Wicked Wednesday #266 — Bubbles

Eliza looked at the bubbles while they were thick, until they started to dissipate and all she could see was her skin under the water. Rafe had already checked on her, because she had not emerged from the bathroom for such a long time.

She couldn’t, she was not able to, her head was everywhere.

She knew that if she was with Terrence in person, that she was going to get caught up in being with him in the flesh.

Tell me about Lila, she had texted him.

The phone had hovered above the then thick bubbles of her bubble bath.

What about Lila?

Did you date her?

Lila? At the job?


The edge of the phone got bubbles on them, and she licked them off with her tongue. The soap taste was thick with sandalwood and ylang ylang, and she felt drowsy.

Did Lila tell you that?

Yeah, she told me that I was the other woman.



Eliza, why would you believe that she said to you?

You know, I am engaged, so you could be with her. The only thing is that it is her.


I mean, I have no right.


Terrence, I have no right to be mad.

Eliza, Lila and I…Lila wanted to get involved with me and I said no. I know she is the reason why I am not working there anymore, and now she is just being vengeful by telling you…telling you I was with her.

She is lying?

Of course she is lying! I cannot believe that you would believe her over me.


I mean you fired me, and now this?


She sunk into the tub. Bubbles went up her nose, and she realized her phone was by her side under the water.

Naked and dripping wth bubbles, she had packed her phone in some rice in the kitchen to make sure that it would be okay. She looked behind her, and saw her wet footprints in the hall.

She returned to the tub like a reverse phoenix.

Lowering herself into the ashes.

Wet phone, she would not be able to contact Terrence, and she was in a cliffhanger that she wanted to jump from…

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