Masturbation Monday No. 153 — Heat

Sabrina woke up in Ben’s apartment, and acclimated to his things and surroundings. She often woke up like that at her own apartment, because it was still fairly new to her as she had been living in the same apartment for awhile previously. Changing her life the way that she had, was oddly familiar.
Third time was a charm after all, wasn’t it?
And with Ben beside her, for a tiny moment, she fantasized about a life with him and maybe not having to run anymore. Could that always be the solution to run?
“You always look so pensive,” Ben mused, turning on his side, and smiling at her.
Sabrina smiled at him. She liked that about him, that he was intuitive and noticed her thoughts, that was why it had been so easy to start with him. They did not have to say much, that their eyes had not already said to each other. The way that they looked at each other when they met was enough, and by the time she sat on his lap there really was nothing that needed to be said.
At all.
Her eyes narrowed at him, as she cast her pensive eyes over his until they were both thinking the same thing.
Ben kissed her, that was all he did. His lips on hers: soft searching and…maybe pensive.
Sabrina’s body throbbed for him to be where she needed him to be, but she kissed him with complete abandon. Her lips said things she could never actually say to Ben, and her body talked to him in kind. Their combined heat was a dialogue.

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  1. I would love for her to stop running eventually but I also love she embraced the moment with him with wild abandonment. Would she be able to do that if she didn’t know she could always run if necessary? I’m not so sure…

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