Masturbation Monday No. 102 — Struck

It was not that Tyler had not satisfied her—he always did. But when Nichy’s hand crept between her legs when she awoke beside him, it was not him she was thinking about even though he had made her feel that way.
It was Graham. Sleeping with Graham again, made her remember all of the things she had tried to forget when she left him. All the things that she wanted to forget when he reappeared… He was the ultimate bad boy, she dragged her knuckles over her clit thinking about just how bad he was. She was so wet, her hands slid over her skin with more ease than she had expected.
She closed her eyes, and thought of the things that he did to her. Nichy had never had a lover who was not a bit kinky. Gavin and Tyler both liked three and foursomes, and Graham…
She had done things with Graham that made her clit burn when she thought about them. He was a hedonist, and with him, she did things that pleasured her and gave her shame at the same time. Sometimes when they made love, he whispered some of those things they had done in her ear. Asked her if she remembered them, and she would burn. His words were like striking a match on her clit. She was slick as if with kerosene, his fingers and words ignited her into flames…
Nichy squeezed her legs tight, when she made herself come. She did not usually come softly, but to not wake up Tyler, she squeezed her legs together tightly. Her tongue pressed to the roof of her mouth, before she licked the tears of pleasure on her upper lip.
Gasping softly, she moved her hand from between her legs, and buried her head in the mattress. She had thrown the pillow off of the bed. Her wild sleeping had not waken Tyler up, but she made sure she did not have a wild orgasm that would. Between her legs pulsed, and she moved her head from the pillow so she could breathe.
She breathed in the memory of Graham’s scent…

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