Masturbation Monday #153 — Smitten

Sabrina felt vulnerable at the office. It was not that she wanted Ben just for sex, but he was really sinking in. A quick glance at him at his desk, not realizing she was looking at him and just his face made her feel warm inside.
It was that feeling that caused her vulnerability and alarm. It was too quick, it was too quick for her to feel this attached…to want him this much.
She got up to go to the bathroom, and Betty smiled up at her.
By the time she got to the bathroom door, she could smell Betty’s perfume. Betty was her office bff, but she really wanted to be alone.
“So last night?” Betty started with her expressive wide eyes, and stretched her mouth equally wide to touch up the rich plum lipstick she wore. “I hooked up with Jeb in Marketing, and let’s just say…I had to reapply my lipstick a few times!”
Betty smiled at herself in the mirror, and shot her eyes quickly over to Sabrina.
“He’s hot,” Sabrina whistled.
“Well I wanted Ben, but well, we can’t all have Ben.”
Sabrina nodded.
“Don’t you think Ben is hot S.?”
“Sure, I never really looked at him like that because you know–he is my boss.”
“That never stopped anybody else, believe me. He had one girl try to give him a blow job–and he has a glass office! And rumor has it, the girl before you was sitting on his couch masturbating when he walked into the office one day. You are a rare bird, if you have not noticed that he is a hot piece.”
Betty kissed a piece of cotton candy pink tissue that she pulled out of her purse, and blotted her lips.
“I just can’t think of him that way Betty.”
“Well I can! I can think of Ben a lot of ways!”
Sabrina laughed despite herself, because Betty wriggled her eyebrows and looked like something out of an old screwball comedy.
Ben was that hot, and now that she knew that women had been throwing themselves at him before her…why was she the difference? Why had he wanted her?
This morning, he rolled on top of her, and looked into her eyes for a long time. She liked his eyes, she wanted to lick them like candy. But his eyes penetrated hers so hard, that it was like he was using them for intercourse.
To get into her.
And he was in.
Right after that, he reached down for her and between her upper thighs were sticky and she was wet higher up. Her legs were jarred in such a way, that he could always open them.
She was always open for him.
When she and Betty walked back to their desks, there was a gorgeous redhead in his office and Sabrina bit her lip wondering who she was.
She recognized that jealousy, and knew she was smitten. Her emotions stung her like a bee.

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  1. Hot sex is good. Being the one to get him, better. But being afraid of her emotions? It’s a recipe for disaster…I can see her running, at least from him.

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