Wicked Wednesday #225 — Shadows

Eliza saw Rafe sitting in the shadows of their apartment by an open window, though it was dark. He looked out of the window as if for inspiration, or for something he hoped was out there.She walked over to him, the only sound was the elegant click of her stilettos. Pausing before him, he looked up at her and hugged her thighs.

“Babe…” she whispered softly, running her hands through his hair. “Babe.”

Rafe looked up at her, and Eliza never saw an expression like that on his face before.

Eliza continued to run her hands through his hair. He had called her, and she cancelled on the way to her meeting, because of what he told her.

Now she knew that when she saw Margaux what was wrong, that Margaux had been carrying Rafe’s baby and made the decision to terminate her pregnancy. Eliza closed her eyes and wondered if Margaux had ended everything, because she did not want to come between then.

Being honest, Eliza would want to have Rafe’s children herself. But if Margaux had remained pregnant, she would have loved the baby because it was part of Rafe.

And she loved Rafe.

“I think she made the best decision she could, you can’t question her on this Rafe.”

“But she was carrying my child!”

“Shhh, I know…” Eliza looked down at him, and even in the shadows she could see his eyes shining with tears.

She was out of words to console him in the shadows, she even savored the shadows. Eliza closed her eyes as she thought of Oscar’s phone call from Shanghai, still echoing in the shadow of her empathy..

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