Wicked Wednesday #264 — Nightmare

Eliza woke up sweaty and panting beside Terrence, she had had the worst nightmare. Her body heaved, and she tried to settle herself because she did not want to wake him up, even though her movement made him instinctively reach for her. His arms like fire because she was so overheated from whatever she had experienced behind closed eyelids, and she shifted away from him.Moving out of her nightmare like if it was molasses, Eliza did not even remember what she dreamt but the feeling of dread was so strong. She had not bothered to ask Terrence about what Lila had said, because she had missed him so much that she did not want anything right then other than to be with him.

But she was going to ask him because she needed to know, she needed to know how if he…she needed to know how devoted he was going to be with her, how devoted he had been. He made it seem like he was all into her, and never indicated that he could have possibly have been involved with Lila.

Though he had come to the office on Lila’s recommendation, and fought with her when he got there and gone to Paris with her, and, and, and…

Eliza fell asleep again after awhile, but the next night, in bed with Rafe, she woke up damp and panting again. Rafe pulled her close, and his arms felt like fire like Terrence’s had the night before. 

But she rather be scorched by his embrace, than fall asleep again and have another nightmare…
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