rock to nineties grunge and all points in between. Somehow, we end up sitting next to each other on the couch. His knee touches mine and my balls tighten.

This is why I balked at the interview, I realize. I knew I’d want him, knew I’d want to touch those firm muscles and stroke that olive skin. Slide that zipper down and suck and suck and suck. Even at 40, I’m in shape, attractive even, but this guy is way out of my league.

And I hate accepting that.

But a few whiskey shots later, my dick tells my brain to fuck off. Something about the way he’s looking at me – lips parted, eyes heavy-lidded – makes me think he won’t mind if I slowly slide my fingers over his bulge.

“I want to suck it,” I say, enjoying the way his dick hardens beneath my touch.

“This is, like, the best interview ever,” he says.

The rumors are true. Horatio Slice has a behemoth between his legs. Erect and majestic. I lick the crown and the taste of him goes right to my head. Now starving for cock, I swallow that beast and suck with all I’m worth.

He likes to talk dirty. “Suck me with that hot mouth,” he says, fingers gently playing with my hair. “Then, I’ll blow you until you come. Or maybe I’ll let you fuck me. Would you like to fuck me?”

Like he even needs to ask.

Yes, you now have an all access pass to Oleander Plume's AMAZING new novel, with my friends at Go Deeper Press! I know I want a slice of Horatio Slice…sigh…


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Horatio on Goodreads

Book trailer

More Friday Flash here:


Masturbation Monday No. 91 & My Kinkly Interview With Kayla Lords!!!

Nichy’s hand was in Tyler’s as they walked on the beach. His fingers slipped along the edge of her retro bathing suit, just at the curve of her backside and she leaned in closer to him. They toward Renee and Gavin, and Nichy could not help but stare at the couple. The section of the beach where they were was mostly isolated. It was not the warmest day, but it was warm enough and the feeling of Tyler’s hand on her backside made her feel whimsical. But looking at Renee and Gavin startled her. Gavin was on his back, and Renee curled toward him. Because the beach was practically isolated, Renee touched him intimately with such tenderness…it took Nichy’s breath away. Renee’s bathing suit was not dissimilar to hers, because they had gotten them together and had them delivered to the office. They had put them on in the bathroom right away. This was before they had ever been lovers, but Nichy could not deny that she had looked over at Renee more than once or twice while she changed…it was really hard to resist looking at Renee’s curvaceous form. Nichy watched Renee caress Gavin absently, her eyes were closed but her hands knew exactly where to go. Gavin’s breath was affected by Renee’s every touch, though his eyes were closed as well. Closed eyes yet they were having such an intense encounter, that Nichy wanted to look away but she could not. Their chemistry was so real, and she wondered if they were in love. With their eyes still closed, they moved themselves into a kiss. Renee pushed her sunglasses up into her hair, and held Gavin’s face.

Nichy gasped, and it turned into a bit of a choke.

“You okay Nich?” Tyler asked her, squeezing her bottom.

She nodded, not even thinking that he could not see her.

The huge ring on Renee’s finger was blinding, so much that you could not really tell what finger it was on.

But Nichy knew.

Gavin opened his eyes, and saw her staring at them. He smiled, grabbed Renee’s hand and swung it.

“We’re engaged!!!” he cried.

Renee turned around, and smiled at Nichy and Tyler. She waved her hand on her own, and reiterated,

“We’re engaged!!!”

Tyler’s finger slipped into the crotch of her bathing suit, and that unexpected caress distracted Nichy. He had thoroughly fingered her on the train, and now again. His knowing fingers caressing her from behind.

She moaned from pleasure, and then a confusion of emotions washed along her like waves onto the beach…

This week, in addition to my post, I have an excerpt! Kinkly posted my red-hot interview with Kayla Lords. Here is a snippet:

Kayla Lords is the creator of Masturbation Monday, a wildly popular meme that has made Monday the best day of the week! The taboo-conquering meme is a showcase for sexy stories to get you hot and bothered any day of the week! Kayla took time out of her schedule (Masturbation Monday is only one of a myriad of projects she is working on!) to tell us how she got started, about her commitment to community and about embracing our desires.

F. Leonora Solomon: What inspired you to start Masturbation Monday? Why was focusing on masturbation so important to you?

Kayla Lords: Masturbation is where I got my blogging start. At 32, I had never had a real orgasm, I’d never really masturbated, and a guy I liked a lot dumped me because I couldn’t let myself relax when we had sex. (Not that I’m shedding over any tears over being dumped by him.) I’d blogged in the vanilla world about my divorce the year before and at the same time discovered sex blogs. I’d seen, first hand, the power of shared experiences and a shared story, and I knew that masturbation was so taboo that I would either be ignored or I’d find people who understood. (Thankfully, it was the latter, and not the former.)

For me, masturbation was the beginning of the end of my own self-created sexual repression. In my late teens and early 20s, I was a girl on fire when it came to sex. I loved sex … until I didn’t. Through masturbation, I found that part of myself again, but because I’d also broken through some of my own sexual insecurities (good girls don’t touch themselves and all the BS we’re taught at too young of an age), I felt freer and more alive. I was braver and willing to try new things. It helped that I’d ended a bad marriage and was discovering that I really wasn’t a troll who should live under a bridge. I was and am a desirable, sexual woman. Without masturbation, I wouldn’t have realized any of that…click here to read the rest of the interview!!!

More Masturbation Monday here:

beach by f dot leonora

My Sexy Saturday — Sexy Says It All

Sexy does say it all! This “hands-free” erotic story I wrote for Hot Octopuss is silent, but the sexy does say a lot!!! Here is a snippet from “The Sound of (Not Quite) Silent!”

Liz’s boyfriend Ed came over every night—Janine could not blame Liz for needing the release after her long workday. Liz and Ed had sex every night.


The first time, they must have moved the bed because there was a loud dragging sound. Then soft moaning, which elevated into not so hushed whispers.

“Pull my hair,” Liz whispered loudly. “Harder.”


You can read the entire story on Hot Octopuss’s blog, and you can read more My Sexy Saturday here.




My Sexy Saturday: A Sexy Encounter

This past Sunday, I was my friend Ivy O’Hara’s guest blogger (yesterday she was mine!). I was nervous to be her guest because she is an enviably good writer! But she liked my story, “Hot Chocolate” . I guess I love writing about chocolate–I also wrote “Chocolate Covered” for Chemical Sex…want some chocolate?!
Adrienne smiled, and sipped her hot chocolate. Feeling like she was kissing the chocolate again, now she wondered what this man’s lips would feel like against hers instead. She did not know his name yet.
He stared at her lips, which she licked. He looked at her breaking the rules, for how long he should look into her eyes.
Her temples dampened as she continued to drink the hot chocolate, and to drink in her new companion’s appearance. He continued to study her lips, as she licked them. Studied them as she licked the homemade whipped cream with the tip of her tongue, before added it liberally to top her chocolate.
You can read finish my chocolate here, and read more sexy encounters here.
hot chocolate via wikipedia

Stockings Flash!!!

If you have seen my Twitter account you know I love everything retro! I just saw the new Cate Blanchett film, Carol so that period and just before was on my mind. My story is based on the shortage of stockings just before the end of WWII…

Grace was afraid to turn around and look down. Alfred held her ankle, and she tried not to squirm. He had told her to stay still, perfectly still.

Grace was the last one in the shop. She had seen the lines for nylons in passing, and she wanted none of it. Of course they all wanted the war to be over, but mainly Grace wanted to be able to get a pair of stockings again…

She had tried the paint for them, but she had not had a brand that had been as effective as she hoped. Grace had been excited to hear that Alfred at her favorite shoe store in the city was painting seams right on women’s bare legs so well, that no one could tell the difference. 

The woman in front of her had just walked out of the store, when she finally stopped gawking at how gorgeous her faux seams looked. It was made with gravy paint, Alfred said that his mother made the best gravy and it worked well.

Grace tried to stay still, but it was hard. Hard for her to stay still when Alfred touched her like he did—caressing her calves, and stroking her leg with the tip of his paintbrush. She pulled up her skirt just a bit, and he painted so delicately. Like she was porcelain or crystal. She closed her eyes, as his brush moved slowly down her leg. 

“Stay still,” he whispered to her.

Grace had always loved that the feeling of actual stockings, against her fingers. Sometimes she put her cheek to them. She often perfumed them when she was washed them, so they smelled of her. She liked the feeling of putting them on her legs, it was her solo pleasure. But now, with Alfred’s hand on her legs, it was a partnership.

“You have such lovely legs, you do not need to even wear stockings,” he said quietly.

“That would not be proper!” she said, turning around quickly and his brush zigzagged on her leg.

“You moved,” he said. “I was not suggesting you not wear stockings. I was just telling you, you have beautiful legs.”

When Grace looked down at him, she noticed his eyes, which she had not noticed the entire time she had been waiting in the store. She was instantly sorry she had snapped at him. Alfred had been on his knees for hours, painting women’s legs and he had not uttered a word of complaint. Grace had barely heard his voice until now.

“I’m sorry. I guess thank you?”

“I see a lot of women from down here, and I could not help but tell you, you are beautiful…”

Grace turned and looked out of the window, as she felt him correct the paint where she had made him veer off of his course. He began painting in a straight line again, and the skin on the back of her legs might as well had been between her legs…But she stayed still perfectly still for the rest of the time like he had told her to.

Until his hand traveled further up her leg, and he made her shiver deliciously…

stockings via wikimedia commons 

Review and New Release Info: Bases Loaded edited by F Leonora Solomon @fdotleonora

so happy to have BASES LOADED hosted today by Rebecca Black!!!

Want to Come…Over?

What happens at Eroticon does not stay at Eroticon! K D Grace inspired me to write a story, and be a guest on her blog! Today is the day! If you like my Masturbation Mondays–this should be right up your alley! 

Here is an excerpt:

He was not the love of her life by any means. They had only gone out a couple of times—in some cases he just filled the space just so that she would not be alone. After a few drinks—they did not even have dinner—she wanted more than his conversation.

Lying on her side now, the night after, she could still feel the scruff of his stubble all over her body. She liked the chafed feeling of where his mouth had been on her. His mouth was the ultimate turn-on for her. Not so much the feeling of it, but what he said.

You like it rough don’t you, you like it raw right?

Hmmm, see just how rough and raw on K D’s blog!!!

The Historian

I have a very particular idea in my head of how I want this week’s installment of Masturbation Monday to go. I called one of my really good friends because I love her, and just to see how she was. Lovely conversation, we made plans to have dinner soon…before we get off the phone she tells
me a new dating story, which jibed so much with what I wanted to write that I asked her could I borrow it? If not for this piece, some piece because it was awesome!

“Why do you think I tell you stories?” she asked me.

Before I could even put words together, she told me that she tells me her stories to help me along with mine. Told me I am her voice, her historian–I have always told her that I wished she wrote stories because she tells the best ones!

But she assigned me as a historian.

As the “creative” one, I am usually assigned the role as the entertainer. But to be a historian? I felt special! Here is a bit of history she inspired me to write for Alison Tyler.

Tomorrow there might be a bit of her story in my newest installment…or not! But the photograph I took yesterday will accompany it, and it also is a big part of how the story will go.

Stay tuned!


Yesterday was a really awesome blog day for me. I had my amazing, brilliant friend Vena Ramphal as a guest on my blog. I met Vena at Eroticon a few years ago. Her session was so life-affirming and rich, and her post is the same–full of love and life…You can read it here if you missed it, or again!

This year at Eroticon, I met the equally amazing and brilliant Girl on the Net. GOTN was there last year, but I did not get to meet her. This year I did, and she is really awesome! She did a fantastic session which you can read about here, and gave us lots of chocolate–so I am a friend for life! But most of all, she is full of such great energy and shares my suit fetish–which is what my guest post on her blog is all about! You can read it here.

It only seemed fair in an ode to my great blog day yesterday, to honor something else of yesterday…Don Draper in his suit!

photo of Don Draper via flickr