Wicked Wednesday #267 — Venus in Fur

Lila thought about Eliza and Terrence briefly, and with a smile on her lips as Rafe knelt at her feet.Rafe.

Margot had told her about Rafe, Margot was deeply in love with Rafe, and she had promised him a kink scene for their next date. She sat in the corner watching the two of them.

Lila smiled to herself.

Her day job was lucrative, but she worked as a freelance mistress in her free time because she wanted to, there was no need for it but that she wanted to.

So she did.

Rafe was not a regular, he was just playing, but she smiled as she put her foot on top of his back, wriggled her toes over his spine and laughed louder.

She knew Rafe from newspaper articles with him and Eliza.

Society’s couple…

Eliza who had a beautiful, obviously insatiable man like Rafe, and yet she needed Terrence. 

Terrence who made Lila wet just thinking about him, and yet she could not have him. 

But she could have her foot on top of Rafe, and it gave him more pleasure than Margot in the corner watching, and with Eliza not knowing that they shared her man..
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