Wicked Wednesday #261 — Waves

Lila stood in Eliza’s door, and it gave her a strange sense of deja vu. She looked up at Lila, and saw Lila’s unmoving mouth yelling her to fire Terrence.She shook her head, and looked up at Lila.

“Yes,” she said to her, and Lila walked into her office.

“I know that you hate me now Eliza, but I really am trying to help you. I was the other woman once, and I was involved with a man that I thought I would give everything up for. I was so naive…I just wanted to help you. You are a bigwig here, you do not need to be distracted…”

Eliza put her pen down.

“Lila, thank you,” she responded quietly. “I think that I got this.”

Eliza resented that Lila was calling her the other woman. If anything, Terrence was the other man!

Lila did not move.

“I am trying to help you Eliza. Terrence is not worth it.”

“You speak like you were with him!” Eliza blurted out, as she closed her laptop.

Lila walked deeper into Eliza’s office.

“Now, now you get it Eliza. I can tell you that you are the other woman because, I am the last woman who was with Terrence. I am being this graceful because I am a lady.” Lila pushed her way forward, as if she were in a crowd. “You are the other woman Eliza.”

Eliza was quiet, as her world moved about her like large waves in a small pool. Terrence was each wave, bobbing about her…

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