Masturbation Monday No. 147 — Rare Fruit


Nichy got up in the morning, saw his name on her phone and the butterflies in her stomach were let loose. She placed her hand on her stomach, and walked into the bathroom unfazed by her nudity in the full-length mirror.

Miss you.

Her fingers moved over her phone like a demon, as she texted him back how much she missed him. Even though her body still thrummed with her and Tyler’s lovemaking.

But she did miss Drew, she missed him so much. She felt like she physically felt the distance between them—her in New York, and him in London.

Miss you too.

She felt his kiss like if he was in New York, or she was in London. Him holding her so close that she felt squishy down below, because he made her so wet when they were just close. Before he even touched her.

I might come to New York, I have miles too.

Nichy placed her phone on the edge of the sink.

Again her heart was being tugged, everything had been Drew. Now Tyler was back–she could still feel Tyler inside of her, and she pressed her thighs together with the memory.

She was tired of splitting her heart. She had left her life once before because she was afraid of what had happened before. Being Graham’s Nusch in a previous life, and he had found her. She had been in an constant circle of lovers, and she wondered if she could just run away? If she could be somewhere else? Be someone else?


When she picked her phone back up, she saw Gavin’s name on her screen. Nichy was surprised because they were friends of course—they had been so much more—but these days he did not text her a lot.

Miss you…

Nichy stared at his text, and swallowed.


She texted him back because she was not sure how he meant he missed her.

She dropped her phone, when Tyler grabbed her, and she watched him kiss her neck in the mirror. Her lids grew heavy, but she was still aroused as she watched him kiss her like a vampire, while he caressed her breasts like a rare fruit.

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