Masturbation Monday No. 91 & My Kinkly Interview With Kayla Lords!!!

Nichy’s hand was in Tyler’s as they walked on the beach. His fingers slipped along the edge of her retro bathing suit, just at the curve of her backside and she leaned in closer to him. They toward Renee and Gavin, and Nichy could not help but stare at the couple. The section of the beach where they were was mostly isolated. It was not the warmest day, but it was warm enough and the feeling of Tyler’s hand on her backside made her feel whimsical. But looking at Renee and Gavin startled her. Gavin was on his back, and Renee curled toward him. Because the beach was practically isolated, Renee touched him intimately with such tenderness…it took Nichy’s breath away. Renee’s bathing suit was not dissimilar to hers, because they had gotten them together and had them delivered to the office. They had put them on in the bathroom right away. This was before they had ever been lovers, but Nichy could not deny that she had looked over at Renee more than once or twice while she changed…it was really hard to resist looking at Renee’s curvaceous form. Nichy watched Renee caress Gavin absently, her eyes were closed but her hands knew exactly where to go. Gavin’s breath was affected by Renee’s every touch, though his eyes were closed as well. Closed eyes yet they were having such an intense encounter, that Nichy wanted to look away but she could not. Their chemistry was so real, and she wondered if they were in love. With their eyes still closed, they moved themselves into a kiss. Renee pushed her sunglasses up into her hair, and held Gavin’s face.

Nichy gasped, and it turned into a bit of a choke.

“You okay Nich?” Tyler asked her, squeezing her bottom.

She nodded, not even thinking that he could not see her.

The huge ring on Renee’s finger was blinding, so much that you could not really tell what finger it was on.

But Nichy knew.

Gavin opened his eyes, and saw her staring at them. He smiled, grabbed Renee’s hand and swung it.

“We’re engaged!!!” he cried.

Renee turned around, and smiled at Nichy and Tyler. She waved her hand on her own, and reiterated,

“We’re engaged!!!”

Tyler’s finger slipped into the crotch of her bathing suit, and that unexpected caress distracted Nichy. He had thoroughly fingered her on the train, and now again. His knowing fingers caressing her from behind.

She moaned from pleasure, and then a confusion of emotions washed along her like waves onto the beach…

This week, in addition to my post, I have an excerpt! Kinkly posted my red-hot interview with Kayla Lords. Here is a snippet:

Kayla Lords is the creator of Masturbation Monday, a wildly popular meme that has made Monday the best day of the week! The taboo-conquering meme is a showcase for sexy stories to get you hot and bothered any day of the week! Kayla took time out of her schedule (Masturbation Monday is only one of a myriad of projects she is working on!) to tell us how she got started, about her commitment to community and about embracing our desires.

F. Leonora Solomon: What inspired you to start Masturbation Monday? Why was focusing on masturbation so important to you?

Kayla Lords: Masturbation is where I got my blogging start. At 32, I had never had a real orgasm, I’d never really masturbated, and a guy I liked a lot dumped me because I couldn’t let myself relax when we had sex. (Not that I’m shedding over any tears over being dumped by him.) I’d blogged in the vanilla world about my divorce the year before and at the same time discovered sex blogs. I’d seen, first hand, the power of shared experiences and a shared story, and I knew that masturbation was so taboo that I would either be ignored or I’d find people who understood. (Thankfully, it was the latter, and not the former.)

For me, masturbation was the beginning of the end of my own self-created sexual repression. In my late teens and early 20s, I was a girl on fire when it came to sex. I loved sex … until I didn’t. Through masturbation, I found that part of myself again, but because I’d also broken through some of my own sexual insecurities (good girls don’t touch themselves and all the BS we’re taught at too young of an age), I felt freer and more alive. I was braver and willing to try new things. It helped that I’d ended a bad marriage and was discovering that I really wasn’t a troll who should live under a bridge. I was and am a desirable, sexual woman. Without masturbation, I wouldn’t have realized any of that…click here to read the rest of the interview!!!

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  1. What?!?! Yeah, I didn’t see that coming at all…and apparently neither did Nichy. But her apparent feelings of unease don’t seem all that out of place, either. Everything has happened so fast between everyone.

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