It Was Time To Play…

Nichy threw her head back, as she took off her stiletto heels. Her body was tight, as she was desperate for release. Her nipples grazed the silk blouse that she wore, and even the silk was abrasive because they were so firm. They were hard, and ached to be touched.The dampness of the crotch of her panties distracted her. Behind her wet lips, she felt there was a ball of energy like lava. She was pre-period and at her horniest. If she so desired, she could have pleasured herself in her office. But this kind of lustful ache deserved something far more luxurious, so she waited until she was home…for something slow and deliberate.

Her breasts and between her legs were heavy with want. As she walked to her bedroom, their throbbing made her almost delirious. A peripheral glimpse of her half naked body aroused her, as if it was someone she wanted to fuck.

Well she was going to fuck herself, and she looked very appealing to herself as she paused in front of her full-length mirror. She did not want to come too quickly, she could not come too quickly or it would be anti-climactic. It had to be a leisurely build-up, or she could have done it at work. 

Nichy did not have to be alone tonight, Tyler would have come over, and still could after work. But he was having a very late night, and she did not want to make him to. He would be tired.

That morning, Graham had ravaged her, and made her look in this very mirror while he did it. She was always welcome to visit Renee and Gavin…but she really wanted to do herself.

Unsnapping her bra from the front, her breasts bounced into place and she circled her nipples with the tips of her fingers. A quiet moan moved up her chest, and she did not even think about touching between her legs because she would make everything happen way too soon.

and she did not want it so soon.

Not yet.

But she did bend over, and saw her breasts swing like pendulums as she did and the curve of her backside. She opened her drawers, and took out her favorite vibrator. It was a simple one, one that had a minimalist design and metallic color, Nichy pressed the smooth metallic base close to her inner thigh, and made sure it did not even touch a pubic hair.

In the mirror, she saw her hips rotate seductively to the vibration of her favorite toy, and she savored it. 

There was no rush for her to come, it was time to play…

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