Wicked Wednesday #256 — The Wedding

Eliza walked through the restaurant, like a bride walking down the aisle at her wedding. Everything was white around her, not her though. She was not dressed in white, but she was anxious.She needed to see Terrence, and she had asked him to meet her at a restaurant fairly close to her job because she barely had time to come out because of a huge project she was working on…

But she needed to see him. 

He stood right up from his seat, when she reached him, and squeezed her hand like a kiss. She felt suffused with heat, from their simple touch and proximity.

Ever since that surreal moment, when Lila told her that it was necessary to downsize and that she needed to let Terrence go, she had felt overwhelmed. But now next to him, him even just touching her hand, even with just that she felt less anxious.

He pulled out her chair, for her to sit, and then took her hand in his again. They did not talk for the longest time, but gazed into each other’s eyes for a long time. Every time it looked like one of them was going to speak, they smiled and squeezed the other’s hand tighter.

Before finally she knew what she wanted to say, Eliza saw Lila walking into the restaurant. She did not want to catch Lila’s gaze, but she did, because there was nothing to hide.

Lila strode over to her table purposefully.

“Don’t you have a project to work on Eliza?”

Eliza swallowed, and squeezed Terrence’s hand tighter as Lila looked over them reprovingly.

“I believe it is lunchtime Lila?” she smiled tightly at her colleague.

“I guess that there is no way to save you from yourself, is there?”

Lila turned on her heel, as realization came over Eliza like a bride’s veil.

She and Terrence looked at each other, smiles swept from their faces. They had been exposed professionally and personally–but they did not let go of each other’s hands…
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  1. I’ve got behind with this story! I need to go back a few weeks and see where I am at. But goddamn – I thought we would get a wedding out of you!!!! Xxx

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