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Wicked Wednesday #272 — Black & White/ Kink of the Week: Going Commando

Eliza felt damp underneath the black and white dress that she wore. She was annoyed with Terrence, and it was the first time she had really been so despite everything that happened between them.

But even mad, even wanting to throw him out of a window, when she looked at him something happened inside of her.

He moved closer to her, and she looked at him first hopelessly, vulnerably. Then she squared her shoulders, and felt how tight her jaw was.

“No, no, you cannot just sweet talk me out of this,” she said quietly, looking up at him.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

That was all he said, without smiling like usual to soften her. His expression was solemn almost, and his eyes locked with hers.

Naked beneath her waist. Eliza had on only a black and white bra, under her black and white dress. Naked the rest of way down, she felt her clit thicken and twitch with desire.

She fluttered her eyelashes, and looked away from him.

He kissed her where her lashes fell.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” he repeated as a litany.

He pressed her to the wall, and she drowned in his scent and emotion before he slipped his hand under her skirt and she heard his surprised gasp.

“You’re not–”

She leaned up and kissed him. He pulled her close, and he slapped her backside, his fingers sticking a bit because they were damp with her moisture.

Pressing her pelvis to his, Eliza let him crush her to him even more. She looked up at him, this time vulnerable and scared.

The way she felt about him terrified her, and being in his arms made her feel like loose lava. He caressed her, at the top of her triangle and she squirmed which made him spank her.

Her desire raged only from the waist down, although she could feel her nipples were hard against the cups of her bra.

He said he was sorry, and she allowed him to pleasure her. She gave into him.

Like usual.

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Kink of the Week December 16-31: Christmas

She was caught in a sea of horns, but it was his huge horns like those of an elk and headed right at her that got her attention. His human male from was barely hidden by his black fur outfit, and when he took the mask off and stood before her—well not her, but in the vicinity of her—she saw his dark eyes shine under the spotlight.

He was just as sexy without the mask, as he had been with it. Everyone had their own take on what to wear for the Krampus party. There were people dressed like bad children, and there were people dressed with horns.

She drowned in a sea of horns. But he was the anchor. A flash of light filled his dark eyes, and she felt a tremor through her body and was pretty sure that she was flushed from the rum that she had drunk. The punch was sweet and strong, and she was not sure if she swooned from drinking it without enough food…or if she swooned from him.

He put his mask on again. She felt her clit twitch, and was suffused with even more with heat. She was not ashamed that she felt her sudden arousal, she was ashamed that it had not quelled her desire when he was in a monster mask.

His sturdy masculine form prowled around the room, and she could not keep her eyes off of him as he did. As he did stealthily, until eventually he turned into a black blur in the crowd.

A friend grabbed her, and she became immersed in their conversation and remained so until she had to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, she almost gasped.

There was the monster, looking at her in the mirror over the sink. 

“Have you been a good girl,” he asked, taking off his mask. “Or does this Krampus have to punish you?”

“Can’t you see my halo?” she raised her hands above her head and twirled, accidentally getting poked by his horns.

He kept her hands up over her head, and she looked up him. His dark eyes filled with the fluorescent lights of the bathroom, which were an aberration from the otherwise dim bathroom.

“You make a lovely halo, I wish you were a bad girl…”

He released her hands, and let them fall at her side.

Pressing her body to the fur of his costume, she rubbed her face against his fur and purred,

“I can be.”

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Masturbation Monday No. 113/ KOTW, October 16-31: Vampires

Tyler was upset, and Nichy was uncertain how to soothe him. When they were in the car going back to his apartment, she could tell something was wrong. She placed her hand on his thigh in the least sexual way she could imagine, and looked at him out of the corner of her eye. He usually was so forthcoming with his emotions, she wanted to know what was wrong but she wanted to give him space as well.

When they got to his apartment, he pulled her close to him.

“Babe,” she sighed, pressing her cheek to his chest as he held her.

He squeezed her even more, and she pressed into him even more.

Days later, post Paris, they went to a costume party. Tyler dressed as a vampire—a particularly dapper one. Nichy could barely suppress the urge to touch him, but she didn’t because he was still in a mood. Even as he applied fake blood to her neck. She could feel his breath on her neck and it made her shiver. Tyler had cautioned her to stay still, as he put fake blood in to a fake wound that she had applied herself.

The blood was a bit too thick, so he walked away from her and when he came back he had a tube of K-Y jelly. Nichy had wondered if he was as aroused as she was from the application so far. He opened the tube of lube, and applied it to her neck. Nichy exhaled a rush of breath—she had not even realized that she was not breathing until that moment.

Walking into the party with him later, everyone admired the wound on her neck. She was otherwise dressed in a corset and full skirts, and the blood had trickled to the top of her breast. Tyler held the small of her back, and steered her around the room. Nichy was inspired that he was able to be so attentive and affectionate with her, even though it was clear that something had bothered him since they had returned from Paris.

He ushered her into a dark corner, and pushed her to the wall. The din of the party was far away, as if they had entered a hidden alcove. Nichy pressed her hands against the wall, and saw a very dim reflection of herself there in a mirror, and the glistening of the blood because of the added K-Y jelly. Briefly, she saw Tyler before she closed her eyes as he sucked on her neck and grabbed her breasts roughly. She wondered if there would be bruises on her breasts, and smiled because people might just think it was a detail of her costume they did not see earlier.

She pounded on the mirror indelicately, as Tyler pulled up the back of her skirts.

“I have the K-Y jelly with me, I saw how you were looking at me when I was putting the blood on you. Do you want me to…”

Nichy did not hear the rest of his question, she nodded violently as her thighs quivered. She knew where he was going to put that jelly, and she was ready for it. Under her skirts were bare, because she had not worn any underwear. She had thought he would find that out later…He caressed the curves of her backside, and teased at the split with his fingers.

The sounds of their encounter were what stayed with her after. Tyler unbuckling his pants, squeezing lube out of the tube and the sound of him putting on a condom. The squelching of lube as he entered her hole. The different sounds that they made from when he entered her from the front, from the back was an entirely new experience and she cried deep in her throat with pleasure. She had always liked his fingers there when they made love, so it felt like a double penetration.

The sound of him slipping out of her, and everything he had undone being done again. Nichy pressed the mirror to brace herself, and saw their orgasm faces post-orgasm.

Tyler ushered her back into the light, where they put on masks of civility, and their baser instincts were doused…

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It Was Time To Play…

Nichy threw her head back, as she took off her stiletto heels. Her body was tight, as she was desperate for release. Her nipples grazed the silk blouse that she wore, and even the silk was abrasive because they were so firm. They were hard, and ached to be touched.The dampness of the crotch of her panties distracted her. Behind her wet lips, she felt there was a ball of energy like lava. She was pre-period and at her horniest. If she so desired, she could have pleasured herself in her office. But this kind of lustful ache deserved something far more luxurious, so she waited until she was home…for something slow and deliberate.

Her breasts and between her legs were heavy with want. As she walked to her bedroom, their throbbing made her almost delirious. A peripheral glimpse of her half naked body aroused her, as if it was someone she wanted to fuck.

Well she was going to fuck herself, and she looked very appealing to herself as she paused in front of her full-length mirror. She did not want to come too quickly, she could not come too quickly or it would be anti-climactic. It had to be a leisurely build-up, or she could have done it at work. 

Nichy did not have to be alone tonight, Tyler would have come over, and still could after work. But he was having a very late night, and she did not want to make him to. He would be tired.

That morning, Graham had ravaged her, and made her look in this very mirror while he did it. She was always welcome to visit Renee and Gavin…but she really wanted to do herself.

Unsnapping her bra from the front, her breasts bounced into place and she circled her nipples with the tips of her fingers. A quiet moan moved up her chest, and she did not even think about touching between her legs because she would make everything happen way too soon.

and she did not want it so soon.

Not yet.

But she did bend over, and saw her breasts swing like pendulums as she did and the curve of her backside. She opened her drawers, and took out her favorite vibrator. It was a simple one, one that had a minimalist design and metallic color, Nichy pressed the smooth metallic base close to her inner thigh, and made sure it did not even touch a pubic hair.

In the mirror, she saw her hips rotate seductively to the vibration of her favorite toy, and she savored it. 

There was no rush for her to come, it was time to play…

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Masturbation Monday No. 93/ Kink of the Week, June 1-15: Pubic Hair

“Are you happy?”

Nichy asked and looked at Renee, who sat across from her at the cafe.

Renee smiled at Nichy knowingly.

“Of course I am, I am engaged! What girl is not happy when she is engaged?”

Nichy smiled softly. She had been engaged multiple times, and none of those times had ended in a marriage. But she knew that Gavin and Renee would be married. Renee would have something she that never had, with a man who awhile ago Nichy had thought that she wanted the same thing with.

It was the first time that she had not been with Tyler in public, and did not have him to escape into. She had to face Renee head on, and she was putting on her bravest face to do so.

“I am really glad honey,” Nichy said, meaning the words as much as she could.

Renee looked at her, and Nichy knew that having been lovers she could not hide certain things from Renee.

“You know, when I first got together with Gavin when we were away, I have to be honest Nichy…I just wanted to know what you thought was so great about him. He is amazing I discovered, and the closer I got to him…I understood…I understood you…”

Nichy stared at Renee’s hand squeezing hers like this cafe date was a dream, something she was in but had no control of the consequences. Renee separated each one of her fingers with hers, absently and yet with a certain familiarity. When she finally escaped her reverie and looked into Renee’s eyes, Renee stared at her with a look she was too familiar with.

Secretly, Nichy had ached inside for that look. The look that Renee still wanted her, that she still wanted to fuck her.

Nichy looked away, and played with the lacy doily her teacup was on. Its high notes of bergamot soothed her, combined with mint and honey. It was Renee’s hand on her bare thigh, that soothed her even more. They moved closer together together in the corner, and Renee slipped her hand down Nichy’s pants.

“You’re growing hair down there…” Renee whispered, taking Nichy’s tea in place of hers and sipping from it.

“Tyler likes it, he says he likes to feel a little bit…” Nichy replied, sipping from Renee’s cup of tea.

“I like you bare, but this way, I can feel how wet your hair is before I feel your lips…”

Nichy closed her eyes, as Renee made due with her partially-haired mound. Her fingers moved along the damp hair, and even damper clit. To distract herself, so she did not cry out unceremoniously, Nichy stirred her tea. But when she came, she stirred the tea so hard it was like a mild bell and everyone turned to look at her flushed face.

Renee smiled at her, and picked up her cup of tea. Her engagement ring glittered like a fallen star, as she sipped.
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Masturbation Monday No. 89/Kink of the Week May 1-15: Masturbation

Nichy was not sure what she liked more. Feeling so hot on her side of the bed that she had to touch herself, because her heat was such that she had to touch it with her bare hands. It was also nice if she had one of her toys to provide the vibration that her fingers could not…and it was also nice when Tyler lie on his side and pulled her to him—his lips on her neck, his arms crushing her breasts and his fingers stirring her heat. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his hand move between her thighs that were dappled with moonlight. His touch lulled her…

When she woke up, her body was still encircled by his arm and she snuggled into him more.

“You awake?” he whispered against the nape of her neck.

Nichy’s body buzzed with the pleasure of his warm breath, and the heat of his body against hers.

“I did not know you were into guys, you and Gavin put on quite a show…”

Tyler laughed, and pulled her closer to him.

“Well you and Renee have put on a show or two for me as well,” he laughed, and she felt the vibration of it move through her body. “Gavin is a damn good kisser too, I can see why you were so nuts over him…”

Nichy moved out of his embrace. When she sat up, Tyler sat up with her.


She looked at him, her hand between her legs. Did she want to talk to him about how weird it was that they talked about the four of them like it was a game of chess? Or did she want to drown in the moment, him warm beside her and between her legs on fire?

Nichy touched herself in a moment of decisiveness. She touched the soft fire between her legs, her clit twitched on both sides as she moved her finger in a circle around it. Tyler was slack-jawed, as she knew he would be. He was riveted to the movement of her hand and she remembered that this was how she liked it best to masturbate—with him watching like he was seeing something he was not supposed to be seeing, when she was doing it for him.

All for him.

He put his hand on her thigh and the weight of it almost took her over the edge, made her move her fingers faster.

“Are you going to make yourself come? Or do you need help?” he asked breathlessly.

Nichy smiled, and fished for him under the sheets. He was hard, and this was the piece that she needed at this moment in the game of chess they were played…

Not moving her finger away from her clit, she stroked his shaft and looked into his eyes.

“I am going to make both of us come…” she panted, as her finger and hand moved dissonantly until they collapsed into a pile of each other…

I am dedicated to using all the verbs from the verb list created by Richard Serra—you can find the list here. Last time I used “twist,” today I am using “dapple.”

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My Sexy Saturday — Our Sexy Vacation

Sometimes, a conference is like a vacation. Tamara was definitely is in a vacation mood, as she eyed her bespectacled colleague, Clifford. But even though she planned on seducing him, seems like he was of the same bend:


“I want to taste you…” he said…


You can read the entire story here, in my previous post. I wrote this story for Kink of the Week, and I have to say…it is a kink of mine. I do love boys in glasses!!!

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Kink of the Week April 1-15: Glasses — Boys Who Wear Glasses

His lips surrounded the edge of his glasses, and Tamara felt it like it was her clit. There was the old adage that men do not make passes at girls who wear glasses, but there was nothing against making a pass at a man with glasses. Tamara was at a conference with Clifford, and she figured she was never going to meet him again, so there was nothing to stop her from approaching him.

From telling him exactly what she wanted from him.

She was in the hotel lobby, watching him suck on the edge of his glasses while he looked at the pamphlet for the conference. He was leaning against a column, and she leaned against the one diagonal from him. He never even looked up at her, but she felt such a fever between her legs.

“Hi,” she said, as she leaned against the column he was leaning against.

Clifford looked at her, as he put his glasses on.


Tamara pressed the inside of her thighs together, at the sound of her name on his lips. That he remembered her name, and used the right emphasis.

“Yes, Clifford?” she questioned, as if she was not sure.

He nodded, and smiled at her with his gaze fixed on her eyes in the way that let her know that he did not want to look further down her body. Tamara liked to wear dresses that covered her body, but that also showed off all of her curves. She loved her curves because they were hers, and she was not afraid to flaunt them. She was there as a financial specialist, so it was a given she had the brains.

But she was not afraid of her beauty.

Clifford was trying to be respectful, and pulled at his bowtie.

“Yes, I was just looking at the schedule for tomorrow.”

“Have you eaten?”

“Why no, I have not.” He looked at the bar that was parallel to them. With almost a silent consensus, they sat at one of the tables with plush scarlet chairs covered with scarlet and plum candles. Tamara could hold her liquor, but even though she could a glass of deep red wine beside Clifford on an empty stomach was intense. She was drunk before she even raised the glass to her magenta mouth, and was completely drunk by the time his naturally cherry lips touched hers. He had put his glasses to the side, and pulled her close.

“I want to taste you…” he said, against her jawbone.

Tamara watched her magenta lips part in pre-orgasm in his hotel room dresser mirror. Clifford sucked on her clit, the very same way that he had sucked on the frame of his glasses.

Perspiration beaded her temples like diamonds, as she watched him now. All this time later, she still had such a visceral reaction to his glasses—on his face, or in his mouth…

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Kink of the Week, March 1-15: Needle Play

It was an accident really.

Laura was enjoying herself with Charles, her body arched up toward him and his hands splayed over the small of her back. She felt so cherished beneath his hands, so she was startled when she felt something like a third hand from Charles scratch her.

It was not until after when she was spooning with him, that he kissed her back and told her he tasted blood. There was a spring poking out of the mattress, and she had an ugly scratch on her back that she did not even fully feel because she was floating with endorphins from their lovemaking.

It was then, that she wanted to play with sharp instruments while they were having sex. Something about being so aroused that she did not feel pain, turned her on hard.

They played with a knife, with the thorns of a rose…safety pins and finally needles.

When Charles caressed her earlobes with a needle while he was kissing her neck, Laura actually responded to the sharp tip as if he had touched her clit. It was a sharp sensation, but felt nice as he caressed her earlobe. When he scratched her ear with the needle, she closed her eyes and like always…she came. She started to need that extra roughness to come, or more so she needed the sharp pinch to contrast her orgasm. Like sweet and sour, she needed both extremes to come.

Wanting even more, wanting to be pushed even more, she started looking at needle art.

Maybe a temporary corset? She saw a picture in a magazine for an alternative model. The woman looked like Bettie Page, and in her full-color spread, she had a gorgeous temporary corset piercing. Big pins kept the corset’s ribbons in place.

Laura noticed that that model was going to be in her city, on a book tour for her coffee table book on corset piercings. The book was expensive, but Laura wanted to talk to her. She wanted to know more.

On the line, she caressed the tip of her finger with a safety pin. Laura even liked solo needle play now. She would slip the needles thought the very tip of her finger, and then play with herself. Once the needle just grazed her clitoris…

…and she came so hard.

Squeezing her legs together and playing with the needle, she came right there on the line. Right before she was to talk with the fetish model, and she was so embarrassed because she was panting and sweating.

Laura got off the line.

At home, she caressed her clit after she took the needles out of her fingers. She had raised skin on the tips of her fingers, and she caressed herself with those tips. The roughness was not as good as a pin, but it did make her feel so sensitive…she came again. She made herself come over and over.

Finally, on the bed with her legs spread and her eyes closed, she felt the tip of a needle on her stomach. Her eyes flew open.

She had not even heard Charles come in. When she opened her eyes, he was caressing her with a needle and she came harder than she had all afternoon…

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Kink of the Week Feb 16-29: Facial Hair

Jillian did not have a type, she liked who she liked.

Loved who she loved.

Her head was on Adam’s lap, and he held her close. In the mirror opposite them, she could barely see him. Adam’s face was obscured by his beard and his long hair. Both of which she loved. He reminded her of Jim Morrison. He looked like he did not belong to the now, he looked like a modern hippie. She looked foreign on his lap, her hair pulled up and her formal work clothes.

Jillian could not really escape her job, but for the moment she was free. She had taken a company car to the bar and not their apartment, to be free with Adam.

Adam was a writer. He spent most of his days writing in the corner of their neighborhood bar. It was almost like their home. When she walked into the bar, he tucked his long brown hair behind his ears and rubbed his beard. Jillian took off her shoes, and crawled into the booth beside him. He pulled her close to him, and she curled up beside him. A glass of Jeunesse was placed on the table for her by their favorite waitress.

She was happy—her wine was on the table and her head was on Adam’s lap. Jillian felt when his hands left her for his other love…the sound of him tapping away on the keyboard soothed her nonetheless, she did not feel jealous.

She would possess him as his MacBook could not, she would become one with him. His MacBook could only feel the pressure of his fingertips—which was almost enough pleasure. But he would be one with her.

Pulling her legs up under her, she gripped his thigh, then let her hand trail up over his stomach and chest. Her fingers slipped inside of his shirt between buttons, and she let her fingers drift through his chest hair. Jillian loved the feeling of the hair on different parts of his body. She sat up, and even though she wanted to put her head on his shoulder, she did not. Her fingers ran over his beard, the same way he had run his fingers over it when he saw her.

This was why she did not have a type. She never liked men with beards until Adam. She had always liked very clean-cut guys, like most of the financial types that she worked with. But when she met Adam—who did not have a beard at that point, but very heavy stubble—she wanted him the moment she met him. Never in her life had she felt such a strong desire for anyone, but she did with him. And when he grew a beard, it was sexy to her because it was his.

He put his fingers over hers, and she saw their fingers entwined in the mirror and Jillian continued to caress his beard. She felt him respond to her touch as if her hands were lower, and his breath deepened. His beard was an erogenous zone for him, maybe because she sort of fetishized it.

Sort of…

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