Masturbation Monday No. 138 — Red

Camden was even more colorful than Nichy remembered. She walked along its Lock, and saw Drew tucked away in a bar that was colored red, it was all red inside. She ran–was she with Carole?–through a throng of people. Drew had just turned, when she leaped and wrapped her legs about him. Drew’s skin was red, her legs were red and the music about them was like an additional heartbeat inside of her body.She wanted Drew inside of her body.

She kissed him, that sweet spot on her own neck on his, because she hoped that it would make him as wild as her. He moaned softly, and smacked her bottom and it felt like he had smacked her between her legs the way she throbbed there after his touch.

“You want it here then? Right here?” His accent was like sex, when he talked to her. She ground herself against him. “You filthy girl, people might be able to see.”

“Then make sure they don’t? Unless you are scared?”

The front of the bar was red, and so all of their parts were bathed in red, his lips, his throat. The top of her breasts, and her nipple when he slipped his finger just inside her bodice. They turned toward each other, pressed so close together, she almost could not breathe. Not from their proximity, but from the anticipation. Her lips parted, a Pavlovian response when she heard his zipper. Drew fingered her to see if she was wet, she smirked and saw her lips shift red beneath her nose. He fingered her, even though there was no need to. She had been ready for him when she wrapped her legs about him. She reached for him, for his shaft outside of his pants. Played with it, because she coveted it.

He was hard, she was wet, she looked down briefly and saw him hard and red between them. She closed her eyes, as he moved his fingers from her.

Red with lust.

Red with rage.

Behind her eyes was red, when she realized she had been dreaming. Her hand between her thighs was red, as she realized she had finger fucked herself in her sleep.

She wanted Drew even more now…
I wrote two flash pieces that stayed with me, and inspired this dream for Nichy. You can read them here, and here.
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