Masturbation Monday No. 154 — In the Shadows

Sabrina thought she saw a shadow, she was still learning her new apartment so she did not know all of its kinks or twists and turns.
But she knew…
“You keep thinking you can escape, and you do. All the other people Nusch you escape, but I always find you.”
Graham stared at her, and to her relief, he did not look menacing.
“What do you want me to say?” she asked with smug resign
He grabbed her elbow, and pulled her to him.
“When are you going to stop running…from me?”
“Don’t flatter yourself Graham–I left a lot when I left this time. A lot.”
“Because you are afraid of anything real? In life? In love? You think now because you have this sexy 1950s secretary thing going, that you are anything different? That you are not you?”
He caressed her tortoiseshell frames, and let his finger linger on her throat. Right by the hollow. He dipped his finger in there, and leaned into her.
“This is what I run from you know? This.”
She took his hand, and he manipulated her body so that she was pressed hard against him. In just her slip–bra slipped off when she came in–and a skimpy lace thong, she felt every nuance of his body against hers.
And she wanted him, despite any good judgment. It was sexy that he kept finding her, no matter how she tried to escape–her life or him.
He took off her glasses, which made no difference in her vision.
“What do you see? What do you see here Sabrina?” he mocked. “The next move is yours.”
Sabrina blinked uncontrollably. Her throat was parched, and her body was extra sensitive. Her nipples were hard against the silkiness of her slip, and between her legs tight with tension.
Without looking away from Graham, she caressed her nipples through her slip. Slowly and leisurely, like she had all day.
And like he was not there.
She pulled her breasts out of the suggested cups of her slip and pulled at her nipples while she slipped the slip up over her hips and pulled the damp crotch of her thong to the side.
Before she placed her fingers there, Graham took her hand.
“What do you think you are doing?” he asked gruffly.
“Pleasuring myself.”
Sabrina rubbed herself against him to soften his stern face. He pulled her close, and slapped her backside hard. It almost pushed her over the edge, with the crotch of her thong digging into her and across her clit. She looked at Graham, and he smiled looking into her eyes.
“What am I going to do with you?

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  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I see Graham in another light. I always saw him as kind of menacing before. Creepy and stalkerish. But I wonder if it’s something different or more (or both).

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