Masturbation Monday No. 90

Nichy stared out of the window, the view from the Metro North in New York was nothing like the view she had on the train going from London to Bristol. But in England, she did not have Tyler’s hand on her thigh. There was a young couple that looked hungover. The girl’s stern face was fixed on her phone, with her fingers moved as fast as a machine. The guy had his hand fixed on her knee so hard, it looked like he would crush it.

Tyler’s hand was high on her thigh, his fingers splayed on the inside. The girl looked up at her, and Nichy stared at her head on. The argument that had occurred between the couple across from them, had made her stare out of the window to tune them out. Tyler had been asleep, and it seemed to her he was still asleep. Because he would not have dared to knead the inside of her thigh like that right across from another couple.

Or would he?

Nichy could not help but part her legs when his kneading became more intense. She could feel–almost hear she would swear, but knew that it was impossible–the wetness between her legs. The girl fixed her stern face on Nichy, and pulled her knee away from her own man’s hand.

“Oh come on honey…” he said to the girl, and clamped his hand that had been on her knee to her cheek. He kissed her, and Nichy saw the thread of spit when he did. 

“Stop it!” The girl said sternly, and threw her phone into her bag.

Nichy moaned involuntarily, as Tyler pressed the inside of her thigh even more. The guy sitting across from her wiped his mouth, as he pulled away from the stern girl and looked at Nichy. Nichy saw his eyes linger on her thighs. She looked at Tyler whose lips were parted, and she did not want him to move his hand away.

“Come on!” Grabbing her boyfriend’s hand, the stern girl grabbed her purse and glared at Nichy.

Nichy eased into the seat, wanting more of the peripheral sensation she was getting from Tyler.

“Are they gone yet?” he asked.

“You!” Nichy smiled.

Tyler slipped his hand under her dress, and Nichy did nothing to stop him. She let him touch her, and she was not imagining that she heard her wetness as the view outside went dark when they entered Grand Central…
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