Masturbation Monday No. 106

Nichy stared at Sonia. She had not seen her friend in years, she had had to dissolve their friendship when she left Graham. Sonia asked to face time with her, and she agreed. Looking at her now though, Nichy saw anxiety all over her Sonia’s face.

Sonia who had not looked that anxious when she had participated in a threesome with Nichy and Graham. Not when she walked into the bedroom with them in a gauzy robe, with both of them kissing her. Nichy remembered the sweet scent of Sonia in their bed even when she was damp with sweat, and smelled like a damp rose.

“I heard that you and Graham are seeing each other again,” Sonia said, looking at her.

Nichy gulped softly. Was Graham talking about them to other people? Nichy stared at Sonia noncommittally.

“Why does it matter Sonia? After all of this time…what does it matter?”

Sonia looked at her quietly.

Nichy knew precisely why it mattered.

Before she had gotten online with Sonia, she had been lying on her stomach, her hands between her legs because Graham was gone and not having him there made her feel cold.

Not having him close made her cold.

Nichy looked at Sonia on the screen, but all she felt was the addiction she felt from resuming with Graham. The memory of his skin, soft and hard seared her like the sun. Sonia telling her the things that she knew should keep her from him did not deter her.

Did not keep her hands from between her legs because he was not there…


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