Wicked Wednesday #223 — Blood

Margaux was happy that she was wearing sunglasses. Even though her doctor had assured her that the spotting was normal, and that there was nothing to worry about…even though every time she saw a spot of blood on her undergarments, she felt nauseous and anxious. Her nerves about the spotting even placated her anxiety over needles, when her blood work was done. There was no way she could not be emotional, her choice had not been an easy one but it was the one that she felt she had to make.

She walked toward the restaurant to see Rafe, because he was worried about her. And because she wanted to see him. He was her partner, and made her feel comfortable and secure.

But before she had even really started walking to the restaurant, she saw Eliza.

Eliza studied her, and Margaux could see that she was unsure how to greet her. Margaux pulled from her feeble reserves, to walk toward Eliza with a warm smile she was far from feeling.

“Hi!” she forced, and hugged Eliza.

Eliza gripped her with the same force, that she had gripped her with.

“Hi,” Eliza said to her. “How are you?”

“Good,” Margaux lied. “Just coming from a doctor’s appointment.”

“Oh, I am heading to an appointment for work. Everything okay with you?”

Margaux felt nervous as Eliza continued to study her. The rest of their conversation came in a rush in her memory when they parted. She felt weak, as she continued walking to the restaurant to meet Rafe.

Rafe knew something was wrong with her as soon as he saw her. She sat beside him on the plush cushion by the window. She dry heaved with tears that would not come. Rafe held her tight, and kissed her temple.

“I am here baby, I am here…”

He kissed her temple and rubbed her back, as he ordered hot tea for her.

“The doctor said the bleeding was normal, nothing more than I should expect and she will email me the results to my blood work.”

“Good,” he kissed her temple. “Good.”

Margaux excused herself to go to the bathroom, Rafe barely let her go. His hand caressed her bottom for a moment before she walked away. In the bathroom, looking down at her panties spotted with blood, she could still feel Rafe’s lips on her temple.

And she thought what an amazing father he would be…

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