Wicked Wednesday #251 — Necessary

When Eliza closed the door to Terrence’s office, Lila was standing outside of the door in the hallway. She almost gasped at the sight of Lila there.Lila’s smile was tight, even as she tried to seem casual.

“Can I have a word with you?” Lila asked, following her.

“Of course,” Eliza nodded.

They walked into her office which was at the end of the hall, and that was when everything began to move like molasses for Eliza.

“It is necessary to downsize Eliza, it is always awful when we have to do this.” Lila had said.

“But we just promoted him…”

Lila crossed her arms, and looked at Eliza with stern but gentle eyes.

“Eliza, it troubles me that this is necessary too, but it is…necessary.”

Eliza shook her head back and forth, after Lila walked out of her office and shut the door behind her. She put her head in her hands, thinking she had just walked out of Terrence’s office. Standing up, she looked out of her window and pressed her head to the cool glass which soothed her a bit. 

Lila had told her it was necessary, but not right away. But it was necessary, and she was going to have to do it. She moved her head from the window, sighed and pressed her hand to her head. She went to open her door, but instead pressed her back to it and slumped to the floor sitting on her heels. Her eyes were damp, and she pressed them tight because she did not want to cry. She had to steel herself for what she would have to do. 

It was not immediate, but as Terrence’s supervisor it was her job. She was going to have to let him go, and she did not know how she was going to…

…let him go….
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