Masturbation Monday No. 151 — Sticky

Sabrina sucked on the frame of her eyeglasses, and looked lasciviously in Ben’s direction. He did not look back at her, but the message he sent on her phone was so incendiary…she was pretty sure her pussy was on fire, but there was nothing to be alarmed about.Ever since their first time together, work was […]

Masturbation Monday No. 147 — Rare Fruit

Drew. Nichy got up in the morning, saw his name on her phone and the butterflies in her stomach were let loose. She placed her hand on her stomach, and walked into the bathroom unfazed by her nudity in the full-length mirror. Miss you. Her fingers moved over her phone like a demon, as she […]

Masturbation Monday No. 142 — Clouds

Carole looked at Nichy, and Nichy smiled. She knew what Carole saw. “Girl, you look fucked!” Carole declared. Nichy put down her purse on top of her suitcase, and put her hand on her hip. “Well, because that was what I have been doing…” Nichy stared at her friend. “Are we going to do another show […]

Masturbation Monday No. 122

Nichy followed Michelle to her apartment. She made it sound to Renee and Theodora, as if she was doing so because she was only trying to be nice to Michelle. Renee looked at her for a long time, and Nichy was sure that Renee suspected something but said nothing.“Say hi to Gavin for me,” Nichy […]

Masturbation Monday No. 102 — Struck

It was not that Tyler had not satisfied her—he always did. But when Nichy’s hand crept between her legs when she awoke beside him, it was not him she was thinking about even though he had made her feel that way. There. It was Graham. Sleeping with Graham again, made her remember all of the […]

It Was Time To Play…

Nichy threw her head back, as she took off her stiletto heels. Her body was tight, as she was desperate for release. Her nipples grazed the silk blouse that she wore, and even the silk was abrasive because they were so firm. They were hard, and ached to be touched.The dampness of the crotch of […]

Masturbation Monday No. 96

If only the woman who had been looking out of the window could see the three of them now… Nichy was lying on a pile of colorful sheets, that she wondered if they had been arranged just for her. Her arm was up over her head while Renee kissed her neck, and Gavin lapped at […]

Masturbation Monday No. 95

Nichy was at the point where did not want to come anymore. It felt so good when she was about to come, that she felt like she could do it over and over again. But then after she had come three times–third time being the charm!!!–she was not ready to come again.Her thong was drenched, […]

Masturbation Monday No. 94

Nichy looked at Gavin. He smiled at her the way that he did when she first started to have an office crush on him. The way he had of looking at her like she were the most important person in the world, even if he did not know her that well before they got together. […]

Masturbation Monday No. 93/ Kink of the Week, June 1-15: Pubic Hair

“Are you happy?” Nichy asked and looked at Renee, who sat across from her at the cafe. Renee smiled at Nichy knowingly. “Of course I am, I am engaged! What girl is not happy when she is engaged?” Nichy smiled softly. She had been engaged multiple times, and none of those times had ended in […]