Wicked Wednesday #270 — Bond

“Who was he?” Terrence had asked when he saw the look Eliza and Oscar exchanged in the stairwell, and now Eliza looked at Oscar.

They were at their favorite bar, and Josephine was still there when they got there.

“Long time no see,” she had mused while pouring them straight Laphroaig, the smokiness stayed in Eliza’s mouth as she eyed Oscar.

There was a bond between them–a forever bond–and she knew what he was thinking even without looking at him.

“You’re in love with him.” Oscar stated simply, taking a gulp of smoky Laphroaig.

Eliza wrapped her arms about herself.

She had been in love before, but Terrence was the first time that she was in love with someone, and so much of it was what she wanted. Not based on her expectations of what the other person wanted.

With Rafe, she was under so much pressure–that was how she met Oscar. But Terrence was Paris, and then coming back to New York and wanting him. Her want for him was so raw.

“It’s not like what it was like when you met me, with Rafe, you know?” she stated keeping one arm wrapped about her, and the other picking up her drink. “You were how I learned to love differently. Better.”

Oscar smiled.

“You taught me how to love too,” he said, smiled and picked up her hand to kiss it.

And she felt it, Oscar like always.

On her hand, between her legs.

Liquid lightning.

Because she loved him, and she would always love him.

But she was in love with Terrence…

“So yeah,” Eliza said, licking her lips and tasting Laphroaig on them. “I am in love with him.”

“And he is clearly in love with you. What man would not be in love with you?”

He leaned close, and closer, and his lips touched her cheek like they used to touch her lips.


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