Masturbation Monday No. 149

Ben.Sabrina could not believe her panties were wet. Again. She did not even like panties, and normally went commando. But she got so wet when she was near Ben, that she had to wear something to make the inside of her thighs less slippery.

But there he was again, and she looked at every inch of him, desire damp and sticky between her legs. 

Ben was not going to be like Gavin. Life was too short, and she was not going to do that all over again.

She stood in Ben’s doorway. Her blouse and pencil skirt accentuated every bit of her, but did not cling. With a suggestion of a smile on her lips—but not wanting too seem smug, she watched Ben look at every…bit…of her.

“Did you need anything else Ben?” she questioned with mock innocence, adjusting her cat-eye framed glasses. She had gotten non-prescription ones, like the ones she had admired on Theodora.

“No, thank you Sabrina.” he replied.

“Well then, good night.”

She paused in the door for just a second, before she left. 

The click of her heels in the hallway was deafening. When she got to the very end, she bent and took off her shoes.

Barefoot, she walked back to his office. Several nights before, she had walked to his office with her incredibly high heels off and saw him…

Saw him sitting in the moonlight, the moon lighting his shaft, his hand around it and Sabrina wondered if he was thinking of her as he pleasured himself. His crisp suit handled recklessly as he pursued his pleasure, his shaft grew within his fist and when she saw him do that she grabbed the crotch of her dress and she smelled the dampness between her legs.

This night, she saw him again pumping his shaft and she was pretty sure it was her—it was too soon after she had left him.

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