Wicked Wednesday #269 — Titanic

Eliza did not even bother to turn around, she felt Terrence so close and could smell his scent. She backed away from the painting, and into his hard chest.
He put his hands about her shoulders, to brace her.
Something in her resisted, and accepted his embrace at the same time.
“Don’t resist…” he whispered.
And she could not resist, she could not resist at all.
“Sorry,” she whispered, as if she was sorry that she had bumped into him.
He pulled her closer to him, and Eliza looked around for Rafe.
He was nowhere to be seen.
She looked up at Terrence, and his eyes bore into hers.
Kissing him in the stairwell just happened. Her arms wrapped around him was like a fix, she felt euphoric and calm in an instant. His body pressed to hers was not close enough.
She wanted to be inside him, she felt like she was sinking more than she had ever sunk emotionally. Like an emotional Titanic–her fate was inevitable.
With him.
They kissed like addicts.
When the door to the stairwell opened, Eliza bit her lip from the sudden thrust of it. Terrence held her, as she looked to the offending door.
He stood there looking at her, and then at Terrence. Eliza swallowed.
It was so deja vu….

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